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Good ‘N Natural Bars.

13 May

So I just came across these guys for the first time last month. I knew we were going to be good friends as soon as I read the ingredients. As if I wasn’t sold at seeing  ’10 grams of protein, all natural and 5 grams of fiber’ on the front of the wrapper anyways 😉 So yeah, the script pretty much reads the same, these bars rock. I have only had the peanut butter and cranberry almond ones cuz that is all I have come across. I am sure the lemon and chocolate are just as good.

Good ‘N Natural bars just came into fruition recently and yet have already been picked up by big chains like A&P, Rite Aid, Vitamin World and Pathmark. I seriously think they have something special going on with these bars and this is coming from someone who eats as many all natural, high protein, high fiber bars as she can get her hands on. They simply strike the perfect balance of texture and flavor, all of the ingredients get a chance to shine and at the end of it all you have fed your body with a bunch of good food that will help fill you up. Happy you, happy body, we all win.

Grab these if you see them in the store, they taste great and are great for you…

http://www.goodnnaturalbar.com/ Good ‘N Natural Homepage.


Restaurant Review: Nyack Main Essentials Vegetarian Cuisine.

29 Jun

If you have never been to the town of Nyack yet live somewhere close by, you should most def take a trip there for the day. It is a cute, old river town with a  great coffee spot, great thrift store with used books, tons of places to eat and now it is also home to a great vegetarian restaurant. Nyack Main Essentials.

Using 100% all natural, vegan ingredients, Nyack Main Essentials specializes in Caribbean Cuisine… and boy it is good! We stumbled across this place and I was gassed when I came to see it was Caribbean Cuisine. I had not had the pleasure of truly enjoying Caribbean food since before I went veg, and I knew that was about to change. Nyack Main Essentials is bright, welcoming and clean. There are plenty of tables and stools to sit and eat at and there is a full juice bar with an amazing assortment of juices and smoothies to choose from.

When it comes to the grub there is an extensive menu to choose from that they will prepare but they also have a set up of ready to be served grub a bit like cafeteria style. There are 2-3 choices of protein, I got some jerk ‘chicken’. A starch root veggie like potatoes or some rice, some plantains and greens, collard, kale or whatever they have that day. My plate was over flowing with food, they offered to let us try a bit of everything since we had never been there before. The people working there were super nice and chill. The food was amazing, the spices were perfect, the plate of food was colorful and vibrant. Everything was so fresh and well prepared, it was very impressive. I chose to drink some all natural ginger root soda with my meal which was awesome, they had a whole fridge of natural sodas and drinks you can choose from.

Nyack Main Essentials was my first taste of vegan home cooking and I am hooked. I wish there were more places like this is Jersey, we are so lacking in vegetarian restaurants in this state and this is good, home cooking. A quick, healthy alternative to fast food. So if you are in or around Nyack, New York stop by this place,  grab a bite and be impressed.

Nyack Main Essentials Vegetarian Cuisine. Open Monday-Friday 9am-9pm. Saturday 10am-9pm. Sunday 11am-6pm.

145 Main Street. Nyack, NY. 845-512-8692

http://nyackmainessentials.com/ Nyack Main Essentials.

Nyack Main Essentials on Urbanspoon

Tasty Treats Review: Lula’s Sweet Apothecary.

13 Mar

Lula's Sweet Apothecary Is Located In The East Village Of Manhattan.

Vegan ice cream is completely hit or miss for me. I love coconut milk based ice creams but I am not too big on soy based ones. There are just very few soy based ice creams that do it for me. This made me anxious and excited to see what Lula’s had in store for me. This vegan ice cream shop located in New York City boosts 100’s of positive reviews on the internet, most from non vegans 🙂 Luckily I happen to agree with those 100’s of people, Lula’s blew me away.

This small, even by NYC standards small, little ice cream joint is located in Manhattan’s East Village on 6th St. It is a complete ‘blink and you will miss it’ type place. It looks very old inside, with lots of little bottles and trinkets around, it is very cute. There is really only one table to sit at, which was occupied when we were there, this is more of a grab and go type place. I opted for the chocolate and cake batter soft serve in a sugar cone. My boyfriend went with the cookies and cream hard ice cream. The cake batter ice cream is cashew based, the chocolate is soy based and the cookies and cream is coconut milk based so we tried a bit of everything. I can personally say my cone was the best ice cream I ever had. Vegan or not, it does not matter. This ice cream was simply better. The taste was natural and robust. The texture was creamy and delicious. The best part was there was no weird coating in my mouth or funky aftertaste and I did not get a stomach ache like I do from regular ice cream sometimes. I really loved the texture of the soft serve, I cannot believe how much the cake batter ice cream tasted like cake batter. It was almost magical lol. My boyfriends was delicious too, the coconut milk base was creamy and thick. The ice cream was full of Oreo pieces and my boyfriend loved it.

Lula’s is defiantly one of those places you just have to go to if you are visiting NYC, vegan or not. I can safely say there is no other place like this around here. Lula’s is in a class of it’s own. Prices are steepish, but remember it’s Manhattan and you get what you pay for 😉

http://www.lulassweetapothecary.com/ Lula’s Sweet Apothecary.

516 East 6th St. New York, New York. 10009

646 481 5852 Info@LulaSweet.Com

Hours: Sunday: 3pm-10pm. Monday: CLOSED. Tuesday and Wednesday: 3pm-10pm.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 3pm-11.30pm
Lula's Sweet Apothecary on Urbanspoon

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