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Read This : The Wu Tang Manual.

6 Nov


One of the last books I read was The Wu Tang Manual. It is the bomb and that is why I am suggesting you read it.

I know some of you are like ‘is this chick really recommending that I read a book about the Wu Tang Clan?’ and the answer to that is simply…’YES’.

The writing is rather ‘street’, indeed there are some curse words and slang but the book is far from being rated R, I would say PG-13.

It is an easy read yet it is not.

What is not easy about it are the subject matters that Rza touches upon. Rza is a really, really worldly and intelligent dude. He is on the next level knowledge tip and the way he shares it makes it almost addicting to want to learn it all.

Overcoming adversity, rejection, poverty and fame, Rza talks about living a clean, honest life. A life you can be proud of, a life void of harmful ego and gluttony.

A vegetarian based life.

I cannot recommend this book enough, if you are a Wu Tang fan even better. But the bottom line is that this book has the ability to speak to everyone if they approach it with an open mind.

It’s also the perfect holiday gift for the ‘hip hop head’ in your life.


Stay Chizzle,




Off The Meat (Rack).

6 Sep

Red and Meth have dropped some of the greatest hip hop records ever. From Muddy Waters to Tical, the 90’s were all about East Coast Hip Hip and Redman and Method Man were at the forefront. Over the years they have lost nothing in terms of talent and fire. If anything they have gotten better with age, their last record Blackout 2 showed a more mature duo with flows of seasoned vets. I had pleasure of seeing them live a couple years back and to say the killed it would be putting it mildly.

Anyways enough about my opinions, lets get to the facts. Redman and Method Man are the ish. These two have been friends since they were youngins and then they reconnected in 1994 and even better in 1995 spit verses on the legendary TuPac track ‘Got My Mind Made Up’. In fact Meth is the only artist to ever do a track with both Biggie and TuPac in the flesh. Combined they have sold millions of records, made a movie, shot a tv show and even did some commercials. As a die hard fan of theirs, I think the best thing they have ever done is gone vegetarian. A couple years back the boys made the change and officially crowned themselves, ‘ some of the coolest people in the world’ as if they were not already. Redman has lost weight since McDonalds is no longer an option and instead he chomps on some endamame and Meth is all about the faux meat options and veggie burger selections that Whole Foods carries.

So here is some peer pressure…everyone is doing it, all the cool kids are doing it and you should too. I mean seriously, yesterday we talk about McDonalds doing it, today we talk about talented hip hop artists doing it, last month it was athletes doing it. Everyone is doing it. This is the only time in my 32 years that I will tell people to ‘say yes to peer pressure’ because these days the pressure is to go veg šŸ˜‰


All Beats. No Meats.

14 Oct

The Legendary Gza With The Legendary Rza Who Is Also A Vegetarian.

My heart belongs to hip hop. Ever since the late 80’s hip hop worked its way into my being and has held one of the top spots since then. I personally don’t like the garbage on the radio today, this is not hip hop. This is…noise. One of the most prolific hip hop albums of all times is 1995’s ‘Liquid Swords’ by Gza. I dare you to find a more perfectly produced hip hop album. When that record dropped it just blew our minds, ‘Off The Hook’ was the exact term I used the first time I heard the title track ‘Liquid Swords’. It literally peeled back my gourd and still does when I bump it. But at this point in time what’s blowing my mind is the fact that the almighty Gza is a VEGETARIAN. WHAT?!? You all have no idea how happy it makes me when I find out the people I admire the most in the world are veg heads šŸ™‚

The Gza’s road to vegetarianism was a long time coming. He stopped eating pork in 1977. Beef in 1989 and by 1996 he stopped eating anything dead. Being aware and well read, Gza knows that meat is highly contaminated and full of hormones and toxins. He wants none of that in his body. He thinks it was a piece of chicken that turned him off meat forever and he seems to have no regrets about it. Since 1996 he has gone through phases where he also stopped eating dairy, he currently only eats cheese sometimes and it has to be organic and locally sourced. He has also taken a more raw approach to eating which is why he now loves visiting L.A. because there are so many raw food restaurants. And although he stopped eating meat rather young he wishes he was raised a vegetarian and that he never ate meat. He believes that being vegetarian is not only the best thing for your health but for your conscious and your morals. We have to agree with you on all 3 points, G. Thai and Indian top Gza’s list of his favorite foods and he is also not afraid to eat some raw pizza šŸ˜‰

Not one to shy away from reality, Gza has been known to play DVD’s for his friends that shine a not so positive light on meat-eating and all it entails. So far it has worked because 4 of his fellow Clan members are vegetarian, none of them eat pork and he has heads asking him to get him ‘those DVDs’. I honestly didn’t need anymore reasons to love Gza but I guess I got them anyway.

So here is a big ups from Veggie Fitness to Gza, if you dare to ‘scratch underneath the surface’ you never know what you will find. Who would have ever thought members of the Wu Tang Clan rolled out veg style???

http://eater.com/archives/2010/07/23/gza-lyrical-genius-wu-tangs-raw-food-guru.php Gza Vegetarian Interview.

One Of The Greatest Hip Hop Albums Of All Time.

Compassion In This World Of K-OS.

13 Dec
K-OS on The Come Up Show

K-OS Is Not Only An Amazing Artist But A Compassionate One Too.

I have been a fan of hip hop music as far back as I can remember. As a kid we would make our mix tapes off the radio and we could not wait for ‘The Jam Of The Week’ on MTV (yes they used to play MUSIC VIDEOS!!!). Watching hip hop come from this little baby in the 80’s into this cultural phenom in the 90’s was mind-blowing. I feel truly blessed that I grew up listening to the greats like Biggie, TupacĀ and Big L. Losing those three artists was a sever blow to the hip hop community, one which I feel the community never truly recovered from. Even though TupacĀ had his baggage he actually had a message unlike so much of the garbage on the radio today. When we lost these great rappers we also lost focus. Long gone were the days of Tribe Called Quest’s non violent, insightful and politically aware rhymes. They were now replaced with ‘BlingĀ Bling’ ‘Ice’ ‘Flossing’ and all these other corny things that turned hip hop into a mockery of what it once was. Eventually by the early 2000’s, I just stopped listening and it broke my heart. It still makes me upset to turn on the radio and hear what my once beloved genre of music has become.

In 2005 I happened to catch a video on VH1 Soul or something random like that. This music video caught my ear because what I was hearing was REAL HIP HOP. I figured it must have been some old school jam that I missed growing up or maybe some new rapperĀ that I missed since I am out of the loop. IĀ caught the last 2 seconds of the video and got to see that the artist’s nameĀ is KO-S. I ran this name by everyone I knew who liked hip hop and everyone drew a blank. Now I was intrigued. SoĀ I run to F.Y.E. and they happen to have a copy of the cd that I saw on VH-1. Sweet. I then become obsessed with this man who calls himself K-OS, telling everyone about him, burning his cd for everyone who shows any ounce of interest in hip hop music. I was just being an overall ‘Stan’ about him.

I remember in 2005 when I got his cd ‘Joyful Rebellion’ I heard a line in one song about him no eating ‘fish, chicken or hamburger’.Ā  This was before I was vegetarian so I kind of wrote it off. Also knowing that a lot of rappers just say things for theĀ sake of rhyming, I thought maybe this was the situation on Joyful Rebellion too.Ā  As I became a bigger fan and a vegetarian myself I got intrigued. Mr. Kevin Brereton is the man behind the K-OS, he hails from Toronto, Canada and he made the decision at 8 years old to become a vegetarian. 8 YEARS OLD??? Yup. He told his mom he no longer wanted to eat chicken and that was it. What started as an innocent decision he made as a child has turned into a lifelong passion for animals and all living creatures. Through all his years and phases of being vegetarian he says his strongest reason for being vegetarian now is the slaughter of animals. Not only a REAL artist but also a man with a heart of gold. Men like Kevin are hard to come by these days.

We had the pleasure of seeing KO-S in concert last winter (this was before I knew he was vegetarian) and I remember commenting to my boyfriend ‘I think Kevin is a vegetarian, I can tell by his body’. That was a nice thing to be right about šŸ˜‰

http://www.peta2.com/outthere/o-kos.aspĀ Interview With PETA

http://http://www.k-osmusic.com/Ā His Website

k-os at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, B...


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