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EO Products.

21 Feb


Since St Ives is no longer my partner in skin care crime, I have had to branch out and find new products to replace my former stash. So far, so good. I have actually found replacements to most of my former products but my favorite new line has to be EO Products. This line of skin care products is all natural, cruelty-free and the company is family owned.

Their line of products ranges from shampoos and conditioner to soaps and body lotions. All EO products are made from the finest herbs and oils that are distilled right from the fresh flower, leaves, seed or bark of the plant. Nothing they use had ever been modified from the way Mother Nature intended, nothing synthetic is ever added.

EO Products are made in the USA, based in Marin County, California they operate out of a ‘Certified Organic’ facility that employes over 30 people. They make over 100 different products for you to choose from and they can be found all over the web and in many stores. I know Harmon carries tons of times from EO’s lines, that is where I have been stocking up.

Super Informative Website Below…

http://www.eoproducts.com/ EO Products Homepage.



Childhood Obesity…There Is More To Worry About Besides The Weight.

17 Jan


Childhood obesity is a HUGE problem here in America. HUGE. I cannot even fathom how some of the kids I see can get so heavy by the age of 10. What are these kids eating and who is feeding it to them? Who knows. All I know is that it has got to stop, do we think that this is just going to magically disappear? It is not. Especially not when 60% of adults in this country are obese as well. It is like we are killing our kids before they even get a shot a life. Very sad.

If you think that being over weight is the only thing bothersome about childhood obesity then you need to keep on reading. The most recent research I came across on childhood obesity is SO disturbing but sadly, it all makes sense. Children who are obese are not only almost guaranteed to be obese adults but they will also be on the receiving end of the top American killers such as, heart disease, diabetes and strokes. This makes sense since we all know obesity contributes directly to all of those aliments.

Now lets forget about the whole ‘what happens in adult hood’ and lets focus on what is actually happening to these obese children’s bodies while they are still kids. Asthma is super common, as is daily pain and early on set diabetes. Along with those lovelies also come behavior problems, developmental issues, allergies, ADHA, learning disabilities, headaches, poor dental health, ear infections and problems with joints, bones and muscles. Basically an obese kid is a walking disaster who will never have the chance at a normal life, unless a lot of weight is lost and their lifestyle is changed.

Sure it is easy for me to shout from my glass castle and considering the fact that I have 0 kids, maybe some people would even go tell me to ‘shove it’. Who knows, all I DO know is that something has got to give. If you are a parent who pumps your kid full of junk food then lets them marinate in front of the computer and t.v. all day, you are killing your kid. Period.

If I can say this as well, I think it is pretty obnoxious to make your kid sick and then have us all take on the burden of it. You think a kid with ADHA is not disrupting his class and his fellow students? They sure are. The sick kid will also miss more school and not partake in other positive activities with their peers. In other words, an obese child, will never have an actual childhood or even a fighting shot at a healthy adulthood.

Parents, be the change your kids need, don’t watch your child suffer any longer.



Tell The USFDA It Is Time To Ban Animal Testing…

9 Jan

If you are against animal testing for cosmetics then you must click on the link below.

The link will take you to The Petition Site where you can add your name to the petition being sent to the United States Food and Drug Administration. This petition is to stop animal testing for cosmetics here in the US. As many of us may know, the European Union has already taken this step as did Israel.

It is imperative we make this happen now because animal testing is not only cruel but it is unnecessary. We have way more technology then we used to so any excuse to test on animals is now futile.

Please click and sign below..



The Puppy Rescue Mission.

30 Dec


I just found out about this amazing non-for-profit yesterday and had to get the word out there. The Puppy Rescue Mission is a group of people who help our soldiers get their furry friends back to the USA from the battle fields of Afghanistan. It costs about $4000 to get a dog back to the US and about $3000 to get a cat back. The soldiers pay for as much as they can and then they turn to The Puppy Rescue Mission to help them cover the rest of the expenses.

Having pets on base is strictly prohibited but these men and women go against the rules to save the lives of the street dogs they come in contact with everyday. This is why we need to help them. Not only are they over there fighting an endless war, getting hurt, being separated from their families, they are also showing compassion to some of the most abused street animals, in the world. The horror stories you can read on The Puppy Rescue Website say it all. These street animals are kicked, stoned and beat to death by the Afgan Natives. They lead the most horrible existence until they are killed or starve to death.

As we all know, Afghanistan is not America and what these troops are forced to see on and off the battlefield is heartbreaking. The fact that our soldiers even put their neck on the line for these animals, shows us all how honorable and noble the great men and women that serve our country are. The least we can do is pitch in to save a couple of furry lives and in return enrich the soldiers lives as well. How great would it be for a solider to come home to his furry friend he met in Afghanistan?

So I am almost begging you to click on the link below. I know the holiday season probably wiped a lot of people out monetarily but if you have anything to spare, please consider donating to The Puppy Rescue Mission.

Read More Below…

www.thepuppyrescuemission.org/home The Puppy Rescue Mission Homepage.



27 Dec


Once you realize your gym kicks are toast you have 2 options. First, you can donate them. Second, you can recycle them. That is right, Nike and Converse have started a program called ‘ReUse-A-Shoe’. Started way back in 1990, this sneaker recycling program has taken in more than 28,000,000 pairs of sneakers to reuse.

What becomes of your recycled kicks you may ask? Several things in fact. Nike uses the recycled rubber from the soles of your old shoes to build running tracks, interlocking gym floor tiles, playground surfaces and even new Nike shoes. The cushion part is turned into cushion for outdoor basketball and tennis courts and the fabric uppers are used to make cushioning pads for indoor wood courts as well as indoor synthetic courts. So as you see, no part of the shoe is left unused.

With more than 300 shoe recycling bins in the USA, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Nike is making it as easy as they can for us all to get on the ReUse-A-Shoe train. Read more about the program and find the drop off location closest to you below…

http://www.nikereuseashoe.com/ Nike ReUse-A-Shoe Homepage.


Great Scott.

2 Dec


Many people may have never heard of Scott Jurek and if you are one of them then you are about to find out. Scott is not only a role model with crazy clout in the veg lifestyle realm, he is also the best ultra-marathon runner in the world. Yes, the best. And what does the best eat? Plants of course.

Mr. Jurek was not always vegan, not even vegetarian for that matter. He started running in high school which was more just him training for ski season. But in 1994 he received a ‘dare’ to run ultra-marathon, he took the dare and place 2nd on his first try. Without ever even running a marathon, or running marathon distances as practice. And with that, a star was born.

Scott stopped eating meat in 1997 and went vegan in 1999. These days he is an outspoken advocate for the plant based diet for health, environmental and ethical reasons. He saw all the illness and health issues his family had from the way that they ate, as well as his physical therapy patients. He started to realize all of their health issues came down to dietary issues. He credits his mother having M.S. to his tough mental abilities because to him, ultra-marathons are more mentally tough than they are physically.

A winner of the Western States race 7 straight times, he also holds to course record there as well as the course record at the Badwater Unltramarathon, which is often considered to be the most difficult race of its kind, in the world. Add to that he has won the Spartathon three times, the only American to ever do so and he also holds 2 of the 3 fastest times on this course as well. He has also run over the competition in Hong Kong, Japan, Vermont and Mexico, to name a few.  As of this year Mr. Jurek can also add, author to his resume. He co-wrote the book, ‘Eat and Run’ which is a New York Time Bestseller. Gosh, just tying about Scott Jurek makes me tired 😉

Check out the link below to his website and order his book. Even if you are not a runner or an athlete for that matter, you should read what Scott has to write because he is obviously doing something right and because he is a good guy. Word on the scene is he has been known to wait at the finish line for hours to congratulate other competitors on their finishing of the race. A class act, an amazing athlete and a vegan and if you want my humble, Mr. Jurek is the kind of athlete we should be admiring.

http://scottjurek.com/ Scott’s Homepage.


American’s; Overfed Yet Undernourished.

30 Nov


Here in America, the land of plenty, we have it all here from bad to good and a bit in between. So why is it that American’s cannot figure out how to eat properly? We ALL know what the bad stuff is, yet we are obsessed with it and addicted to it and the latest studies show us just how bad we have gotten with it.

Young children and elders are the two groups that eat the best here in America. The ages in between, fail, badly. Hispanics generally eat better than both blacks and whites, I credit their ‘native’ dietary habits to this. Everyone knows the rates of obesity and all other food related diseases are WAY lower in Hispanic countries so I am glad to see that stick with that. As we all know, the Western Diet is not going to help them in the health or longevity departments at all.

Out of a score of 100, 65 was the best. That was the score the kids and elders received. To me 65 is still pretty poor, but at least there is room for improvement. The questions asked were in regard to what these individuals ate on a daily basis, fruits, veggies, meat, dairy etc. Hispanics reported that they ate more fruits and veggies with whites placing second and blacks holding up the rear. The study also showed that eating habits of those with ‘more money’ were on par with those who had ‘less money’.

Overall, Americans suffer from a lack of Omega 3’s, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. We are not even talking about vegetarians/vegans, go figure right? Those who ask us how we get those things are actually lacking in them, themselves. La De Da. As well as those 3 deficiencies, Americans also lack in Vitamin C, Magnesium and Vitamin A. It is easy to see why they lack all this when you take a look at the most common foods they eat. We got whole cows milk, processed America cheese, white bread, refine sugars and ground beef all on this list. Yummy. Please, keep all of this in mind the next time someone tries to diss or discourage your veg lifestyle.

So that is a brief run down, Americans are simply making the wrong food choices. If you are one of the millions who is making these bad choices, my advice is simply, stop and pay attention to your body. A healthy body is a happy body and a happy body gets through its days with ease, easily falls asleep at night and feels good 98% of the time. You know if your body is mad at you and it is your job to make it happy. So make it happen, make good food choices:)




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