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Back, In Black.

2 Nov

Greetings and Salutations my fellow Veg Heads!!!

So I am back, we are back, this blog is back. And if you know me than you know it’s always back in BLACK πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I hope everyone has had a great year and a half, I hope everyone is still chuggin’ along on the veg path or the path to becoming a veg head.

I have so much to share, lots of amazing new veg food products have hit the market, tons of new vegan restaurants have dotted the once barren landscape of vegan eats and fitness levels have never been higher.

After all this time I will be coming at you with pure facts as to the long-term effects of a plant-based diet. I am entering my 8th year as a veg head and things have never been better. I look better, feel better and live better.

I cannot wait to embark on the second leg of our journey together.

Veggin’ out and taking names.

Stay Tuned and Stay Chizzle,



New York City Vegetarian Food Festival. March 2-3, 2013.

27 Feb

It is all going down this weekend in NYC, the 3rd Annual Vegetarian Food Festival will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm…


Get All The 4-1-1 Below…

http://nycvegfoodfest.com/ Vegetarian Food Festival Homepage.

What’s Up With Your Karma?

8 Jan

A couple years ago I saw a car with a bumper sticker on it, the bumper sticker was this…


I bring this up today because lately I have been thinking about karma. Like the other day while I was driving in my car alone, I thought out loud, ‘What if you came back in your next life as a stray cat?’ The thought sent chills down my spine because in my opinion, stray cats and cows have the WORST lives EVER. I actually stopped for a second to imagine my soul being in the body of a cold, starving, scared stray cat or a cow who is en route to slaughter. It brought tears to my eyes to be honest.

I do not claim a religion but I do own my Spirituality. I FIRMLY believe in karma, I see it taking foot everyday in my life. Ever since I was young I truly felt my life was nothing but a karmatic adventure. A constant push and pull, that would all stop when I finally decided to do the right thing. And once I did, I saw that my karma was beautiful and my life was blessed. Why? Because I stopped eating animals and chose to bond with the planet and it’s furry friends. I stopped contributing to the suffering of other souls and in turn, it freed my soul.

I am not trying to be dramatic, the lows I have seen are unfathomable to most but as I look back, maybe I was my own worst enemy? Maybe since I was causing so much suffering, it was only right the Universe gave it back to me? How could I just roll along in life failing to realize that I was putting dead bodies and dead souls into my LIVING body? Who knows, but I do know, I am glad it is over.

I am starting to think that there is a underlying reason as to why vegetarians just feel better and it is simply because their souls are not tortured by the food they eat. Everything we take into our bodies has it’s own energy. How can we expect positive energy to come from something that was abused and tortured while it was alive and is now being served to us, dead? It is impossible, it will never happen. Why do you think a diet heavy in meat kills? Karma much?

With all of this said, is it time for you to take a good look at your life, your pain and your karma?


Restaurant Review: SuTao Cafe.

24 Dec


SuTao Cafe was a surprise of all surprises. I was visiting my sister and went out to grab some food, saw a sign for a Subway and figured that would work. Once I got out of the car and took a look at the strip mall sign again I realized there was a VEGETARIAN restaurant like 4 doors down. So needless to say, Subway lost and SuTao showed us that we indeed, won.

This gem of a restaurant has been named ‘Best of The Main Line’ and ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurant’ by Fox29. They deserve both those votes because what we were served was so healthy and so tasty, we could not argue. Located in Malvern, PA, SuTao Cafe has been in business since 1999. They serve up delicious, vegan, Chinese food. There is no cholesterol in their food and everything they serve is high in protein. Imagine that πŸ˜‰

SuTao strives to bring healthy food that tastes good to the masses, they educate their patrons about the health benefits of eating plants, on their menu’s. They let people know that things like heart and liver disease as well as high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes, all come to be through a bad diet. I find this to be very unique and I wish more vegetarian places would let people know this. Just reading those facts could change someones life forever.

Now to the food. Wonderful. Fresh. Tasty. And authentic. The menu is very extensive and they offer both a lunch and dinner buffet as well as a full menu. They have a mock version of everything you could ever want and yes, they even offer vegan ice cream. I opted for a lunch special of sweet and sour chicken, it came with soup or a salad and it was so good. The portion size was great and the food was just off the charts. SuTao was the best surprise I have had in a while.

SuTao Cafe. Great Valley Shopping Center. Corner of Rt. 401 and Rt. 30. 81 Lancaster Ave. Malvern, PA. 19355. Hours Of Operation: Monday-Thursday: 11:30-9:30. Friday-Saturday: 11:30-10:00. Sunday: 12:30-9:30.

http://sutaocafe.com/ SuTao Cafe


New Year. New You Health Fest. Janurary 11-13, 2013.

8 Dec


What better way to start the new year than a long weekend in Texas surrounded by vegan food, goodies and like minded individuals? Well if that sounds good to you than you should check out the ‘New Year. New You Health Fest.’ This is all going down January 11-13 in Marshall Texas, a small town about 2.5 hours from Dallas and .5 hour from the airport in Shreveport, Louisiana.

This festival includes EVERYTHING health and veg related. We are talking fitness boot camps, weight loss lectures, cooking demonstrations and even a chili cook off to boot. Registration is going on now and thru December 15th, tickets for all 3 days are $150. After December 25th tickets will be $200. Those are really great prices for the amount of information you will be learning/given over this weekend event.

The festival has contacted the area hotels to inform them about the event. The hotels the festival recommends staying at have all taken extra care to assure that there are vegan food options for breakfast each morning, fresh fruit, oatmeal and milk alternatives will all be on hand. Most hotels are also offering a discounted rate for those in town for the health fest so be sure you tell them who your rollin with.

If you do attend, drop me a line and let me know, I am planning on attending myself and would love to meet up πŸ™‚

Below are the links to the New Year. New You Health Fest. Homepage and Facebook page…




American’s; Overfed Yet Undernourished.

30 Nov


Here in America, the land of plenty, we have it all here from bad to good and a bit in between. So why is it that American’s cannot figure out how to eat properly? We ALL know what the bad stuff is, yet we are obsessed with it and addicted to it and the latest studies show us just how bad we have gotten with it.

Young children and elders are the two groups that eat the best here in America. The ages in between, fail, badly. Hispanics generally eat better than both blacks and whites, I credit their ‘native’ dietary habits to this. Everyone knows the rates of obesity and all other food related diseases are WAY lower in Hispanic countries so I am glad to see that stick with that. As we all know, the Western Diet is not going to help them in the health or longevity departments at all.

Out of a score of 100, 65 was the best. That was the score the kids and elders received. To me 65 is still pretty poor, but at least there is room for improvement. The questions asked were in regard to what these individuals ate on a daily basis, fruits, veggies, meat, dairy etc. Hispanics reported that they ate more fruits and veggies with whites placing second and blacks holding up the rear. The study also showed that eating habits of those with ‘more money’ were on par with those who had ‘less money’.

Overall, Americans suffer from a lack of Omega 3’s, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. We are not even talking about vegetarians/vegans, go figure right? Those who ask us how we get those things are actually lacking in them, themselves. La De Da. As well as those 3 deficiencies, Americans also lack in Vitamin C, Magnesium and Vitamin A. It is easy to see why they lack all this when you take a look at the most common foods they eat. We got whole cows milk, processed America cheese, white bread, refine sugars and ground beef all on this list. Yummy. Please, keep all of this in mind the next time someone tries to diss or discourage your veg lifestyle.

So that is a brief run down, Americans are simply making the wrong food choices. If you are one of the millions who is making these bad choices, my advice is simply, stop and pay attention to your body. A healthy body is a happy body and a happy body gets through its days with ease, easily falls asleep at night and feels good 98% of the time. You know if your body is mad at you and it is your job to make it happy. So make it happen, make good food choices:)




Omega 3 From Algae.

29 Nov

Fish Oil. Fish Oil. Fish Oil. Everywhere I turn recommendations for FISH OIL are in my face. So what’s a vegetarian to do? Take it to the algae, apparently.

See we need Omega 3 fatty acids for many reasons, from heart health to cholesterol situations, since the body cannot make Omega 3’s, it is important we do our part to up our intake. Many studies have been done showing the comparisons between the algae version of Omega 3’s aka algal oil and the fish oil version. Time and time again, the algae has shown it is just as beneficial as the fish oil.

Besides being better for the body, algae oil is also better for the planet. The way things were going, sustaining the amount of fish needed to produce the massive demand for their oil was not realistic. Whole Foods was forced to pull their Krill based Omega 3’s from their shelves due to this concern, so this is not just some random veg head spouting off.

So see, there is a happy medium. Save the planet, save your health and save the fish. Go Algal πŸ˜‰

http://www.foodprocessing.com/articles/2012/algae-dha-healthy-as-fish-oil.html Read More Here…

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