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For Your Monsters: Greenbone.

7 Oct

Pet waste is not only bad for our immediate environments, it is also a burden to the already bludgeoning landfill system. For example, the city of San Fran, their annual pet poop content in their landfills is about 4%. That means 4% of the garbage they send to landfills each year is from dog and cat poop. I am sure there are some mouse, rats, ferrets and hamsters business in there but you get what I am saying.

To reduce the impact our lovely pets have on the planet we must look at every aspect of owning them and see where we can make a change. Why not start with the bags you clean up their business with? Easy enough, right? This is where Greenbone comes into play. Greenbone makes ‘Pet Stuff That Is Pet Safe’. Their eco-friendly, biodegradable poop bags are made from cornstarch which is also a renewable resource. They are also a member of the Ameican Pet Products Association and all of their packaging is recyclable as well.

I cannot seem to locate a website for Greenbone, it is not listed on the bags I bought and it does not come up in a Google search. So to find Greenbone, check Amazon, wag.com and petproducts.com. All linked below. I personally found my Greenbone bags at TJ Maxx but then whats new 😉

http://www.amazon.com/Greenbone-Biodegradable-Waste-Dispenser-Bags/dp/B005UHFMH4 On Amazon.

http://www.wag.com/dog/p/greenbone-pet-waste-bags-6pk-refill-rolls-72-bags-282558 On Wag.Com.

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