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Plastic Bag Ban Out On The Island.

28 Feb
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The ‘Island’ I am referring to would be Long Island. If you are from these parts and you ask someone where they are from and they respond ‘Out On The Island’ they usually mean Long Island aka Strong Island. Yeah I said it, even though I feel there is an unspoken beef between Jersey and Long Island I still got love for it. My pops is from there and all in all its just like another Jersey on the other side of the city. We got everything they got out there from malls and traffic to beaches and bad attitudes. Jersey and Long Island are one in the same, except Long Island is pulling ahead with the extra points they get for banning plastic bags in the Village of Southampton. Score one for Strong Island 😉

Since Long Island is well….an island, it is very important for them to get the plastic bags they hell outta dodge. We all know that plastic bags are a huge killer of marine life and polluter of the trees and water. They don’t biodegrade and they just suck. Southampton knows this and this is why they have been banned since late last year. Fines up to $1000 will be doled out to those who choose not to cooperate with their plan. Those of you who know these parts know that the law around here does not play when it comes to gettin money. That is all they want and they will get it no matter what. So if you don’t know these parts and plan on visiting them, plan on leaving the plastic bags at home or you will be whipping out another type of plastic, if you know what I mean.

Southampton is a small village of 55,000 people on an island of  almost 8 million people. Imagine the impact this ban would have if it was enforced throughout the island?


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