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10 More Reasons To Go Veg.

21 Mar

Since I love telling you all why you should go vegetarian with actual facts, I figured I would tell you why this time with factual opinions 😉 Here are 10 real life, feel good reasons to go veg…

10 Fun But Real Reasons To Go Veg…

1- Because There Is Something Uplifting About  It.

Seriously, it is really nice to wake up everyday knowing that your diet has not caused any suffering to animals and has had a minimal impact on the planet.

2- Because It Puts You On ‘The Level’.

For real. You will achieve a whole other level of understanding once you go veg. Something just clicks in body, mind and soul. Once you get there you will know 🙂

3- Because It Gives You Less To Worry About.

Come on. Life is crazy enough with work,, bills, stalkers and politicians. Being vegetarian gives you less to worry about, less chance of getting sick from what you eat and face it, lots of unhealthy things are simply off the list.

4- Because You Are Worth It.

You are. I don’t even know you but your reading this blog so automatically you are cool and deserve to be a vegetarian 🙂 You own it to you to live the best lifestyle you can.

5- Because You Like To Look Good.

Face it. Veg heads look better. I can now point them out in a room full of sweaty people dancing at 2am in a loft in Toronto. True story. This guy called me out, said ..’ (he) liked my hat and that I looked like Sade.’ I said ‘Thanks, your vegetarian, right?’ He said ‘Yup’ and didn’t even ask me how I knew, we had the karmic connection and plus we just ‘looked’ like vegetarians. Thin, vibrant and sparkly in the eyes.

6- Because You Like Animals.

You do. Even if you don’t know it, you do. Could you kill a cow or a pig or even a chicken? No? Well don’t feel bad cuz neither could I. This is another perfect reason to go veg.

7- Because It Tastes Better.

Honestly, I used to hate food. I fed my body with whatever garbage ‘tasted’ good and the rest was bread and butter. Now I love food and it is simply because vegetarian food is the best tasting food ever. You will have better veg chicken then you do real chicken. Trust.

8- Because You Love Planet Home.

Loving Mother Earth is only natural. So stop breaking her heart and spirit and body with your meat-eating. Save her soul, let us live a bit longer, go vegetarian.

9- Because You Want To Live A Long Health Life.

The proof is in the pudding, we live longer, lead a better quality of life and have less diseases and illnesses to look forward to. Why fear getting older? You should embrace it with a healthy attitude and a healthy lifestyle.

10- Because Being A Vegetarian Is The Coolest.

It really is. Being a vegetarian is cool, your circle of life is full of like-minded people, places and things. I only wish I was a vegetarian since birth like my nephew Wes, he is vegetarian since conception. And his brother Trent should be arriving almost any day now, he too will be vegetarian since conception. They are going to be the coolest kids ever because they will know compassion and kindness on a whole other level. And let’s face it, is there anything cuter than 2 little boys telling you they are vegetarians? I didn’t think so 🙂


Little Green.

4 Jan

The longer I am vegetarian the more I enjoy veggie burgers, not the mock meat kind but the kind made with random delicious veggies. I personally cannot resist any veggie burger with ‘Black Bean or Sweet Potato’ in them so when these Little Green Handcrafted Black Bean Burgers ended up in my freezer I was beyond psyched. The Handcrafted Vegetable ones did too but the black bean ones had me at hello 😉

These Little Green burgers only come in packs of 2 and they do not come cheap but they are worth every single penny. Here is why: First off they are handmade, no machines, just real people making real food. Secondly, they are HUGE, about 5oz each, the size of a veggie burger you would get at a high quality veg restaurant and third, they are made in a facility that is powered by solar energy. If you need a few more reasons to pay more for a better product then read on. All of their burgers, Bollywood, Shroom, Bean, Vegetable are vegan, low-fat, cholesterol fee, saturated fat-free, have no trans fat, no artificial ingredients and are certified Kosher. Little Green burgers also pack in the fiber with about 4-9 grams per burger and about 7-11 grams of protein.

To top it all of these burgers are delicious. The Handcrafted Black Bean Burger is my favorite store-bought veggie burger that I have yet to come across. You must try these, look for them at Whole Foods or Fairway in the Northeast…They are made with love in Jersey 🙂

http://www.littlegreenfoods.com/ Little Green Foods Homepage.


16 Dec

I can’t remember how I came across Windowfarm but I am glad I did, this is one of the coolest inventions I have seen in a while and I know you will agree. Created by a Texas native who is now a Brooklyn transplant, these little growing systems are perfect for those who fancy fresh herbs and greens but reside in a concrete jungle. I know I will personally be buying one of these, I need some fresh basil and greens at my disposal whenever I want it and growing it outside, around here, is simply not an option 😦

Windowfarms are made from plastic bottles and a small hydroponics system that delivers nutrient enriched water to the veggies you plant in the bottle. Each bottle can contain a different veggie and you can do as few as 3 or as many as 16 in one standard sized window. There are 2 ways you can go about becoming a ‘Window Farmer’. You can build your own farm or you can order a pre-made one. Pre-made farms will start shipping in March of 2012 but if you want to choose you own adventure, apparently it is not too hard to construct your own farm. You just need a few hours, a few tools and you will be good to go.

Now when it comes to the electricity you use to run your Windowfarm, we are talking pennies a day. Literally. Think $1-$3 dollars a year for 10-20 plants. Saving your money and the environment. By growing your own food you cut down on transportation needed, chemicals used, petro used and best of all you get to eat the food when it is fresh, not after it has been shipped then stocked on the shelves. As a city dweller I must say that this is exactly what I have wanted and I cannot wait to get my hands on one 🙂

Cultivate Your Own Crops.

http://www.windowfarms.org/ Windowfarm Homepage.

10 More Reasons To Go Veg.

17 Nov

I can give you reasons ’till the cows come home, so here are 10 more…

10 More Reasons You Need To Go Veg:

1- Meat Eaters Have Double The Rate Of Alzheimers In Comparison To Their Vegetarian/Vegan Counterparts.

2- 80% Of Food Poisoning Is Due To Infected Meats And Eggs.

3- Farmed Animals Contain Up To 50% Saturated Fat In Their Bodies.

4- 4000 Animals Are Slaughtered Every Minute In A British Slaughter House.

5- 70% Of All The Grain We Grow Is Fed To Animals Who Are To Be Slaughtered.

6- 1 Pound Of Beef Takes 1 Gallon Of Petro To Produce.

7- The Water Used To Produce 10 Pounds Of Steak Is The Same Amount Of Water That The Average Family Uses In A Year.

8- Animal Farming Displaces Millions Of Indigenous People From Their Land In South America And Beyond.

9- If Every American Went Vegetarian It Would Free Up Enough Grain To Feed The Whole Country Of India.

10- Pressure On The Land Due To Meat Farming Causes American Soil To Erode To The Tune Of 6 Billion Tons Per Year.

10 More Reasons To Go Veg.

21 Oct

Here Are 10 More Reasons Why Everyone Should Get On The Veg-Wagon…

1- 20 Vegetarians Can Live Off Of The Land Of 1 Meat Eater.

2- If Americans Reduced Their Meat Consumption By 15%, We Would Save Over 15,000,000 Tons Of Grain Which Could Be Used To Feed About 60,000,000 People.

3- If We Continue To Deforest America As We Have, To Raise Cattle For Beef, At This Rate There Will Be No Forests Left In 50 Years.

4- If Everyone Went Vegetarian, Up To 90% Of The Land That Is Currently Used For Farm Animals Would Be Re-Forested And Used By Us For Leisure Activities, Animal Habitats And Woodlands.

5- 90% Of Cattle Ranches On Cleared Forest Land, Go Bust In Under 8 Years Because Of Overgrazing And The Abuse The Land Takes. Talk About A Waste.

6- Animal Farming Is One Of The Biggest Causes Of Global Warming And Has A Direct Impact On Rising Sea Levels.

7- It Take 25 Gallons Of Water To Produce 1 Pound Of Wheat And 250o Gallons To Produce 1 Pound Of Meat.

8- Fisherman’s Nets Kill 10 Times As Many Other Animals As Fish They re Trying To Catch.

9- 95% Of Poultry Suffers Injuries Before Being Killed And 30% Suffer From Broken Bones.


10 More Reasons Why You Should Go Veg.

31 Aug

As if you need anymore reasons 😉 In the case that you do, here are 10 more reasons to veg out…

1- Hormone Consumption. We all know that farm animals are pumped full of hormones and steroids before they are sent to slaughter. Veg Heads don’t have to worry about those nasty chemicals that have been linked to depression and cancer.



2- Fiber. Many Americans rely on fiber supplements to keep them ‘regular’ not Veg Heads. We get more than enough fiber from all the fruits and veggies that we eat.

3- Mad Cow Disease. Need I Say More? Didn’t think so.

4- Global Food Crisis. If you don’t know that the world is facing a global food crisis well now you do. There is no way the worlds out of control population can be fed in the future if we insist on eating as we do. We waste all our good grains to feed the livestock that we insist on eating. That grain needs to be feeding US.

5- Cow’s Milk. The human body is not made to digest cows milk and over 75% of people in the world are considered to be lactose intolerant. Yet milk is toted as some ‘health drink’.

6- Saturated Fat. Veg Heads consume WAY less saturated fat than their meat-eating counterparts. Dairy is loaded with saturated fat as are most animals people eat, this is a big reason why so many people have heart attacks.

7- Phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are found in plants and they have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer. They also help the body recover from cancer, boost the production of good enzymes  and work with antioxidants in the body.

8- Cardiovascular Disease. Directly linked to diets high in saturated fat, cardiovascular disease can be prevented by switching out animal based proteins for plant-based proteins like nuts. Veg diets have been proven to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

9- Body Odor. Face it, you will smell better if you stop eating meat. This is a FACT. No need to elaborate.

10- PMS. Don’t say this is only for the ladies cuz men you have to deal with this too if you have any females of age in your life. Veg Heads across the board say that their PMS had lessened by huge amounts and many women stated that they lost all symptoms of PMS once they went veg. This right here should be enough reason for you ladies to ditch the meat 😉

10 Health Benefits Of Going Veg.

2 Aug

…Here Are 10 Health Related Reasons To Ditch The Meat And ‘Veg Out’…

vegan food pyramid adapted from recommendation...

The Vegan Food Pyramid.

1- Your Body Mass Index. Many studies have shown that a diet without meat leads to a body with a lower Body Mass Index which means less body fat and a healthy body weight.

2- Cataracts. Studies have shown that cataracts can be prevented with a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Produce that is high in antioxidants have also been shown to prevent cataracts.

3- Migraines. Studies show that once meat eaters who suffer from migraines switch a vegan diet, the lose the migraines.

4- Macular Degeneration. Studies show that diets rich in foods such as..Leafy Greens, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes and Carrots all help to prevent the on set of Macular Degeneration.

5- Nails. People on a vegan diet have stronger nails then their meat-eating counterparts. This may seem like no big deal but many doctors gauge your overall health by how healthy your nails are.

6- Cholesterol. It is proven that once you remove animal products from your diet, you will reduce your cholesterol.

7- Allergies. Studies show that once allergy sufferers lost the meat, the also lost most of the allergies.

8- Prostate Cancer. A major study showed that men with prostate cancer that changed over to a vegan diet managed to stop the cancer from growing and in some cases even reversed the illness.

9- Breast Cancer. It is well documented that women who reside in countries that eat less meat  have less breast cancer.

10- Longer Life. And a better quality of life while living. On average veg heads outlive their meat-eating counter parts by 5-6 years.

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