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All That Jazz.

26 Nov

I don’t know about you all but here on the East Coast of the US, the Saucony Jazz is a classic sneaker that has stood the test of time. For a while in the late 90’s I swear, they were all my friends wore. There are so many colors to choose from, it’s hard to get bored or sick of them.

Besides being classic and comfortable, the Saucony Jazz Low Pro is also vegan. No leather, suede or animal parts, natural hemp and canvas upper. Nothing nasty in the adhesives used to hold the sneaks together, just all around vegan comfort. I have the black ones and I love them, they fit well, are comfortable and of course are cute looking.

You can find these kicks for sale all over the place. I know Moo Shoes in Manhattan has them, as does Saucony on line, Amazon and Zappos. The link below is to Saucony’s website, straight to the source…

Click Here To See Saucony’s Jazz Low Pro Vegan Offerings.


Vegan Sneakers For Men By Macbeth.

28 Nov

I know much of my fashion with compassion focus has been towards the ladies so I figured I would bring the men in on the action for this one. Macbeth Footwear offers an awesome line of vegan sneakers for men (and for women). Started in 2002 in San Diego, California, their shoes are offered at select retailers from Australia to Massachusetts. I also see them available TONS of places on line from Zappos to Amazon.

Macbeth’s sneakers have a bit of an European meets skater vibe to them in my humble opinion. Since they are vegan this means no animal products are used in these shoes 😉 As a company they are very involved in the arts and music scenes and they seem to be a cool bunch of people.

http://www.macbeth.com/products/category/macbeth-vegan Vegan Sneakers.

Macbeths Vegan Sneakers For Men.

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