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All Beats. No Meats.

14 Oct

The Legendary Gza With The Legendary Rza Who Is Also A Vegetarian.

My heart belongs to hip hop. Ever since the late 80’s hip hop worked its way into my being and has held one of the top spots since then. I personally don’t like the garbage on the radio today, this is not hip hop. This is…noise. One of the most prolific hip hop albums of all times is 1995’s ‘Liquid Swords’ by Gza. I dare you to find a more perfectly produced hip hop album. When that record dropped it just blew our minds, ‘Off The Hook’ was the exact term I used the first time I heard the title track ‘Liquid Swords’. It literally peeled back my gourd and still does when I bump it. But at this point in time what’s blowing my mind is the fact that the almighty Gza is a VEGETARIAN. WHAT?!? You all have no idea how happy it makes me when I find out the people I admire the most in the world are veg heads πŸ™‚

The Gza’s road to vegetarianism was a long time coming. He stopped eating pork in 1977. Beef in 1989 and by 1996 he stopped eating anything dead. Being aware and well read, Gza knows that meat is highly contaminated and full of hormones and toxins. He wants none of that in his body. He thinks it was a piece of chicken that turned him off meat forever and he seems to have no regrets about it. Since 1996 he has gone through phases where he also stopped eating dairy, he currently only eats cheese sometimes and it has to be organic and locally sourced. He has also taken a more raw approach to eating which is why he now loves visiting L.A. because there are so many raw food restaurants. And although he stopped eating meat rather young he wishes he was raised a vegetarian and that he never ate meat. He believes that being vegetarian is not only the best thing for your health but for your conscious and your morals. We have to agree with you on all 3 points, G. Thai and Indian top Gza’s list of his favorite foods and he is also not afraid to eat some raw pizza πŸ˜‰

Not one to shy away from reality, Gza has been known to play DVD’s for his friends that shine a not so positive light on meat-eating and all it entails. So far it has worked because 4 of his fellow Clan members are vegetarian, none of them eat pork and he has heads asking him to get him ‘those DVDs’. I honestly didn’t need anymore reasons to love Gza but I guess I got them anyway.

So here is a big ups from Veggie Fitness to Gza, if you dare to ‘scratch underneath the surface’ you never know what you will find. Who would have ever thought members of the Wu Tang Clan rolled out veg style???

http://eater.com/archives/2010/07/23/gza-lyrical-genius-wu-tangs-raw-food-guru.php Gza Vegetarian Interview.

One Of The Greatest Hip Hop Albums Of All Time.

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