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Eat Here : PositiviTea

20 Dec


New Jersey has really been stepping up its veg game as of late. Which is good cuz in my humble, everything else about NJ is straight, half steppin as of late.

NJ is a crazy place, it’s just nuts. I guess you kind of have to live here to get the full on ‘Jersey Experience’ which is not all that fun at times and never for the faint of heart.

With that said, if you do end up in my state and manage to navigate your way around without having a heart attack or losing a rim, tire or suspension on one of our infamous pot holes…you must check out PositiviTea.

Nestled in downtown Verona, this little spot is truly a gem. Wraps, burgers, waffles, teas and soft serve make this the perfect place to eat till your vegan hearts content. Their burgers are black bean based, their wraps are made with a chickpea based protein and their soft serve in N’Ice Cream, which is off the hook.

Everyone that works at PositiviTea is nice and the place is always clean. Their produce and food are all top-notch (think Whole Foods produce) and everything is prepared fresh to order.

I have been going here almost once a week lately since it’s only like 5 miles from my house. The food is consistently good and I have navigated my way thru many of their meals but I will say their ‘Drunkin Chicken’ is my favorite. And since we all know I can’t say no to sweets, for dessert, I go with an ‘All Jersey’ N’Ice cream sundae.

So next time you find yourself in NJ do yourself a favor, stay of out of the left lane then head to PositiviTea 😉


550 Bloomfield Avenue Verona NJ 07044 (973) -239 -2020

Monday thru Friday – 11am – 9pm Saturday 10am – 9pm Sunday 10am – 6pm

Stay Chizzle,





19 Apr

Like-No-Udder is an ingenious and delightful invention. It is an all vegan ice cream truck. Does it really get any better than that? I didn’t think so either. Started by a former vegan baker ‘Like-No-Udder’ starts their season in April and they can be found at local parties, festivals and events in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts areas.

Never using hydrogenated oils, Like-No-Udder serves vegan chocolate and vanilla soft serve in cups or cones and they have 5 delicious toppings you can choose from like Oreo cookies and peanut butter. The delicious vegan candy bars by Go Max Go are also available for sale and they also sell soda and water. When it comes to special events where Like-No-Udder is on the scene they also serve vegan hot dogs and vegan meatball subs.

Since they are mobile you will have to check their calendar to see where they will be setting up shop next. Their next stop is the Brown University Folk Festival on Saturday the 23rd.

Udderly Awesome.

http://like-no-udder.com/ Homepage.

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