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Dear ‘Ethical Meat Eater’, Just Stop It.

12 Dec


Dear ‘Ethical’ Meat Eater,

Does it matter if the dead animal you are eating was factory farmed or free range?


What you are eating is DEAD. No matter how it was raised it was KILLED. So you could EAT IT.


Does that dead piece of bloody flesh care whether it got to graze in a friggin field or whether it was abused in a factory farm?


That animal is already dead cuz of your blood lust so if you think you are all ‘ethical’ cuz it WAS ‘free range’…


Stay Chizzle,





13 Feb

freerangers 3

Freerangers is an awesome vegan shoe, belt and accessory maker based in the U.K. All of their offerings are not only cruelty free but handmade as well. What strikes me the most about Freerangers is how diverse the ‘attitude’ and ‘style’ of their pieces are. There truly is something for everyone.

Their extensive catalog of offerings are all for sale on the net. And yes they do ship to the US. I emailed them to ask if they did and got a super kind reply. I now look forward to placing my order with them. I love handmade, vegan anything, and hand-made vegan fashions are not so easy to come by.

Since everything is made to order, by hand, they do take a bit longer to ship. Keep this in mind if you are planning to buy someone some Freerangers fashions as a gift. Men, women and children are all covered, cruelty-free so get to shopping below…



Jaan J.

17 Sep

The world of mens vegan fashions is really getting robust and well rounded. As a vegan man, there is officially nothing holding one back from looking good while being cruelty-free. Jaan J is helping to add to this awesomeness with their luxury vegan neckties. Jaan J replicates the look and feel of a silk tie but while using satin, since silk is not vegan because requires the killing of silk worms and is an animal by product, this company picks up where mother nature left off.

Jaan J. offers traditional ties, custom ties, bow ties that are pre tied or self tied as well as skinny ties. There accessories line includes tie clips, necklaces, cuff links, lapel pins and pocket squares. Their offerings are all beautiful and the company themselves have been awarded the ‘Proggy Award’ by PETA for creating such beautiful, cruelty-free ties. Jaan J is also an active supporter of Human Society. They are a good company all around.

They are currently have a tie sale, $20 ties, no returns, no exchanges. Peep it below…

http://www.jaanj.com/ Jaan J. Homepage.

Threads For Thought.

23 Apr

Threads For Thought is a sustainable clothing company owned and operated by the husband and wife duo of Eric and Leigh Fleet. Using sustainable materials and ethical factories to make their clothing are just some of the ways Threads For Thought shows it love for people and our planet. Working with charities is another passion of theirs and they are actively involved  both the IRC and the NRDC who are both known for their contributions to humanitarian and environmental issues.

On top of all this good stuff, Threads For Thought uses only low impact dyes, organic cotton and polyester made from recycled water bottles. They even purify then reuse the water that they use to dye the clothing in. Eco-Friendly to the max. Threads For Thought makes both men and women’s clothing and they make a bit of everything from dresses to t-shirts. They do offer a couple of pairs of silk shorts which are not considered to be vegan but other than that they are golden 🙂

http://www.threadsforthought.com/ Threads For Thought Homepage.


14 Apr

Ecover is a U.K. based cleaning product company who makes all green cleaning products that are not tested on animals. Developed in their own state-of-the-art factory, Ecover products show the public that there is no need to compromise when it comes to getting clean in a green way. With a mission grounded in sustainability and a general concern for the planet and it’s future inhabits, Ecover not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Respect, Integrity and Community are the foundation of the Ecover company.

Ecover takes every step of the production process into consideration before developing a product. From the sourcing of the raw materials to the bio-degradation of the final product, Ecover has it all covered. With over 30 different home cleaning goods to choose from by Ecover, there is no reason to have to harm your health, the planets health or any animals during your cleaning sprees 🙂

http://ecover.com/gb/en Ecover Homepage.

The Big Skinny Wallet.

4 Apr

Is there anything more annoying than a huge over-stuffed wallet in your purse or pocket? Ugh. I truly loathe when my wallet looks like a stuffed sausage and I am sure most of you will agree with me. So apparently we are not the only ones who feel this way which lead to the invention of ‘The Big Skinny Wallet’. This wallet can hold as much as your standard leather wallet but will take up 50-70% less room. You can hold up to 25 cards plus cash and there is even a ‘Super Skinny’ that holds up to 40 cards and cash. Needless to say, you will be able to fit what your looking to carry around.

The best thing about The Big Skinny Wallet is that it is 100% vegan, no animal products are used in any form to make these wallets. And not to mention the owner/inventor is vegan himself, so you are supporting a fellow veg head when you buy a Big Skinny. There are lots of colors to choose from and many different textures to boot and they are all waterproof. Everyone who rocks one of these wallets cannot help but to rave about them 🙂

Get The Skinny Below…

http://www.bigskinny.net/ Big Skinny Homepage.

Beyond Skin.

19 Mar

Beyond Skin is a rad vegan shoe company that was started in 2001 and is based in the U.K. What started as a solution to the problem ‘no cute vegan shoes’ is now a booming, awarding winning, compassionate business. All of Beyond Skin’s shoes are made in Spain and they use a unique eco and animal friendly material from Italy called, Dinamica to make many of their shoes. Dinamica is made from 100% post consumer recycled bottles. Pretty neat, huh?

When it comes to buying yourself a pair of Beyond Skin kicks you can order them right off their website and yes they do ship all over the world 🙂 Now if you are not an internet shopper then you can find them here in the States at Sudo Shoes in Arlington, Maryland or at Cow Jones Industrials Vegan Boutique in Chatham, New York. All other locations are elsewhere such as Germany, Greece, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Canada. Not to mention the many places they are carried in the U.K.

Go Beyond Skin…

http://www.beyondskin.co.uk/ Beyond Skin Homepage.

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