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In The Near Future : Obesity To Be The Leading Cause Of Cancer.

7 Nov


While American main stream media chooses to flood our minds with nonsense, there are some huge scientific strides being made in the cancer forefront. The most recent study I came across shows us that cancer from obesity will take over the crown from tobacco. Tobacco is currently the leading cause of cancer but the fatter we all get, the more that changes.

These days 1 out of 3 Americans are overweight and 1 out of 5 cancer deaths are directly linked to obesity. Yet less than 10% of the American population even knows about the connection between obesity and cancer. Good on the main stream media, they have us all hemmed up on the b.s all while keeping us blind to the real.

As of now 75% of Americans eat fast food monthly, almost 50% eat it weekly and less than 5% of us get any exercise. Period. That means over 95% of Americans don’t do jack in terms of physical activity. Unless you are physically handicapped, some embarrassment should be felt.

Eating garbage food has been linked to depression in children and adults, junk food impairs children’s ability to focus and learn. All this fake food we consume has made us obese and since we choose not to exercise we are only getting fatter. And after all this, it is finally giving us cancer.

The types of cancers obesity has been linked to are as follows…Breast (in women more so after menopause), Colon and Rectum, Kidney, Uterine, Esophageal, Pancreatic, Thyroid, Gallbladder and Endometrium (lining of the uterus). Further research is also showing links to Ovarian, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Liver, Prostate, Multiple myeloma and Cervical cancers as well.

So if all that doesn’t scare you into taking some ‘life inventory’ then I don’t know what will. What I do know is that we, as a society, need to wake up. We are killing ourselves via food and laziness, two things which we have TOTAL control over.

Now let’s get it together already!



Stay Chizzle,




Are Your Kids Getting Slimed?

12 Mar

So Taco Bell, Burger King and McDonalds banned it but the USDA just bought 7 MILLION POUNDS of it to feed YOUR KIDS at lunch. What the heck am I talking about? It’s the pink slime I am talking about. That nasty meat by-product, that is made from leftover trimmings, sinew and other beef parts pulled from a cow once the ‘choice’ meats are taken. Ewe. That is so foul. I can’t believe I am evening going into detail like this, it’s grossing me out and hopefully it will do the same to you because ish like this, has to stop. Now after they do all that, they proceed to wash the left over garbage with a disinfectant solution, then mince it, then blend it into your meat. It’s not even just your kid’s school lunches you have to worry about, it’s all ground beef. Actually around 70% of all American ground beef is ‘cut’ with this pink slime, so if you eat burgers then you eat slime. Simple as that.

If all that wasn’t gross enough for you, I will give you one more paragraph of pleasure for your palate. Ammonia is also added to this pink slime and then it is made into burgers. These burgers are then fed to children in schools, most carnies and prisoners. Now both prisoners and the children have complained that their burgers SMELLED and TASTED like ammonia. In turn the USDA went out and started buying more pink slime then ever before. You seriously cannot make this ish up. If you are not scared of our government, then you better recognize. Not to mention, this pink slim is banned for human consumption in the U.K. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King and the whole country of England have BANNED something that the US Government is now buying in bulk to feed YOUR KIDS.

All I can say about this is, ‘If You Don’t Know, Now You Know…’



Restaurant Review: Terri Organic Vegetarian.

27 Jul

Terri is the restaurant I have been waiting for since I went veg. A fast food vegan joint that serves up amazing sandwiches, shakes and assorted vegan goodies. Vegan donuts anyone? Well Terri has them. Along with a whole bunch of other stuff that may just blow your mind.

Located on 23rd Street on the crazy island of Manhattan, Terri is one of the first ‘fast food’ vegan restaurants I have ever seen. The seating is limited and there is no bathroom but if you are just looking for a quick bite or something to grab and go then Terri is for you. Their shakes, smoothies and juices are amazing. I had the ‘Butterfinger’ shake to wrap up my meal and I actually ate the vegan donut before my meal was done. Sorry but I could not wait any longer, that place was killing me. All of their goodies are on the counter in front of you it’s like you died and went to vegan treat heaven.

As for their sandwiches, I went with the ‘Buffalo Chicken’ and I think my partner in all things vegan had the ‘Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch. I can say with 100% confidence that we both LOVED the food at Terri. It was all so fresh, made quickly and served hot. There was a minimal wait and the staff was super happy, super helpful and super nice. My experience at Terri was 10 for 10 and I cannot wait to go back. Highly recommended, Terri is an ingenious idea, one is that severely lacking in the veg world. We need more ‘fast food’ places to get vegan food. End of story 😉

Terri. 64 West 23rd St. NY, NY 10010. 212-647-8810.

 Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-9pm.

http://terrinyc.com/ Terri Homepage.
Terri on Urbanspoon

A (Super)Model Vegetarian.

19 Mar
Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley (Pictured Here At Age 53), Has Been A Vegetarian Since Age 13.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE supermodels. I am talking the real deal glamazons from the 80’s and 90’s. Big haired, lean and trim, yet busty and curvy. To me those women had it ALL. The beauty, the body and the roles in George Michael videos. I always loved Cindy Crawford and Nikki and Chrissy Taylor but my favorite was always Christie Brinkley. I know this is because she is physically she is EVERYTHING I am not. Tall. Blond. Blue Eyes. With that California smile and surfer girl chic vibe. I always thought she looked friendly and sexy yet healthy. She always had a glow about her and at 56 years old, she has not lost it. Ms. Brinkley has appeared on over 500 magazine covers, she also gets bonus points for being in one of the greatest movies of all time, National Lampoons Family Vacation 🙂

At the age of 13, Christie decided she was going to become a vegetarian, she then got her whole family to become vegetarians. She has actually NEVER eaten at McDonalds before or most fast foods for that matter, since she was a vegetarian before fast food became the ‘All American Staple’.  Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are what Brinkley credits her amazing physique to. She aims to eat as many colors as she can each day and she admits to working out regularly on her ‘Total Gym’. Christie believes that her strength training is what keeps her from getting injured. She also likes to do yoga and stretching, and spends a lot of time tending to her organic garden. On top of being a vegetarian, she also works as an animal rights activist and has done work with the animal rights organization PETA. She has also spoke out about the abuse and mistreatment of circus animals that perform at the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus.

Her typical daily diet consists of yogurt with berries, oats and some nuts or seeds for breakfast. A huge colorful salad for lunch with beans, nuts and/or avocado, seeds, tomato etc. And for dinner she says she usually has a pasta dish (a girl of my own heart) that starts with a pan and some garlic and olive oil. She likes to add broccoli rabe, beans or any other veggies that she is in the mood for. Ms. Brinkley also admits to loving chocolate chip ice cream and rich dark chocolates. Sounds like a healthy and balanced diet to me 😉

Thank You Christie For Showing Us Your Beauty Is More Then Skin Deep.


http://cookeatshare.com/recipes/christie-brinkley-s-vegetarian-white-bean-soup-118937 This Is A White Bean Soup Recipe Of Hers.

Here She Is Rockin' The 80's Fitness Look. Loves It!!!

Restaurant Review: Loving Hut.

25 Feb

Loving Hut Vegan Restaurants.

So we finally made it to Loving Hut in Ledgewood, N.J. It had been on our ‘Go To’ list for a while and we finally made the drive and it was well worth it. We decided to go on a Sunday and their website said they opened at 12 noon, we get there at 1pm and see that it does not open until 3pm. Ugh. Luckily there was a Vitamin Shoppe close by and a Petco also,two places we always seem to need stuff from so we managed to kill the time with ease.

We came back right after 3pm and they were open, we were the only ones there and the waitress was super, super nice. The restaurant is very plain and white, sterile looking. I did not mind because at least I could see that everything was clean. They have a huge, awesome fish tank full of super cool looking fish and a whole bunch of books you can borrow to read while you eat. They also have free Wi-Fi and have set the place up so it is comfortable to spend time there. We started with appetizers, the Summer Rolls and the Golden Nuggets. The Summer Rolls were super good and fresh, the peanut dipping sauce really brought it all together since the roll itself does not have any spices just rice paper, rice noodles, carrots, basil and tofu. The Golden Nuggets were their version of Chicken Nuggets. They were good, not the best I have had but far from the worst. They had a nice texture and were not oily or heavy. The sweet and spicy dipping sauce that came with them was really good.

For my main dish I choose the Golden Charm which is a flash fried soy protein that is seasoned with Lemongrass, red, jalapeno and green peppers and is served with a sweet and tangy sauce. It came in a big bowl with the most delicious rice ever, it was the same delicious rice they served at Yuan in Montreal. The portion was huge and even though I loved it I did not finish it. I thought the protein was the prefect texture and had a great flavor. Everything was fresh and healthy tasting. I loved it. My boyfriend went with the Crispy Chipotle Burger, the waitress said this was their most popular item. Now I know why. Maybe one of the best things we ever tasted. It was a flash fried battered soy protein cutlet topped with lettuce, tomato,  guac and spicy chipotle mayo. Served with a side of sweet potato fries. It was amazing, the fries were perfect too. I can see why it is so popular, it is a very easy thing for a carnie to eat and not miss the meat. Even though I was full we had to have dessert so we split a piece of their chocolate cheese cake. It was great just like the meal was. There was no tofu/soy taste to the cheese cake part of the pie, it was creamy and sweet but not overpowering. It was topped with a thick, delicious layer of chocolate. I could have not asked for anything more 🙂

Loving Hut was awesome. It is a chain and there are 120 of them world-wide from the USA to Singapore to Vietnam. Every restaurant has a different menu, some things are the same but some are not. Every Loving Hut is 100% vegan. They are expanding at a pretty rapid pace which is good news, so look for one opening near you!!!

http://lovinghut.us/ Loving Hut U.S. Site.

Loving Hut on Urbanspoon

The Delicious Summer Rolls Appetizer.

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