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Restaurant Review: SuTao Cafe.

24 Dec


SuTao Cafe was a surprise of all surprises. I was visiting my sister and went out to grab some food, saw a sign for a Subway and figured that would work. Once I got out of the car and took a look at the strip mall sign again I realized there was a VEGETARIAN restaurant like 4 doors down. So needless to say, Subway lost and SuTao showed us that we indeed, won.

This gem of a restaurant has been named ‘Best of The Main Line’ and ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurant’ by Fox29. They deserve both those votes because what we were served was so healthy and so tasty, we could not argue. Located in Malvern, PA, SuTao Cafe has been in business since 1999. They serve up delicious, vegan, Chinese food. There is no cholesterol in their food and everything they serve is high in protein. Imagine that πŸ˜‰

SuTao strives to bring healthy food that tastes good to the masses, they educate their patrons about the health benefits of eating plants, on their menu’s. They let people know that things like heart and liver disease as well as high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes, all come to be through a bad diet. I find this to be very unique and I wish more vegetarian places would let people know this. Just reading those facts could change someones life forever.

Now to the food. Wonderful. Fresh. Tasty. And authentic. The menu is very extensive and they offer both a lunch and dinner buffet as well as a full menu. They have a mock version of everything you could ever want and yes, they even offer vegan ice cream. I opted for a lunch special of sweet and sour chicken, it came with soup or a salad and it was so good. The portion size was great and the food was just off the charts. SuTao was the best surprise I have had in a while.

SuTao Cafe. Great Valley Shopping Center. Corner of Rt. 401 and Rt. 30. 81 Lancaster Ave. Malvern, PA. 19355. Hours Of Operation: Monday-Thursday: 11:30-9:30. Friday-Saturday: 11:30-10:00. Sunday: 12:30-9:30.

http://sutaocafe.com/ SuTao Cafe



Restaurant Review: Jerusalem West.

17 Jul

Jerusalem West is a Kosher, Vegetarian restaurant that does serve fish. So I guess that would make it a Pescetarian restaurant, right? Anyways, fish or not Jerusalem is the ish. It is set up ‘cafeteria style’ you step in line and peep the selection, choose what you want and keep it moving. They offer everything, I mean literally you can get a fresh made veggie sushi roll and a whole cheese pizza to go. It is the perfect place for those who cannot make up their minds, you can just take some of everything and chow happy.

One thing I must touch on, well two actually when it comes to Jerusalem West are…first, their pizza is amazing. Trust me, I found it odd to be drooling over a slice of kosher pizza here in Jerz when I am surrounded by the best pizza in America but I do. I love their pizza, it is just perfect. Old school, thin crust, not too much if anything just a simple pizza. Secondly, their falafel should be illegal, I am going to turn into a falafel with hummus because of this place. I just moved like 3 blocks from this place, eat there 2x a week and cannot get enough. Never had better falafel in my life. Period. Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way cuz the web reviews all mention their killer falafel.

The best thing about Jerusalem (besides the fact that it is in my front yard) is that it is cheap. Everything they serve is under $10, falafel is only $5, this is something they do consciously and I applaud them for that. They make it easy to eat healthy without breaking the bank. I personally can eat, so when I go out and have to pay $40 for my dinner, I does not settle well with me. I can chow at Jerusalem and spend $10 for falafel, a slice, a drink and maybe some ‘cola flavored’ mentos if I am feeling naughty. It is actually affordable to eat at Jerusalem every night and I bet some people in my hood do. Besides offering a whole plethora of hot food options, they also sell lots of candies, cakes, cookies and other Kosher, vegetarian items.

Location and hours are listed below, keep in mind they observe the Sabbath and are closed from 3pm on Friday’s until 11am on Sunday’s.

Jerusalem West. 99 West Mount Pleasant Ave. Livingston, NJ 07039. 973.553. 1424. Open Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm and Friday 11am-3pm

http://www.jerusalem-gourmet.com/ Jerusalem Homepage.

Jerusalem Restaurant on Urbanspoon

The Guide To Good Vegetarian Food.

18 Jun

Next time you are hitting the streets, skies, rails or trails for a trip take a peek at VeggieHeaven.Com to see where the nearest and best vegetarian restaurants are. Offering information and reviews on vegetarian and vegan restaurants all over the world, Veggie Heaven makes it easy for you to read about the joint before you go there and to also share your experience at the joint with the on-line community.

The Guide To Good Vegetarian Food is an easy sight to navigate, provides constant updates featuring the newest restaurant reviews and encourages you to share as well. They also spotlight a ‘Featured Restaurant’ and showcase the top rated vegetarian restaurants in the U.K as voted by the readers of The Guide To Good Vegetarian Food. It’s a great site, peep it below…

http://www.veggieheaven.com/ The Guide To Good Vegetarian Food Homepage.

Firebox Restaurant Presents; Summer Veggie Tastings.

4 Jun

Firebox is an amazingly well reviewed, farm to table restaurant located in Hartford, Connecticut. Starting Thursday June 7th, they will be rolling out a weekly vegetarian tasting menu. This situation is special and unique because they will be feeding you whatever crops Connecticut has in season and available at it’s farmers markets.

The tasting is $45 per person and the menu will be changing weekly, it will be available during dinner hours at the restaurant from 5:30-10:oo. Reservations made 24 hours in advance are strongly recommended but don’t be afraid to stop by if you happen to be in the area without a reservation, Firebox will make sure you are at taken care of. Firebox will be getting all of their produce for these menu’s at the Billings-Forge Farmers Market, it operates on Thursday’s as well and I have attached the link to it below.

The final menu is not out yet since they are waiting to see how the produce shapes up for this week. Check their website below for the 4-1-1. Please let it be known that this is NOT a vegetarian restaurant but this particular event/tasting is indeed 100% vegetarian. The restaurant sent me this info to share with you all,Β  so I canΒ  safely say we will be in good hands when we go to get our veg on there πŸ™‚ This menu is only available on Thursday’s so keep that in mind when booking your reservation.

Firebox Restaurant. 539 Broad Street. Hartford, CT. 06106. 860-246-1222.

http://www.fireboxrestaurant.com/ Firebox Restaurant Homepage.

http://billingsforgeworks.org/ The Farmers Market.

Restaurant Review: The Source.

24 May

Veg dining in San Fran is simply unparalleled to anywhere I have ever been, NYC comes in at a close second but then Toronto is right at its heels. I have been blessed with a life that allows me to travel quite a bit therefore I have eaten at 100’s of vegetarian restaurants all over the world in the past 4 years. Not one comes close to The Source. I am sorry to offend anyone, it is not meant as a dis to the 100’s of other veg restaurants I have shoved my pie hole full at, The Source is simply in it to win it. Mission Accomplished.

Not only is The Source located in a super cool part of San Fran, it is owned by a super cool guy and the super amazing food is cooked by his chef brother. Being that it is such a small world, the owner of The Source is O.G.N.J.(Original Gangsta New Jersey) and just so happened to live 8 blocks from me when he did reside here. Having honed his restaurant ownership skills here in Jerz he longed for a change of pace, a new city and a new restaurant and this is how The Source was born. He actually sold his fathers butcher shop in Fort Lee, NJ and used that money to open The Source. How cool is that?

The Source is located in a strip mall type situation, it is a decent size and it smells like heaven when you walk in. Pizza was the first thing I smelled and it was PIZZA not some ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not’ type stuff, I mean real deal, NJ/NYC smelling pizza. Sold. So once we got the menu I was just blown away and pissed at the same time. Pissed it was our last night in San Fran and it was our first time at The Source. I could eat every single item on that menu, if I lived in San Fran they would need to take a restraining order out on me or just let me work there, that is how often I would be there. Everyday. No joke. It is that good.

When it comes to the food situation they offer everything your veg heart desires. Want to be all healthy? Then go for a raw super greens salad, they have an awesome selection of healthy salads. Want to get down with some fried chow? The Source has you covered, from these AMAZING spicy buffalo bites (the best thing I ever tasted in my life, right up thee with the Po Boy I had at Green in Arizona) to spring rolls. Their pizza is to die for, vegan and vegetarian style, I went vegetarian and must say the pizza was in the top 10 I ever had in my life. Then once you stuff your face with food, stuff it again with dessert. Vegan ‘Twinkies’ or ‘Hostess’ cupcakes anyone? Yeah that’s what I thought.

So yeah, The Source is the straight up BUSINESS and if you are ever in San Fran, veg head or carnie you MUST go to The Source. There ain’t no more to it πŸ™‚

The Source. 11 Division Street @ Deharo. San Francisco, CA. 415-864-9000. Open 7 Days From 11am-10pm.

http://www.source-sf.com/ The Source Homepage.
Source on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Review: Pomegranate Cafe.

7 Apr

The Pomegranate Cafe is an adorable, mother and daughter run joint located in the Phoenix, Arizona area. This establishment offers a little bit of everything from fresh pressed juices and elixirs to delicious shakes, salads and wraps. They serve brunch, lunch and dinner and are only closed on Mondays.

My personal experience at Pomegranate Cafe was overwhelmingly positive. First off, the place is laid back, clean, open and welcoming. It is an easy place to have a quick bite orΒ  a good place to sit and read the paper over a fresh pressed juice. The employees are all friendly and seem to be enjoying their job, this is ultimately reflected in the service they provide, which is top notch. Now when it comes to the food, Pomegranate Cafe does not disappoint. I tried several things while visiting and liked them all, a salad, a wrap and an amazing mint chocolate vegan shake to boot.

Pomegranate Cafe is a vegan restaurant but they do offer some things in vegetarian form if you ask. They offer lots of raw and gluten-free options and even if something is not gluten-free just ask and they maybe able to make it happen. And last but not least they use local, organic produce to create their amazingly healthy dishes. This place is the real deal, real food made with love πŸ™‚

Pomegranate Cafe. 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Suite 28. Phoenix, Arizona. 85048. (480) 706-7472. Open Tuesday-Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm. Closed Mondays.

pomegranatecafe.com Pomegranate Cafe Homepage.
Pomegranate Cafe on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Review: Pure City.

14 Feb

Pure City Vegetarian Restaurant is located in the small Hudson Valley New York town of Pine Bush. Pine Bush is really a small town and to be honest one of the last places I would have even imagined to find a vegetarian restaurant. To make it even cooler, Pure City is located right next to a health foods store which carries tons of vegan and vegetarian goodies, foods and supplies. It’s like a two-for-one πŸ™‚

Anyways, I am a huge fan of Pure City and every time we go to visit Sandy (aka Mom) I’m like ‘Can we eat a Pure City?’ I’m sure its annoying but I can’t help it, their food is sooo darn good. Every time I have eaten there I have loved it, everything is fresh down to the homemade ketchup. The menu includes lots of Chinese and Asian inspired dishes, as well as veggie burgers, fries, nuggets and salads. They also have mochi for dessert and to be honest the mochi is the bomb so be sure to save some room for those frozen bundles of vegan goodness. I personally could eat their Sweet and Sour ‘Chicken’ every time I am there and about 90% of the time I do. It is so good, one of the best versions of Sweet and Sour I have had and trust me I have tried many different versions from North American to Europe.

Pure City is open Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-10pm. Friday and Saturday from 11am-11pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. They are located at 100 Main St. Pine Bush, New York and you can contact them at: 845.744.8888/2153. Regardless of what you order at Pure City you can rest assure that you meal will be 100% vegan with no cholesterol, no saturated fat and low in sodium. The service will be great and you will leave happy, they are not rated ‘The Best Of Hudson Valley’ for nothing πŸ˜‰

http://www.purecityny.com/ Pure City Homepage.
Pure City Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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