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Chandrika Soap.

28 Jun

Since 1940 Chandrika Soaps have been made without any animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. Their all natural soaps are made with ingredients like coconut oil, wild ginger, orange oil, sandalwood oil and lime peel oil. Each soap is especially crafted and allows nature to work its magic on your skin. Having used Chandrika soaps I can testify to this. They leave a smooth, clean feeling with a fresh scent. Not oily or drying, these soaps are gentle enough to use everyday.

Chandrika also offers a line of natural anti bacterial soaps and natural herb shampoos. Made in India these soaps are imported all over the world from the United States to Germany, France and Italy. You can find them at health food stores and natural food stores, I happen to come across mine at Vitamin Shoppe. They actually have an amazing selection of natural soaps there.

http://www.chandrikasoaps.com Chandrika Soaps Homepage.

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