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Off The Meat (Rack).

6 Sep

Red and Meth have dropped some of the greatest hip hop records ever. From Muddy Waters to Tical, the 90’s were all about East Coast Hip Hip and Redman and Method Man were at the forefront. Over the years they have lost nothing in terms of talent and fire. If anything they have gotten better with age, their last record Blackout 2 showed a more mature duo with flows of seasoned vets. I had pleasure of seeing them live a couple years back and to say the killed it would be putting it mildly.

Anyways enough about my opinions, lets get to the facts. Redman and Method Man are the ish. These two have been friends since they were youngins and then they reconnected in 1994 and even better in 1995 spit verses on the legendary TuPac track ‘Got My Mind Made Up’. In fact Meth is the only artist to ever do a track with both Biggie and TuPac in the flesh. Combined they have sold millions of records, made a movie, shot a tv show and even did some commercials. As a die hard fan of theirs, I think the best thing they have ever done is gone vegetarian. A couple years back the boys made the change and officially crowned themselves, ‘ some of the coolest people in the world’ as if they were not already. Redman has lost weight since McDonalds is no longer an option and instead he chomps on some endamame and Meth is all about the faux meat options and veggie burger selections that Whole Foods carries.

So here is some peer pressure…everyone is doing it, all the cool kids are doing it and you should too. I mean seriously, yesterday we talk about McDonalds doing it, today we talk about talented hip hop artists doing it, last month it was athletes doing it. Everyone is doing it. This is the only time in my 32 years that I will tell people to ‘say yes to peer pressure’ because these days the pressure is to go veg 😉


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