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H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending.

22 Dec


Does anyone else love vending machines? I sure do. For me it’s more the concept then what is actually in the machines. As we know most vending machines are stocked with junk. Candy, soda and chips. So what is a healthy person to do? Apparently, H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending had the same question and they have now provided the answer. Healthy Vending Machines.

H.U.M.A.N stands for ‘Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition’. Healthy Vending is a pretty new company that allows one to franchise out their Healthy Vending Machines. Packed with healthy snacks such as Cliff Bars, Back To Nature snacks, Popchips, 100% juice boxes, coconut water, protein shakes and many other tasty healthy snacks. They actually offer over 1000 different snack options, not all in one machine, of course 😉

Striving to curb the obesity epidemic, H.U.M.A.N. Vending has been lobbying to get into schools to replace the junk food laden vending machines which are currently the norm. They currently have machines in more than 40 states in the US, Canada and Pureto Rico. These machines are  in schools, hospitals, offices and at specific YMCA locations. This is a company that is growing fast keep your eyes peeled for a H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending Machine next time you are on the go.

Below is their website, it is super informative, peep it…

http://www.healthyvending.com/ Healthy Vending Homepage.


Bare Fruit.

14 Jun

Bare Fruit is a brand of yummy oven baked fruit snacks. Their snacks rock as do their company’s practices in the Earth ans Ethics categories. All of Bare Fruit’s fruit is sourced here in the USA and it is all organic, high in fiber and all natural. Bare Fruit is also GMO free, Gluten-Free, Nut Free and Kosher. I can personally attest to the fact that their apple chips are addicting, especially the cinnamon ones. Good luck not eating the whole bag 😉

You can find Bare Fruit products at many places from Whole Foods to Costco and of course you can always order them right off their website or Amazon. A cool bonus, if your local grocer does not carry Bare Fruit, there is a letter you can print off their website, drop it in the comments box at your grocer and if your grocer happens to pick up the Bare Fruit line then Bare Fruit will send YOU a free case of goodies as a thank you.

Sounds good all around, right?

barefruitsnacks.com Bare Fruits Homepage.

Super Seedz.

11 Apr

Super Seedz are an amazingly delicious yet healthy snack made from pumpkin seeds. What started as a hobby for Ms. Kathie has turned into a full fledged pumpkin seed operation. These delicious seedz come in lots of tasty flavors like somewhat spicy, sea salt, original curry and my personal favorite, sugar and cinnamon. On top of being all natural, Super Seedz are also vegan, msg free, gluten-fee, tree nut free, peanut free and contain no additives or preservatives.

Snacking on something like Super Seedz takes all the guess work and guilt out of the snacking experience. Pumpkin seeds are not only loaded with protein they also contain a lot of iron. Two things that veg heads need to be sure they are getting enough of, knocked out in one snack. Super Seedz can be tossed on salads, into yogurt or just eaten out of the bag, they taste amazing anyway you eat them 🙂

http://superseedz.com/ Super Seedz Homepage.

Sensible Foods For Sensible People.

19 Nov

Sensible Foods are the makers of some seriously delicious and crunchy ‘crunch dried’ fruits. All natural, organic and manufactured in a facility that only deals with fruits and vegetables makes these little bags of fun a great on the go snack. I would think these would be especially great for people with children, they are great finger foods for kids and they are healthy. Each pack is only 80 calories and contains 1/2 cup of fruit which is one serving towards you daily needs. Crunch Dried Snacks are also fat-free and gluten-free.

These tasty treats come in several different combinations, ‘Cherry Berry’, ‘Tropical Blend’ and ‘Orchard Blend’ were the ones I came across. I went with the ‘Tropical Blend’ and it was delicious. I am all about crispy little fruit snacks like this, I welcome the change from regular fruit since fruit is like 60% of my diet. You ca find these joints in thousands of places across America or you can shop for them on-line right on their website.

Snack With Sensibility.

http://sensiblefoods.com/ Sensible Foods Homepage.


18 Aug

While eating lunch at Subway a couple of weeks back I noticed a new ‘Chip’ product by the register. Intrigued I bought a pack because they were not chips, they were Apple Snapz. The chick who was ringing me up told me that she had tried them the day before and she loved them, said they tasted just like crunchy apples. Sounded good to me. Right away I noticed that there are only 45 calories per bag and each bag contains the equivalent of one whole apple. And the ingredients are quite simple, only apples and a few drops of lemon juice.

Snapz were invented by a British company who uses a very low temperature dehydration system which in turn keeps all of the apples positive raw properties intact. One bag of Apple Sapz counts as 1 serving of fruit and since they are not fried or full of added sugar and other junk, you can feel free to munch till your heart’s content. Apple Snapz are also nut free and gluten-free. Snapz also makes veggie chips but I have yet to see them. I am sure I will try them when I come across them though because most fruit and veggie chips are loaded with oil or fried which pretty much defeats the purpose of eating a fruit or veggie chip.

I really, really liked Apple Snapz, I mean LOVED them. They are just like a regular apple, they look like a cored regular apple, they taste like a real apple and they even have the skin intact. I wish I had bought another bag because I would love to have some to take with me to work. They are so easy to eat and are the perfect ‘on the run’ snack. It is nice to know there are healthy alternatives out there, I wish they were more readily found.

Grab Some Snapz.

http://snapzcrisps.com/ Snapz Homepage.

Raw, Organic Goodness.

5 Apr

The latest stop on the ‘Random Food Bar Express’ is by Organic Food Bar. This raw, organic, cold processed vegan energy bar is delicious. This is the worlds first organic food bar and is also the worlds best-selling organic food bar. This raw bar is non gmo, dairy free, peanut free, soy free and has no refined sugars. The taste is 100% amazing, the texture is the best. It is somewhere in the realm of cookie dough texture. One of the best textured energy bars.

Chocolatey Chocolate Chip is the one I tried, it was packed with non dairy chocolate chips. The base of this bar is cashew butter and dates, sweetened with agave nectar. The way all of the simple ingredients come together is brilliant. I also saw them in Chocolate Coconut and Cinnamon Raisin. After trying the Chocolate Chip one I am upset I did not pick up the other ones to try out. I know my next stop at Vitamin Shopppe can not be too far away, so I will pick some more up then. With 4 grams of fiber and 8 grams of plant-based protein, this is a great healthy snack you can take with you on the go. Throw it in your car, purse, briefcase whatevs.

The more packaged raw products I consume the more I fall in love with them. The taste of raw foods is just so much better, I love being able to taste the ingredients I am eating. This was no exception 😉

http://www.organicfoodbar.com/products The One I Had.

http://www.organicfoodbar.com/ Homepage.

Justin Time.

28 Mar

My first introduction to Justin’s products was a dark chocolate peanut butter cup I grabbed at Whole Foods one day because it was all natural and organic. I noticed there was also a milk chocolate version but I did not grab it. After I ate the amazing peanut butter cups I went on their website to see what was really good with this company. Turns out, it’s all good at Justin’s.

Founded by Justin himself, they make delicious, all natural, organic nut butters. Original Peanut, Chocolate Peanut, Honey Peanut, Chocolate Hazelnut, Almond, Chocolate Almond, Honey Almond and Maple Almond. They only use the best, locally found ingredients in their products and they strive to keep their batches small and quality high. At Justin’s they work with integrity and only agree to work with companies who share the same moral grounds. They aim to keep their carbon foot print low and are always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly.

As far as their products go, they are amazing. I found their Chocolate Hazelnut Butter at Kings and bought it immediately with 2 apples. To die for. If you like Hazelnut and Chocolate. You can spread it on anything from waffles to fruit. It is a great way to get  your chocolate fix, plus you get a bunch of healthy fats from the nuts. Justin’s nut butters are not too sweet and not too salty, the balance is perfect and you can really taste the ingredients. Plus the people who work for Justin’s all seem to be super cool, the kind of business we can all feel good supporting 🙂

Justin’s Nut Butter, A Whole Nutter Experience.


Justin's Nut Butter Family

Justin's Family Of Nut Butters.

Tasty Treats Review: Koa Koa Frozen Yogurt.

10 Dec


Koa Koa Offers Delicious, Fat Free, Healthy Frozen Yogurt.

I love frozen yogurt, the late 80’s and early 90’s were the time of my life. Frozen yogurt was EVERYWHERE. TCBY ruled the scene and frozen yogurt was just the ‘in’ thing. Then all of a sudden it was gone. Poof. Trend over. Frozen yogurt dead. TCBY’s boarded up and turned in 7-11’s. That was a sad time for me 😦

For many years I could not find a place to get frozen yogurt but now I am seeing a changing trend that I like. TCBY is making a comeback, places like Pinkberry have popped up and a new little place called Koa Koa is making its presence known here in Jersey. With two locations in N.J. (Hoboken and Ft. Lee) Koa Koa stays in line with the ‘serve yourself’ trend of the times. I personally LOVE this trend and am happy to go to place where I can create my own nonsense then pay by weight. The Koa Koa we go to is in Ft. Lee, it is clean, quiet and delicious. They usually have about 12 different flavors you can choose from. Most only have 100 calories per serving and all of the flavors are fat free, which is killer. The only downfall will be the sugar but at only 100 calories per serving the sugar content cannot be that high and bear in mind sugar naturally occurs in milk. There is usually at least 7 grams of sugar in one serving on milk f.y.i.

Koa Koa tends to have great flavors like cookies and cream, tart, peanut butter, mango, pistachio, pumpkin, Irish mint and my personal favorite red velvet cake. All of their yogurt is made fresh daily and it all contains the beneficial bacteria that ‘real’ yogurt contains. My boyfriend and I have had most all of the flavors and have never come across one we did not like. They also offer a ‘do it yourself’ toppings bar where you can top you fro yo with anything from Swedish Fish and Captin Crunch to Fresh Strawberries and Pineapple. There are several places in sit in the store and they also offer lids so you can take it to go. Koa Koa absolutly has a quality product.

http://http://www.koakoayogurt.com/index.html Koa Koa Website.

Koa Koa In Ft. Lee New Jersey.

My Daily Date With LÄRA.

4 Sep
mmmmm delicious

Image via Wikipedia

I actually mean that literally, now that I think about it, since my beloved LÄRABARs are all made with a base of delicious, filling dates. Dates are naturally high in fiber, low in fat and a good source of carbs. They are a very versatile fruit and this bar showcases that. LÄRABAR  is considered to be an all natural, gluten free, vegan, kosher, soy free ‘energy bar”. I eat one everyday and know once you try one you will do the same 😉

As I stated, the base of every flavor LÄRABAR is dates. All bars contain walnuts and/or almonds, so if you are allergic to nuts this bar is not for you. Unsalted Cashews, Cinnamon, Unsweetened Coconut, Unsalted Peanuts, Unsweetened Cherries, and Apples are all also common ingredients in this little power house of a snack. The bars are on the small side, but they are filling due to an average 4-6 grams of fiber and 4-6 grams of protein. Most bars hover around 200-220 calories and contain a nice amount (4-6 grams) of ‘good fats’ such as mono and poly unsaturated fats. Even if there is some saturated fat in there it will be naturally occurring, so it’s nothing to worry about.

LÄRABARs are 1 full serving of fruit so they make a great in-between meal snack, and since they are individually wrapped they are an easy on-the-go, healthy option. I always have at least 3 stashed in my glove compartment, and another 2 in my purse. They come in delicious flavors like Apple, Cherry, Key Lime and Coconut Cream Pie. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Tropical Fruit Tart. Cinnamon Roll. Banana Nut Bread. Peanut Butter Cookie. Cashew Cookie. I have seen so many flavors I cannot even remember, but the most common ones you will come across are most likely Cherry and Apple Pie. When we were in Hawaii earlier this year, I saw SO many different flavors of LÄRABAR. I even found a Chocolate Mint from there JŎCALAT series in Hawaii, and it was great! I have yet to see  JŎCALAT here in my area, but if you see it and your a chocolate person do yourself a favor and try it 😉

You can find them at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. I have also seen them at Target in boxes of 5 for under $6.00 (which is a really good price considering I have spent almost $3.00 a piece for one in Manhattan). They are also at The Vitamin Shoppe and every health food store I go in. The health food stores tend to have the best selections. I also know that these bars taste great warm. This summer was killer, so my glove compartment cooked me up some delicious Apple Pie LÄRABAR 😉 Now that I think about it, a warm Apple Pie LÄRABAR with some vanilla Greek yogurt may taste amazing. If you try it let me know how it goes.

Here’s LARA…


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