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13 Feb

freerangers 3

Freerangers is an awesome vegan shoe, belt and accessory maker based in the U.K. All of their offerings are not only cruelty free but handmade as well. What strikes me the most about Freerangers is how diverse the ‘attitude’ and ‘style’ of their pieces are. There truly is something for everyone.

Their extensive catalog of offerings are all for sale on the net. And yes they do ship to the US. I emailed them to ask if they did and got a super kind reply. I now look forward to placing my order with them. I love handmade, vegan anything, and hand-made vegan fashions are not so easy to come by.

Since everything is made to order, by hand, they do take a bit longer to ship. Keep this in mind if you are planning to buy someone some Freerangers fashions as a gift. Men, women and children are all covered, cruelty-free so get to shopping below… 




5 Jan


Gunas is a Sanskirt word that means, ‘attributes and qualities of nature’. With that in mind, Gunas, the company was born. They set off to make  super lux vegan bags for the masses and yes, they bring it hard, for both men and women.

These designer bags are cruelty-free and eco-friendly as well as stylish and luxurious. You kind of can’t go wrong with a Gunas bag, they offer many different bag collections from travel to accessories. They truly got it all covered. Add to all that, their bags are sweat shop free as well.

Gunas bags are bags for people who love fashion but also love the planet and animals. Gunas bags are for people who don’t want to compromise. And no one should ever have to compromise their love of animals for their love of fashion 🙂 This progressive luxury company has also gotten props from PETA, ABC, NBC and TIME Magazine just to name a few.

Peep their goods and learn more about Gunas below… Gunas Homepage.


Indigenous Fair Trade, Organic Clothing.

6 Dec


Since the temps are on the chilly side in these parts and since hats have not come off my head, I figured it was time for a little cruelty-free Winter accessories post. And why not make those accessories Fair Trade and handmade from organic cotton while we are at it? Well we can have it all thanks to Indigenous.

Indigenous clothing is an Eco-friendly company that works to help the people in the poorest regions of South America by providing them with work in good conditions and with fair pay. Only low impact dyes are used in the making of their clothing and you can wear them with pride knowing they were made by people who are being treated fairly, not some child that was sold into slave labor. The women in these remote parts of Peru really have no options for work so when projects and companies like this come along, they literally change peoples lives for the better. All around. We get a handmade quality product with real South American flare, that was made with love and happiness. These ladies have so much pride in their work, it shows in the end result, Indigenous’ clothing is unique with intricate details and designs.

Besides their organic cotton line, which is vegan, they also have lines of silk, wool and alpaca. All no-no’s when it comes to the veg life but the process they use to make their silk does not harm the silk worms. I guess this would be ok for vegans whereas most silk is not because the worm is usually killed first then the silk is harvested. As for their wool, it comes from sheep that are raised specifically for their wool, not for their meat. So your wool is not the by-product of some soul’s death, it is the by-product of some soul’s life. Lastly, Alpaca, not too common here in The States but super popular in South America, the alpaca has lots of hair and it can be used for clothing. Indigenous uses free range alpacas to get their hair from, once again, they are also not harmed in the process.

Pretty cool company, right? It opens the door to fabrics like silk and wool for those of us who usually say ‘No Thanks’. Very cool all around. Below are 2 links, one to their accessories which are all organic cotton and vegan. The next is to their homepage where you can choose your own adventure. Organic Cotton Vegan Accessories. Homepage, Clothing For Both Men and Women.


All That Jazz.

26 Nov

I don’t know about you all but here on the East Coast of the US, the Saucony Jazz is a classic sneaker that has stood the test of time. For a while in the late 90’s I swear, they were all my friends wore. There are so many colors to choose from, it’s hard to get bored or sick of them.

Besides being classic and comfortable, the Saucony Jazz Low Pro is also vegan. No leather, suede or animal parts, natural hemp and canvas upper. Nothing nasty in the adhesives used to hold the sneaks together, just all around vegan comfort. I have the black ones and I love them, they fit well, are comfortable and of course are cute looking.

You can find these kicks for sale all over the place. I know Moo Shoes in Manhattan has them, as does Saucony on line, Amazon and Zappos. The link below is to Saucony’s website, straight to the source…

Click Here To See Saucony’s Jazz Low Pro Vegan Offerings.

Shop Here: Moo Shoes.

13 Nov

New York is home to some of the best veg restaurants in the world. It is also the home of Moo Shoes, the largest vegan shoe and accessory store in the world. Sneakers, boots, heels and flats, Moo Shoes has every style of vegan footwear covered. Bags, belts, wallets and shirts are all available as well. Moo Shoes offers main stream brands such as Madden Girl and Saucony but they also hook it up with the vegan brands such as Olsen Haus and Big Buddha as well.

Moo Shoes is located on the Lower East Side in an awesome neighborhood that has tons of veg restaurants. This store is vegan owned and has been awarded many crowns by publications such as Veg News, for being awesome. They are also active in the vegan community and support all things cruelty-free. I can personally attest to the awesomeness that is Moo Shoes and all I can say is you gotta check it out for yourself.

Moo Shoes. 78 Orchard Street. New York, NY 10002. 212-254-6512. Open 7 Days. Monday-Saturday, 11:30-7:30. Sunday, 12-6. Moo Shoes Homepage.


23 Oct

Ricicli is a brand of up-cycled clothing made for children, from babies to big kids, Ricicli has them covered. Based in Seattle, designer Christina Pezzner uses gently worn or even new adult apparel to create the garments she makes for Ricicli. From 1 item of adult clothing she can make up to 3 garments for children.

Each item is handmade with special attention to the details making every one of Ricicli’s garments unique and original. Their clothing can be found in stores across Washington State as well as a few spots in Oregon and one spot in Big Fork, Montana. They also have a booth at the Freemont Sunday Market in Seattle.

If you cannot make it to the North Western part of America you can check out their site below and order from one of the stores that sells Ricicli’s clothing. There are links provided on the right hand side of their site below… Ricicli Clothing Homepage.

Kailia Footwear.

15 Oct

Kailia is a line of vegan, Eco-friendly foot wear that is designed in Italy and made at small family run factories in Europe. These shoes are handmade with fine attention to detail and an emphasis on quality.

All glues used in Kailia shoes are water based and they use polyurethane instead of pvc since it is better for the environment. Lining of the shoes is made with recycled linen or cotton and is dyed with a vegetable based ink. The footboards are made from recycled content and of course all uppers are cruelty-free.

You can find Kailia shoes in select locations across Europe and the US. If these locations are no do-able then you can always order right off their website below… Kailia Homepage.

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