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Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto.

21 Dec


So yeah. I don’t even really know what to say about Seggiano’s Raw Basil Pesto. Pretty much the best thing ever if pesto is your jam. I mean does it get any better than raw and vegan to begin with? Didn’t think so.

This exquisite pesto is imported from Italy and made from top notch ingredients and super special (ligurian) basil. At $10 a jar, it may seem steep but trust me, it is worth every penny. I have eaten pasta two times this week because of this pesto, I cannot get enough. It is very flavorful but not overly basil. Some pesto is just too basily and it can ruin the whole dish. No fear, there is none of that here. Nor is there any cheese as there usually is in 99% of jarred pesto sauces.

Made simply with olive oil, cashew nuts, fresh ligurian basil, sea salt and pine nuts, this pesto is the perfect topper for some fresh pasta or for a pesto pizza. Works well on sandwiches an as a dip if you so desire. There is really nothing more I can say about this pesto except it is the perfect pesto.

You can find it at Whole Foods or on Amazon, I also see it is available all over the U.K. Next time you are shopping keep your eyes open for Seggiano’s Raw Basil Pesto, your carbs and taste buds will thank you 😉

http://www.seggiano.com/products/06pesto-pate/pesto.html Read All About Their Pesto Here…

http://www.seggiano.com/ This Is Their Homepage.



Country Herbs.

28 Oct

The easiest way to add flavor to your food, without fat and guilt is the proper use of spices. If you are anything like me, you do not have a complete spice rack with everything you need to create the perfect dips and marinades. This is why I love Country Herbs so much, it’s like a per-measured spice cabinet in a packet. With 10 dip flavors and 3 bagel spreads to choose from you can choose your own adventure.

All natural, made with no msg, fillers or additives, Country Herbs are made to be blended into oil, yogurt or sour cream. Not mayo. They blend super easy, are packed with flavor and I can attest that they work wonderfully with vegan sour cream. I also got to try them mixed with olive oil which was a whole other experience. It really changed the game, made this product so much more versatile in my humble.

This is a small company located in NJ that I came across at a festival in Upstate NY. As far as I can tell their goods are not sold in stores yet but you can order any of their offerings right off their website below…

http://countryherb.com/ Country Herbs Homepage.

Tofutti Pan Crust Pizza Pizzaz.

21 Sep



Remember the good old days of Ellios Pizza? You know the joints that came in the big rectangle and then were cut into 3 slices. Those puppies remind me of the 80’s, back in the day when I was young (I’m not  a kid anymore, some days I sit and wish I was a kid again). Bonus points if you  know what classic hip hop jam that line is from. Anyways, back to the lecture at hand, Tofutti Pan Crust Pizza Pizzaz.

This wonderful dairy free, frozen pizza is available at Shop Rite and other grocery stores, I am sure you can also score it in a vegan food shop as well. I admit I was super skeptical about this. See I don’t really like cheese to begin with so cheese replacements don’t exactly get me all warm and fuzzy but pizza sure does. So I figured at worse the pizza would suck and I would order a cheese-less from the spot down the road but I was pleasantly surprised when the ‘cheese’ on this pizza proved to be not only edible but tasty!!! What an awesome find. For real. I am sure excited about this because really is there anything better than knowing there is a tasty, frozen, vegan pizza just waiting to be heated up for you at home? Didn’t think so.

If you choose to eat all 3 mini slices it will set you back about 600 calories, yes that is pretty steep but I did it and I admit it. You can always just split it with someone and save 300 calories but at that you will defiantly need something else to eat. I recommend this as a ‘comfort snack’ where you just eat the whole thing and deal with it later. And if you are hitting the weights and cardio as you should, your body will blow through this 600 calories like that 😉

http://www.tofutti.com/frozenfoods.shtml Check Out The Pizza Pizzaz Here.


Restaurant Review: Jerusalem West.

17 Jul

Jerusalem West is a Kosher, Vegetarian restaurant that does serve fish. So I guess that would make it a Pescetarian restaurant, right? Anyways, fish or not Jerusalem is the ish. It is set up ‘cafeteria style’ you step in line and peep the selection, choose what you want and keep it moving. They offer everything, I mean literally you can get a fresh made veggie sushi roll and a whole cheese pizza to go. It is the perfect place for those who cannot make up their minds, you can just take some of everything and chow happy.

One thing I must touch on, well two actually when it comes to Jerusalem West are…first, their pizza is amazing. Trust me, I found it odd to be drooling over a slice of kosher pizza here in Jerz when I am surrounded by the best pizza in America but I do. I love their pizza, it is just perfect. Old school, thin crust, not too much if anything just a simple pizza. Secondly, their falafel should be illegal, I am going to turn into a falafel with hummus because of this place. I just moved like 3 blocks from this place, eat there 2x a week and cannot get enough. Never had better falafel in my life. Period. Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way cuz the web reviews all mention their killer falafel.

The best thing about Jerusalem (besides the fact that it is in my front yard) is that it is cheap. Everything they serve is under $10, falafel is only $5, this is something they do consciously and I applaud them for that. They make it easy to eat healthy without breaking the bank. I personally can eat, so when I go out and have to pay $40 for my dinner, I does not settle well with me. I can chow at Jerusalem and spend $10 for falafel, a slice, a drink and maybe some ‘cola flavored’ mentos if I am feeling naughty. It is actually affordable to eat at Jerusalem every night and I bet some people in my hood do. Besides offering a whole plethora of hot food options, they also sell lots of candies, cakes, cookies and other Kosher, vegetarian items.

Location and hours are listed below, keep in mind they observe the Sabbath and are closed from 3pm on Friday’s until 11am on Sunday’s.

Jerusalem West. 99 West Mount Pleasant Ave. Livingston, NJ 07039. 973.553. 1424. Open Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm and Friday 11am-3pm

http://www.jerusalem-gourmet.com/ Jerusalem Homepage.

Jerusalem Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Review: The Source.

24 May

Veg dining in San Fran is simply unparalleled to anywhere I have ever been, NYC comes in at a close second but then Toronto is right at its heels. I have been blessed with a life that allows me to travel quite a bit therefore I have eaten at 100’s of vegetarian restaurants all over the world in the past 4 years. Not one comes close to The Source. I am sorry to offend anyone, it is not meant as a dis to the 100’s of other veg restaurants I have shoved my pie hole full at, The Source is simply in it to win it. Mission Accomplished.

Not only is The Source located in a super cool part of San Fran, it is owned by a super cool guy and the super amazing food is cooked by his chef brother. Being that it is such a small world, the owner of The Source is O.G.N.J.(Original Gangsta New Jersey) and just so happened to live 8 blocks from me when he did reside here. Having honed his restaurant ownership skills here in Jerz he longed for a change of pace, a new city and a new restaurant and this is how The Source was born. He actually sold his fathers butcher shop in Fort Lee, NJ and used that money to open The Source. How cool is that?

The Source is located in a strip mall type situation, it is a decent size and it smells like heaven when you walk in. Pizza was the first thing I smelled and it was PIZZA not some ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not’ type stuff, I mean real deal, NJ/NYC smelling pizza. Sold. So once we got the menu I was just blown away and pissed at the same time. Pissed it was our last night in San Fran and it was our first time at The Source. I could eat every single item on that menu, if I lived in San Fran they would need to take a restraining order out on me or just let me work there, that is how often I would be there. Everyday. No joke. It is that good.

When it comes to the food situation they offer everything your veg heart desires. Want to be all healthy? Then go for a raw super greens salad, they have an awesome selection of healthy salads. Want to get down with some fried chow? The Source has you covered, from these AMAZING spicy buffalo bites (the best thing I ever tasted in my life, right up thee with the Po Boy I had at Green in Arizona) to spring rolls. Their pizza is to die for, vegan and vegetarian style, I went vegetarian and must say the pizza was in the top 10 I ever had in my life. Then once you stuff your face with food, stuff it again with dessert. Vegan ‘Twinkies’ or ‘Hostess’ cupcakes anyone? Yeah that’s what I thought.

So yeah, The Source is the straight up BUSINESS and if you are ever in San Fran, veg head or carnie you MUST go to The Source. There ain’t no more to it 🙂

The Source. 11 Division Street @ Deharo. San Francisco, CA. 415-864-9000. Open 7 Days From 11am-10pm.

http://www.source-sf.com/ The Source Homepage.
Source on Urbanspoon

Rising Moon Organics.

24 Jan

The folks at Rising Moon Organics sure know how to make delicious vegan and vegetarian foods. The best thing about Rising Moon is that they are a vegetarian company that makes lots of Italian food options minus the animal rennet. Think frozen pizzas, pasta sauce and ravioli to name a few. For over 20 years now, Rising Moon Organics has been focused on producing top-notch foods that you will feel good about serving to your family, friends and children. I can safely say, job well done 😉

Personally, I love Rising Moon Organics, I have munched on many of their foods and everything I have had has been delicious. Last week I had their butternut squash ravioli and it was amazing. The best part was that they were vegan. Most pumpkin or squashed based ravioli have either a tiny bit of cheese or eggs in them but not these ones. They were super. I noticed on their website that they offer lots of vegan friendly options to snoop around and see what you can find. Their website is rad, they have a whole section that talks and teaches you about the vegetarian diet and its benefits. It is very informative and makes me happy to see that Rising Moon goes the extra mile in every aspect of their business. You can find Rising Moon Organics at Whole Foods, Kings, Wegman’s and local health food stores to name a few. If you can’t seem to locate them you can always buy them on-line right on their website.

Rising To The Occasion.

http://risingmoon.com/ Rising Moon Homepage.

Thanks Amy. Or Should We Thank Her Parents?

10 Sep

Amy’s. Amy’s. Amy’s. The old faithful of frozen vegetarian foods. Even before I was vegetarian I saw Amy’s goods everywhere and now as a vegetarian I am beyond thankful for them. Started in 1988, Amy’s is a family run business that makes all vegetarian, all the time. Amy’s parents Rachel and Andy started Amy’s when Amy herself was born. With the arrival of their daughter they realized how hard it was to find time to make healthy meals from scratch. Sensing that there were many other vegetarians out there like them they decided to take action and they put a plan in motion. The first product they released was a vegetarian pot pie and it was a hit. They then started to release more and more frozen entrees and snacks. As of today they offer almost 90 different frozen meals, snacks, treats and pizzas and they can be found in almost every grocery store and even Target.

Amy’s is simply the best at what they do. Everything I have tried by Amy’s I have liked which is saying a lot because as we all know I am super picky. Even though their entress are frozen there is no lack of taste or flavor. They use tons of organic ingredients and never use dairy, eggs, poultry, meat, shellfish or peanuts. They have  extensive selections of gluten-free, reduced sodium and soy cheese options and they never use anything artificial. One of the best thing about Amy’s is that they do use real cheese unless it is listed otherwise and all of the cheese they use is vegetarian, aka rennet free.

From Amy’s Family To Yours.

http://www.amys.com/ Amy’s Homepage.

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