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True Joy Sweets.

16 Dec


I figure why not chat about candy today? EVERYONE loves candy and if you don’t…send me some of that will power šŸ˜‰

Today we are pimpin True Joy Sweets. All natural, vegan, non-gmo, Kosher, organic and gluten free, this candy company offers something for everyone.

I just learned about True Joy Sweets last week. I copped a box of their candy canes because for me, regular candy canes have too much garbage in them, including red coloring. I am very much against red food colorings. Not only are they usually petro or crushed bug based but they also give me an awful headache. Obviously I was psyched when I saw that True Joy uses fruit juice as the red coloring for their candy canes. Score one for this sweet toothed veg head.

Not limited to only candy canes, True Joy Sweets make fruit chews and choco chews. I have yet to see these in the flesh but when I do, you know I will be copping them.

So keep your eyes open for True Joy Sweets next time you are at your local natural grocer or your local Whole Foods. They are worth a try plus it is nice to support a small business like True Joy who on top of making organic vegan candies are also part of the 1% for the Planet organization.


Stay Chizzle,




I Love Me Some Darrell Lea.

25 Jun

Licorice maybe on of the best candies ever. I love it and eat it quite often. I like almost any kind from black to fruity, tough to chewy. One of my new favorites is Darrell Lea, yummy. Not only are his goods certified vegetarian by the Vegetarian Society, they are also all natural and certified kosher. I have seen and tried many flavors from mango to cherry and everyone was delicious.

This particular licorice recipe was invented in the early 1900’s in Australia by a man named Harry Lee. He started with a push cart then made enough money to buy a store in which he named Darrell Lea’s after his son. Needless to say the business took off and here we are. Since 2002 they have been exporting their amazing soft chew licorice to the UK and Canada. The US soon followed but I don’t think it has been too long, I have only been seeing them for a few years. I have found them at Target, Harmon and A&P.

I am not saying this product is good for you and that you should go and grub out on it. Like any other candy enjoy it in moderation. I just like posting about this stuff because face it, some of us like junk food every now and then and if we must take the plunge let it at least be all natural/vegetarian/vegan šŸ˜‰

http://darrelllea.com/ Darrel Lea Homepage.

Cleo’s Cups.

19 May

Just when I thought I had tried all the vegan candy bars that Go Max Go had to offer, I see these. Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups. Come on now. Really? Vegan peanut butter cups? Sounded too good to be true but since I know how Go Max Go rolls I knew I was in for a treat.

Like all of their other products, Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups are vegan, dairy free, all natural, cholesterol free, with no trans fats or hydrogenated oils. The typical milk chocolate covering has been traded in for a chocolate rice milk coating and the peanut butter was super creamy and tasty. There are only 7 ingredients in this candy which is awesome since most candy bars are chock full of garbage. This is by far my favorite vegan peanut butter cup I have ever had in my life. The peanut butter filling is unreal.

These Cleo’s Cups and their Snap Bar are both new products from Go Max Go. If you see them be sure to try them. Remember just cuz it’s a vegan candy bar does not mean it is a ‘healthy’ candy bar. Enjoy in moderation as you would with any other sweets. I have to tell myself this everyday too šŸ˜‰

http://gomaxgofoods.com/ Go Max Go Homepage.

Hint Mint.

14 Dec
Hint Mint

Hint Mint Tins Come In All Different Designs.

As we were leaving Sullivan Room last weekend, my boyfriend decided to grab a random bag of tricks from behind the DJ booth. In the bag there were some cool things, tarotĀ cards, candy but nothing as cool as the tin of Hint Mint that I found at the bottom. This tin of mintsĀ is super cool. The tin instantlyĀ reminded me of one of those old school cigarette cases but it had a curve to it. On top of that there was some super cool art work on the case, an ‘Artists Series’ tin. The artist who did the tin we got is Glenn Barr, you can check out his work at glbarr.com.

As I have been eating these cinnamintsĀ over the past week I noticed a couple of cool things about Hint Mint. First off the tin they come in is recyclable. As we all know tin is quite easy to recycle too, much easier thanĀ plastic. The second awesome thing I noticed was the ‘Certified Vegan’ stamp on the bottom right hand side. On top of all these cool things, the actual mint itself is SO GOOD. Unlike most other mints that are either too strong, to sugary, too chemically or have gelatin in them, Hint Mints are smooth. The flavor is smooth and it stays the same through the duration of the mint. It dissolves well and does not leave any weird feeling in your mouth after. Just fresh breath.

Hint Mint offers tons of different flavors and tin designs. Hint Mint is the perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a gift bag. Made without any animal products, Hint Mint is a cool, compassionate way to get fresh breath.

Get A Hint.

http://hintmint.com/Ā Hint Mint Website. Many cool things.

Hint Mint

Hint Mint Milk Chocolate Flavor.

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