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17 Jul

I had been seeing Moo-Cluck Cupcakes in Whole Foods for quite sometime now but at 420 calories a cupcake I tried to hold off until I had someone to share one with. That time came and went so eventually I just went at it on my own. I found the chocolate peanut butter cream filled cup cake and just had to have it. I vowed to not eat the whole thing and succeeded. But that was simply because the cupcake was too big for me to finish, I just filled up. How I wish I didn’t 😉

Moo-Cluck is based out of Babylon, Long Island and they make a wonderful array of vegan treats from cupcakes and un-cheesecakes to cookies. All of their goodies are egg free, dairy free and free of hydrogenated oils. Everything they offer is made fresh and shipped frozen. Once you receive it you can refrigerate them but be sure they are totally thawed before using. I have yet to see any of their other products but when I do I will most defiantly try them.

The cupcake I had was awesome, I am all about vegan treats and Moo-Cluck did not disappoint. The fact that they ship is awesome, this means you can send some vegan goodies to friends and family as presents. Not to mention lots of people do not have easy access to vegan treats so by Moo Cluck shipping their goodies, they are giving lots of people a chance to nosh on vegan treats that may have otherwise not had the option to do so.

http://moocluck.com/ Moo-Cluck Homepage.


Tasty Treats Review: Wildflour Vegan Bakery And Juice Bar.

15 May

Wildflour vegan bakery and juice bar is a new establishment right outside Providence, Rhode Island. It is actually located in Pawtucket which happens to be the town the movie ‘Outside Providence’ is based on 😉 Wildflour has tons of vegan treats for sale, from cupcakes to cookies and coffee, there is most definitely something for everyone there. The funny thing is that it is located right next to a Dunkin Donuts. Nothing like some ‘healthy’ competition huh? Lol.

Run by a brother and sister team, Wild Flour is the second venture into the vegan restaurant world. They are also the owners of the amazing Garden Grill which sits like 4 doors down from Wild Flour. Inspired by their mother who turned to a raw foods diet back in 1941, this duo hopes to spread healthful baked goods and positive vibes through the community in which they serve. They use as many organic ingredients as they can and never use any artificial sweeteners, use biodegradable packaging when possible and try to keep their ingredients as local as possible.

For some reason when we got to Wild Flour I really wanted a ‘Snickerdoodle’ Cookie which is odd for me cuz there is no chocolate in those cookies. So I got one and as expected it was awesome. Nice texture and very tasty, not too sugary. I am not a fan of my baked goods being overly sweet, too much sugar just seems to take a lot away from the taste of things. Of course I was super happy with the ‘Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup’ Cupcake. Chocolate and peanut butter together are like a slice of heaven in my opinion. They did a really amazing job with this cupcake, moist, not too big and a nice frosting to cake ratio.

The vibe, feeling and decor of Wild Flour are all appealing. You can sit and drink your coffee as you read a magazine, book or chat with your friends. The staff was super nice and the coffee was super strong and tasty. My only complaint was that I stuffed my face at Garden Grill and did not have enough room to try more goodies at Wild Flour 😦 If I lived anywhere near this place, I would be a regular.

Wildflour Vegan Bakery And Juice Bar

727 East Ave. Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


Hours: Sunday-Thursday 7am-9pm. Friday and Saturday 7am-10pm

Born To Be Wild.

http://www.wildflourveganbakerycafe.com/ Wild Flour Homepage.
Wildflour on Urbanspoon

Liz Lovely…Baking A Difference.

20 Mar

Liz Lovely, All Natural, All Vegan Cookies And Treats.

So I just KNEW these all natural, vegan cookies by Liz Lovely were going to rock because my youngest sister recommended them. She has a great sweet tooth (on par with mine) and tends to like the same treats that I do, so once she told me that these cookies taste like chocolate chip cookie dough, I was sold.

Liz Lovey is based out of Vermont and she has not always been an organic, vegan baker. After the dot com crash she found herself out of work and facing rapidly depleting finances. During this time she started baking like crazy, filling up her freezer with vegan treats for everyone. Since they went over so well and people actually started to make requests, Liz decided that she was indeed on to something. This is how these delicious cookies, made with vegan, organic and non gmo ingredients came to be.

So far we have ate the Cowgirl Cookies which are their soft chocolate chip cookies. They literally taste like cookie dough, just as my sister warned. We have also tried the Classic Peanut Butter ones. They were not soft like the chocolate chip ones but they were just as good. Not to mention the whole bottom half of the peanut butter cookie is dipped in chocolate!!! Hello!!! Does it get much better then that??? I don’t think so. Beware that each cookie is 2 servings and in the event you do eat a whole one, you will be eating over 400 calories and 20 grams of fat. I would just cut it in half then hide the other half because stopping your chomping mid way, is not an option.

All Vegan. All Natural. Better Then Good.

http://www.lizlovely.com/ Liz Lovely Homepage.

These Are Some Of The Cookie Flavors By Liz Lovely.

Tasty Treats Review: Cocoa V.

5 Feb

Cocoa V Chocolate Boutique. Located In Manhattan, New York.

I have be so anxious to go to Cocoa V and I am glad to say we finally made it there this past weekend. Cocoa V is a vegan chocolate shop located in Manhattans beautiful Chelsea neighborhood. On top of chocolates, bon bons and fondu, they also offer vegan baked treats such as cookies, brownies and cakes. There is also a really great selection of vegan wines and even a vegan rose sparkling wine to go along with your chocolates. On top of being vegan, everything is also organic and fair trade.

Our trip to Cocoa V could not have come at a better time, it is absolutely freezing here. I had been wanting a real deal, vegan hot chocolate for weeks and I knew they had them at Cocoa V. The store is tiny, with about 5 tables you can sit at. There are menus on each table and a nice set up of chocolates and wines by the counter. I really wanted to try their signature vegan ‘Butterfinger’ but they were out, the woman told us the demand for their vegan chocolates is starting to out grow what their kitchen can produce. So we decided to go with a soy latte, a vegan hot chocolate and a sample plate of 5 vegan bon bons. We choose the salted caramel, the vanilla coconut, creamy peanut butter, palet de menthe and a solid dark chocolate. The presentation of the bon bons was really nice and the bon bons themselves are complete works of art. So pretty, I did not want to eat them, I just wanted to frame them and give them as gifts lol.

As expected the bon bons were amazing, my boyfriend and I split all 5 and could have eaten waayyy more than that. To my dismay I did not pick up a bag of their hot chocolate mix which I saw that they had for sale. I loved the hot chocolate and have to pick it up next time. I really think the concept of Cocoa V is awesome. It is part chocolate, part wine and all vegan. It is a pretty cool place to spend a couple of hours drinking a bottle of wine and eating delicious vegan fondue, which comes in either chocolate or caramel. Those are our precise plans for next time 😉

If you cannot make it to Manhattan, they can send whatever it is you fancy, right to your door.

http://www.cocoav.com/ Cocoa V Website.
Cocoa V Chocolate & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

Cocoa V's Beautiful Bon Bons.

Cocoa V

Chocolate, Bakery & Wine Bar

Organic~Vegan~Fair Trade

174 Ninth Ave. New York, NY 10011

Telephone: 212-242-3339


Mon: 4:00–9:30

Tues/Wed/Thurs: 4 – 10:30

Fri: 4–11:00pm

Sat: Noon–11:00pm

Sun: Noon–8:00pm

Boston Cookies. All Natural. All Vegan.

25 Jan

This Is The One That I Had. Delicious.

These days I am just so in love with vegan treats. I cannot help myself. My newest find was not even intentional. I actually picked up this HUGE all natural Mocha Chocolate Chip cookie at like 4am on my walk from Sullivan Room, to the garage where the car was parked. My trusty bodega is open 24/7 and never lets me down.

I only realized this delicious cookie was vegan when I was eating it like 3 days later and now that I have been on Boston Cookies website I see that all of their products are vegan. The Mocha Chocolate Chip one I had is their ‘Featured Winter Cookie’. Since it’s conception in 1998, Boston Cookies has worked hard to make healthy, all natural vegan products for ‘people who hold strong believes about the ethical treatment of animals’. That to me is awesome. On top of being all natural and vegan, their cookies also have no hydrogenated oils in them and are low-fat. They also have a selection of sugar-free cookies, brownies and shortbread cookies. Yum.

It is nice to see a product like this available at random places. They are also available at Whole Foods, many gourmet and specialty and most natural and health food stores. It is even nicer that you can order whatever you want right off their website 😉

All Natural. All Vegan. All Good.


I Have Not Had One Of These But I Want One REALLY Bad.

Tasty Treats Review: Sweet Avenue Bake Shop

20 Oct

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop Located In Rutherford NJ. If You Are Not Close Have No Fear They Ship Throughout The Country.

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop had been on my radar for the past year, but it kept slipping  my mind. It is only like 9 miles from my house in the cute little town of Rutherford, NJ. You would never know this is a vegan bakery since it does not say it anywhere (which is super cool because the word ‘vegan’ tends to scare people away, lol). I was very excited for what was in store for me as I had never had a vegan cupcake before and I knew this was their specialty. I am a Red Velvet with Cream Cheese icing kind of gal and did not expect what Sweet Ave had in store for me. WOW.

The bakery is tiny. Its literally a ‘little bakery’ which I adore since I am an Italian gal from Jersey. This means I have spent A LOT of time in bakeries by default 😉 Honestly, the real bakery is a dying breed, so to see this place looking like a page from my past made me feel happy and comfortable. No need for frills when you can bake like they can anyways. There were many different flavors of cupcakes like Oreo, Apple Spice, Chocolate Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry. I mean any kind of cupcake you could want was right there in vegan form. It was so beautiful I just stood there and stared for a few minutes taking it all in. Every cup cake was like a work of art, perfect and delicious looking. They were priced from $3.00-$3.50 each which is very fair for vegan cupcakes.

After some deliberation I went with the Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. And my boyfriend went with the Oreo cupcake which was a special. He got coffee and I got hot chocolate and we took a seat not ready for what we were about to discover. As I unwrapped the cupcake I noticed right away how fluffy and moist the cake was. It may have been the most moist cupcake I have ever had. It was amazing. The icing to cake ratio was perfect. It was not drowning in icing, just complementing the cake perfectly. The taste was very natural, which shocked me. I honestly expected something more artificial tasting, but this was not the case at all. At times I could taste hints of soy which I do not mind at all, but over all it was dead on for a Red Velvet cupcake. Absolutely amazing. My boyfriends Oreo cupcake was UNREAL. It was a chocolate cupcake topped with cookies and cream icing and a half of an Oreo cookie. Little did we know it was also full of the same delicious cookies and cream icing. That cupcake was one of the most amazing things I have ever had in my life. He was also completely blown away by it. I am salivating just thinking about that place 😉

The hot chocolate I got was great… so chocolaty with the prefect amount of cinnamon. I loved this since I LOVE my hot chocolate with cinnamon. Its such a great contrast of flavor. They  serve very good coffee too, and also have tea, water and ORIGINAL FORMULA COCA COLA. This is my house is known as Mexican Coke since we realized on one of our many trips to Mexico that they never changed their formula to high fructose corn syrup like they did here. Mexican Coca Cola is the best, and even comes in the old style glass bottle. We did not get to try any of their cookies this time, but we will next time. They also carry a line of  vegan candy bars by Go Max Go, so we picked up a Twilight bar (aka a vegan Milky Way) for good measure.

All I can say is that I will be back at Sweet Avenue Bake Shop within the next couple of weeks, and will be making it a regular weekend stop of mine. It is too good to pass by, and when I want baked goods what better way to have them then vegan?

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop. Rutherford, NJ. Pure Perfection.

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

This Is What He Chose. OMG TO DIE FOR.

This Is What I Had. DELICIOUS.

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