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If You Think I’m Pompus and You Think I’m Bitchy…

11 Nov

The title is totally meant to be read in tune with Rod Stewart’s ‘If You Want My Body.’

Now that we got that cleared up let’s clear up the rest.

I don’t know if I ever addressed the fact that I struggled with my weight and my health for a long time before I became a vegetarian.

But I did. For 27 years and 7 months.

So if I come across bitchy at all know that I am not. I have simply already walked a lifetime in your shoes.

I struggled with my weight, hard. I am 5’4′ and at one point I weighed 180lbs.

I ate HORRIBLE ‘food’ and battled depression which was only exasperated by my awful eating habits.

I drank A LOT, everyday. For years.

I did hard drugs, lots of them too. For years.

Long and short, I was a mess, my life was a mess and never in my life would I have made the choice to go vegetarian. And never in my life did I think going vegetarian would save it.

To sum it up, on February 16th, 2008 I had what some would call a ‘divine intervention’.

I was out to dinner and I was eating chicken mole at a very nice Mexican restaurant.

During dinner I got cold and felt a presence about 4-6 feet above my head, I was then delivered a message that was told to me from above. It was spoken down to me, not in my ear.

The message stated : ‘This is the last time you will ever eat meat.’

I did not hear a voice, only the words.


And woke up February 17th, 2008 as a vegetarian.

Since that day I have stopped battling my weight, my depression, my early on set arthritis (I played soccer and basketball hard) and my bad eating habits.

Obviously the hard drinking and hard drugs have flew the coop as well.

My thought process, the way I view the world, the way I view life and the way I view myself have all changed.

Changes I now wonder if I would have been strong enough to have had made on my own.

I don’t think I would have.

I don’t think I would have ‘seen the light’, I was blessed enough to be ‘shown’ it.

So that is my story and that is why I share.

Because being a vegetarian took me from a egotistical, over weight, depressed, alcoholic to a humble, blessed, compassionate and kind human being.

Which is probably who I really always was but my poor choices did not allow my goodness to shine.

Becoming a vegetarian saved my life and if sharing this helps save one more, my job here is done.

Stay Chizzle,


Ps. And let it be known that I am not what one would call a religious person.

But 7 is the God Number.

I was 27 years and 7 months old when I received my  ‘intervention’.



Makes you think, huh?



Vegetarian Diet = Lower Risk Of Heart Disease.

5 Feb


In America, almost 3 million people die each year from heart attacks and heart disease, two things that can be prevented with diet and a healthy lifestyle. As we all know, a vegetarian diet leads to a lower risk of heart disease. Doctors always had their assumptions as to why but no one ever really had a firm reason.

Now that a study of almost 45,000 people in the UK and Scotland has finished up, researchers are pretty sure they know exactly why a vegetarian diet lessens ones chances of heart disease. They are now saying that it is the lack of saturated fat and sodium in a typical vegetarian diet.

Doctors stated that there is a direct link between saturated fat intake and cholesterol production in the body. It is not the cholesterol we intake but the amount our bodies make that leads one to have high cholesterol. Eating saturated fat sets off the cholesterol production in our body and that is where the problem begins.

When it comes to high blood pressure they state sodium is to blame. They also found a direct link between high sodium intake and high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure increases ones risk for heart disease because it cuts off the blood flow to the heart, leaving them at high risk for heart attacks and heart disease.

This study started in 1993, so it has been 20 years that the doctors and researches have had to follow these people’s dietary habits. Out of the almost 45,000 people they followed, 34% of the people followed were vegetarian. In conjunction with this study, doctors also studied the effects that red meat has on the human life span and how processed meat can lead to diabetes and heart disease. They found that red meat surly does shorten the human lifespan.

The last conclusion drawn was that the doctors who participated in this study, agreed that they would not only recommend a vegetarian diet for their patients who have already suffered a heart attack, they would also start to recommend it to those patients who are also showing the beginning signs of heart disease as well.

Read more below…



Kids With High IQ’s = Vegetarian Adults?

29 Dec


Awesome study that came out of the UK, finds that children with a high IQ are more likely to become vegetarians as adults. In fact as the child’s IQ increases, their taste for meat decreases. The mind sure is a beautiful thing.

Overall, brighter people tend to have better, healthier eating habits. This goes right along with the fact that smarter children tend to have less chance of having heart disease when they are older. Add to that they are also less likely to smoke and to have high blood pressure. This study also showed that bright children are less likely to be overweight as adults and more likely to be involved with/partake in vigorous exercise. Yes, as a whole, smart children end up being healthy, active adults and in more cases than not, vegetarians.

This study was done with 8,200 people who had their IQ checked first at age 10 and again at age 30. They found that the children who scored high at age 10 were more likely to be a vegetarian by age 30. 4.5 % of the group ended up being vegetarian out of them 2.5 % were vegan. Now this is where it gets interesting, 33.6 % also said they were ‘vegetarian’ but still ate chicken and fish. Yeah, makes no sense to me either but note there was no difference in IQ score between the vegans/vegetarians and those who still ate fish and chicken.

After all was said and done, the study showed that the vegetarians were more likely to be educated women of a higher social class. They stressed that IQ still played a major role in that outcome. They noted  that women are simply more likely to be healthy, to have a healthy lifestyle and that they equate being vegetarian with being healthy.

There was no solid conclusion drawn at the end of this study. But researches did say that this helped them to understand how and why, smart children become healthy adults with less issues of heart disease and obesity. They stay away from meat and exercise 🙂


Read This: The Thrive Diet: The Whole Food Way to Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, and Stay Healthy for Life.

28 Dec


If you are into eating a well rounded, plant based diet and if you are into being athletic then this book is for you. If you just want to learn how to eat a well balanced, vegan diet then this book is for you too. And for those of you who are into maximizing their athletic performance, pushing themselves physically and mentally, this book is for you. It is also a great read for people who are just being introduced to a vegan diet because this is the proper way to eat, in my humble.

Health, fitness, wellness, Mr. Brazier touches upon it all in ‘The Thrive Diet.’ Not so much a diet, more a lifestyle, this book is so packed with information, it is hard to put it down. Brendan Brazier, the author, is an amazing athlete in his own right. A former Ironman Triathlete, he is also an ultra marathon runner as well as the creator of the awesome plant based supplement line, Vega. So needless to say, this guy knows his stuff.

Nothing is really left unsaid in this book. There are over 100 recipes including exercise specific ones, a 12 week detailed eating plan and some full on teachings about the way nutrition works. He literally covers all bases of the healthy, active, vegan lifestyle making it very easy for one to leave their meat laden diet behind, once and for all.

Get It On Amazon Below…



Pocket Hercules.

26 Dec


I love being impressed, I really do. I love people who push themselves, work hard and are left with lots to show for it. Take Manohar Aich for example. The 1952 Mr. Olympia is still drawing ‘Oooh’s and Ahhh’s’ from the body building community. Nicknamed ‘Pocket Hercules’ due to the fact that he only stood 4’11 in his prime, Mr. Aich is also a 3 time Asian games Gold Medalist in body building.

Manohar was born in a remote village in India, he was always naturally athletic and was always very into sports. At age 12 he caught black fever and his heath took a turn for the worse. He lost much of his strength while he was sick so naturally he turned to body building once he recovered, to gain back his strength. At the age of 27 he enlisted in the Royal Air Force and this is where Manohar Aich the body builder was truly born. A disrespectful, racist comment made by a British Officer led Mr. Aich to smack him and in turn landed Mr. Aich in jail. Jail is when Manohar started to hit the weights, hard core. 12 hours a day. His work ethic and physique were so off the hook, the prison staff started to make him his dietary specific vegetarian meals. And the rest is seriously some body building history.

At age 37 he entered the Mr. Hercules contest and won. The next year in 1951, he entered Mr. Universe and placed 2nd, in 1952 he won Mr. Universe and then in 1955 he placed 3rd at the age of 42. In 1960, he placed 4th in Mr. Universe at the age of 47, not very common in body building, especially not back then. When asked about his life and his accomplishments he credits nothing to luck and everything to his ‘healthy lifestyle of no alcohol, no cigarettes, daily exercise and a strict vegetarian diet.’

Mr. Aich is now 100 years young but that is not stopping him, he still works out for 90 minutes a day and he freely admits that he does more stretching now then he used to. He also still trains and mentors champion body builders at his own gym in India. As for his daily eats, think starches and lots of fruit like guava, bananas and jack fruit as well as vegetables. Manohar claims he feels nothing that most people feel with age, no pains, no weakness, in fact he says he only ‘feels young at heart.’

This guy is a living legend and the prime example of what body building and healthy living should be about. Here’s to many more years of health, happiness and fitness, Mr. Aich 🙂


Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis With A Vegetarian Diet.

14 Dec


Arthritis SUCKS. By the time I was 25 I was in severe pain in my hands from early on set arthritis. It runs in my family and I played basketball all the time for years, jammed my poor fingers to death. By the time I was 25 my hands hurt so badly in the cold, it literally bought tears to my eyes. It hurt to grip my stick shift, to open lids and to basically just be in the cold. Was it any coincidence that at age 25, my diet was possibly the worst it had ever been? Probably not.

Since I went veg 6 years ago my arthritis has gradually disappeared. Each Winter I feel the pain less and less and this year, I have yet to feel it at all. This is why I wanted to post about this because I am truly living it. The difference is so unreal, I feel as if I never had any hand joint pain ever. And the good news is that you can be arthritis free as well, by simply going veg.

To get some back up on this I decided to go to Science not opinion. Come to find out that Science backs going veg to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. The American Journal For Clinical Nutrition did a controlled study on people with arthritis. They broke them into groups, a vegetarian group, a fasting group and a group that just went about eating their omnivorous diet. Those in the fasting and vegetarian categories showed significant improvement in comparison to their omnivore counterparts.

One year after the study the patients were re-examined and once again the vegetarians had more improvements then their meat eating counterparts. The conclusion they came to was that many people with Rheumatoid Arthritis can be treated with a period of fasting, followed by a transition to vegetarian diet. This is not too crazy considering that vegetarian diets have been show to promote a better state of being for those who suffer from most auto immune diseases.

It is a really great, in depth study and I have linked it below…


http://veganismisthefuture.com/arthritisandthevegansolution/ Here Is Another Great Write Up About The Issue At Hand.

veg cure

Tuz Chi Vegetarian Food Pantry.

27 Nov

I cannot believe that I never knew about this place, The Tzu Chi Vegetarian Food Pantry.  It is located in Cedar Grove, NJ, which is like 5 miles from my house, that is why I am so ‘how the heck did I never not know about this?’. This food pantry has been operating for the past 2 years every Friday and Saturday with full support of their local community.

They started out slow but they now help out about 350 families each month. What sets the Tzu Chi Vegetarian Food Pantry apart is that they also offer fresh fruits and vegetables. This is so vital into changing people’s lives, start with the way they eat and the rest will follow. Many of the recipients of the food from the pantry say this has not only made them better eaters but healthier people.

As we all know, we are what we eat. These are crazy times right now, trying times and hard times. People who need some assistance with food along the way should not be forced to eat junk all the time. I know all about personal accountability, it’s my favorite thing to preach about lol but when you don’t have anything and have to take what is given, you cannot complain. What Tuz Chi is providing is so much more than just healthy food. It is a peek into a new life, a new way of eating, a new way of living and a new way of seeing things. And from what I gather from the articles I have read, all of the recipients of the food feel the same way.

Besides feeding those in the community who are in need, the people of the Tuz Chi Vegetarian Food Pantry also clean up roadways, aid in disaster relief all over the world and even supply fruits and veggies from their own pantries for those in need. It’s easy for some to kick others when they are down. But it’s even easier for some to enlighten them and that is exactly what these wonderful people are doing.

Please support the Tuz Chi Vegetarian Food Pantry.

Tuz Chi Vegetarian Food Pantry. 150 Commerce Rd. Cedar Grove, NJ.  Friday and Saturday 12pm-4pm.


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