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Earth Science.

10 Dec


Earth Science came on my radar a couple of months ago when I gifted a bottle of their Olive Oil and Avocado Hair Masque by the lovely woman who straightens and cuts my hair.

She is older and old school so I knew it was going to be a good product. But I was not prepared for how well my hair took to it. No residue, no harsh smell, nothing weighing my hair down. All around, all good.

Like my skin and my taste buds, my hair is picky. It happens to adore this hair masque and since it’s all natural, paraben free and not tested on animals, I have a feeling it is something I will be keeping around.

For over 30 years this still family owned business has been churning out high quality, cruelty free beauty care. I can’t stay I have much experience with this brand outside of this specific product I am currently using but natural and cruelty free are good enough reasons for me to share their 4-1-1 with you all.


Stay Chizzle,





EO Products.

21 Feb


Since St Ives is no longer my partner in skin care crime, I have had to branch out and find new products to replace my former stash. So far, so good. I have actually found replacements to most of my former products but my favorite new line has to be EO Products. This line of skin care products is all natural, cruelty-free and the company is family owned.

Their line of products ranges from shampoos and conditioner to soaps and body lotions. All EO products are made from the finest herbs and oils that are distilled right from the fresh flower, leaves, seed or bark of the plant. Nothing they use had ever been modified from the way Mother Nature intended, nothing synthetic is ever added.

EO Products are made in the USA, based in Marin County, California they operate out of a ‘Certified Organic’ facility that employes over 30 people. They make over 100 different products for you to choose from and they can be found all over the web and in many stores. I know Harmon carries tons of times from EO’s lines, that is where I have been stocking up.

Super Informative Website Below…

http://www.eoproducts.com/ EO Products Homepage.


Citrus Magic.

17 Feb


8 animals. EIGHT. That is how many I have living in my house. I know, I know, I know. Trust me. 4 Chihuahuas and 4 feral/stray cats, 2 of which are my pets, they have been tamed and are lovely. The other 2 strays are still in ‘taming’ mode and hopefully will be adopted out over the next couple of months.

No, I am not a hoarder, just a woman who is going broke from kitty litter, one who cannot say no, or close my door to an animal in need. Seriously, I have tried, then I lay awake at night. I like my sleep so it is easier for me to just let them all in my house and then take it from there.

Needless to say, I clean, a lot. All the time. Cleaning everyday, that is the trick to having a clean animal hostel. Never let your hostel get so dirty that it cannot be cleaned in under 2 hours ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is where cleaning products like Citrus Magic come into my life and make it a little bit easier. Citrus Magic is an all natural, cruelty-free line of cleaning products that relies on the power of natural citrus oils to get your life clean.

I can say 1000% that everything they make works. I am currently using their ‘Citrus Magic All Purpose Cleaner’ spray for around the house and also a nice, huge solid air freshener for my basement where the 3 litter boxes are. They also make a line of products strictly for pets, the huge Citrus magic ‘Solid Air Freshener’ I rock is part of their ‘pet care’ line.

Citrus Magic can be found at Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, KMart, Wild Oats Marketplace and Aubuchon Hardware, as far as chain stores go. I have also purchased them, at where else, T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s.

There is really no reason to use chemical cleaners that have been tested on animals these days, there are natural, cruelty-free alternatives to every cleaning product and dare I say that most work better than their chemically counterparts.

Peep their website below forย  the 4-1-1 on their amazing products.

And please don’t tell my landlord about the 2 extra dogs and 4 cats…

http://citrusmagic.beaumontproducts.com/ Citrus Magic Homepage.

Special Offer

Organic Color Systems.

6 Jan


Organic Color Systems offers a full line of hair care for salon professionals to use on their clients. From color to curls, Organic Color Systems has your hair taken care of. Free of ammonia and other harsh chemicals, Organic Color Systems turns to nature to bring out the best in your hair.

Besides being free of chemicals, Organic Color Systems are also vegan, cruelty-free, Eco-Friendly, certified organic and they are also a member of the soil association for organic standards. Pretty much, every base is covered with this company, they leave you nothing to worry about when it comes to hair care.

The company is very serious about their policies and what they stand for. Their website is super informative and offers up the locations of salons who they supply, that way you can find a natural, cruelty-free, Eco-friendly salon near you.

I think it is safe to say that days of animals and the planet paying the price because we want to look good are coming to an end ๐Ÿ™‚

http://www.organiccolorsystems.com/ Organic Color Systems Homepage.


A La Maison De Provence Soaps.

23 Dec


These soaps are top notch. Big, lathery and awesome smelling. Add to that all natural and cruelty-free. A La Maison De Provence Soaps are the creme de le creme. An old school recipe that has stood the test of time, truly sets them apart from the pack. I am currently using the ‘Honey Crisp Apple’… amazing.

The process that they use actually cooks the vegetable oils into glycerine, yielding some of the most moisturizing soaps you will ever come across. Sticking with what they know, A La Maison only makes soaps. Bar soaps, liquid soaps and body wash and everything they make is biodegradable. There is nothing synthetic in their soaps, no parabans and no sodium laurel sulfate. All of the colorings are natural and everything is 100% vegetable based and not tested on animals ๐Ÿ™‚

Available at many fine health food stores through out New York, Puerto Rico and most of the East Coast, A La Maison is also carried by Whole Foods through out the East Coast and as well as the Rocky Mountain area.

Read more below…

http://www.alamaisonsoaps.com/ A La Maison De Provence Homepage.


Botanical Organic Products.

9 Dec


Botanical Organic Products is a line of cruelty-free skin care and nutritional supplements. They are an Eco-friendly company that uses all natural and all organic ingredients to bring our your skin’s natural beauty. All of their packaging is recyclable and/or reusable, they only purchase supplies that are non-toxic and made with recycled content. To top it all off, they are powered by renewable wind energy.

Botanical Organic Products are made from the finest herbs, plants, fruits as well as vitamin and mineral extracts. Everything they offer has been proven to work in sync with our bodies, no fillers or junk here. One look at the ingredients list on their skin care products and you will see what I am talking about. Chock full of the best of the best skin food, their Relatox line is no joke and it is not outlandishly priced. Win, Win.

None of their products are tested on animals and their supplement line is made with vegetarian gel caps, no gelatin, so they are a good choice for us veg heads as well. Botanical Organic seriously makes great skin care, you can learn more and order right off their site below…

http://www.botanicalorganic.com/ Botanical Organic Products Homepage.


Stonewall Kitchen Room Deodorizer And Linen Spray.

1 Dec


I have been using the same bottle air spray/linen spray for the past couple years. I took it from my parents house with my mother’s blessing like 2 years ago, used it in my car for a few months then it ended up in the trunk after a car wash. Out of sight, out of mind. Then last month, while getting another car wash I popped the truck to load in some crap and there was the delicious Grapefruit Thyme room spray I had left to rot. So into the house it went and since then, I have fallen in love.

After reading the packaging saying that this stuff all natural, then the fine print that said, not tested on animals, I decided it was safe to share with my fellow cruelty-free lifestyle lovers. Made in the US, Maine to be exact, Stonewall Kitchen makes some really great candles, room deodorizers and natural cleaning products. They use soy for their candles because not only does it burn longer, it burns cleaner. And since they use natural ingredients, their products do not just mask the odor, they remove it.

Personally, I love the stuff. It works extremely well, so well that I was very caught off guard when I used this stuff to cover food smells. I sprayed it, went downstairs, came back up 5 minutes later and all I could smell was Grapefruit Thyme. Needless to say, I was impressed. I look forward to trying more of their offerings.

As you can see when you click on the link below, Stonewall Kitchen makes wonderful little gift baskets including their candles and room deodorizers that would make awesome presents for this holiday season….



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