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Restaurant Review: Green New American Vegetarian.

1 Jun

My trip to Arizona last month rocked. The people (Franny), The places (Grand Canyon and Sedona) and the vegetarian food options were just all AMAZING. It was like I died and went to vegetarian heaven, it seemed as if every town we were in had a vegetarian restaurant we could and did enjoy. The first one we hit up was Green New American Vegetarian which is located in Tempe, Arizona. This place was the ISH. For real. Thank you Chef Damon πŸ˜‰

Since I am used to NYC sized restaurants, the first thing I noticed about Green was how BIG it was, there are so many tables to sit at and the vibe is super chill. It is the perfect place for a l-o-n-g lunch or dinner because there is no rush and the atmosphere makes you want to hang around. Now when it comes to the food, Chef Damon just knocked it out of the park. Vegan Po’ Boys anyone? Well don’t mind if I do, cuz I did and WHOA. I had never had a Po Boy before but I am glad that I tried one out. The mock chicken was great and the hot sauce was the bomb, topped with a little lettuce and vegan mayo and I was good to go. I also tried the ‘Rancharo’ salad which had some amazing tasting vegan ranch dressing on it that was to die for. I forget what else was tried at the table but I can assure you it was ALL GOOD. We planned on stopping there again before we headed back East but we simply ran out of time.

Along with Green’s menu that does not quit, is a freezer stocked full of vegan goodies for purchase. Cheeses, marshmallows, mock meats etc. I found it super cool that you could grab some grub and eat yet on the way out stock up on some vegan staples. There were also a few shelves of non perishable vegan treats like vegan ‘Doritos’, cookies and granola, you can buy at the checkout. This place rocked and I am so glad I got to go there πŸ˜‰

GO (eat at) GREEN!!!

Green New American Vegetarian – Open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm. Closed Sundays.
2240 N. Scottsdale Road #8
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Tel: (480) 941-9003

http://www.greenvegetarian.com Green New American Vegetarian Homepage.
Green on Urbanspoon

This Is The 'Original G Spicy Po Boy' I Had. If You Like Spicy Stuff, You Have Got To Try This.

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