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It’s A Queens Thing.

30 Nov


Queens, New York holds a special place in my heart, in fact I know for fact that I am who I am because I lived, worked, loved and breathed in Queens. Jersey made me but Queens molded me.


So when I read that PS 244 in Queens was the first public school in the US to go full veg, it made my lips smile and my heart sing.

What started as a 3 day a week experiment has now turned into a full-time situation. All meals served at PS 244 are vegetarian and the kids are down. In fact they took it from a 3 day menu to a 5 day menu because they noticed that the children where actually gravitating towards the vegetarian meals.

PS 244 is an elementary school that deals with Pre-K thru 3rd Grade. How rad is it that these little ones are being exposed to vegetarian eating at least once a day? At school to boot. I think this is very bad ass and I applaud everyone involved. Including these kids who have shown to have stellar taste in food.

The best part of this story is that once the vegetarian diet was implemented at school, amazing results followed. Not only did attendance approve, teachers saw a jump in energy and excitement in the kids, as well as better focus and attention spans. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, their test results improved, all across the board.

In addition to their vegetarian lunches, the students of PS 244 also take weekly nutrition classes that teach them about healthy eating. In 1 semester the obesity rates of the children in the school dropped 2% and these days the children go home and teach their parents about healthy eating.

I cannot get behind anything more than I can get behind this. Beautiful all around.

Saving the planet, saving the children, saving the animals and saving some coin.

Principal Robert Groff is the mo-fo man.

And as L.L. Cool J said…It’s A Queens Thing.’


Stay Chizzle,





Meatless In New Jersey : Unity Charter School.

16 Feb

‘The Unity Charter School Lunch Program…thinking outside the lunchbox.’

Impressive sums up the lunch program and the work that goes behind it at the Unity Charter School in Morris Plains, New Jersey. I mean this lunch program is so THOROUGH it just puts any and everything else to shame. From zero waste to sustainability, this strictly vegetarian lunch program not only fills the kids bellies up with healthy food but it also educates them as to where their food comes from. From top to bottom, the effects of what we eat all get covered in this utterly impressive lunch program.

The school encourages their students to eat lower on the food chain. They are taught the effects of factory farming, the negative effects it has on the land and on the environment. They are taught about pollution and waste and learn that if they eat lower on the food chain, they can avoid hurting the planet in those ways. Sustainability, nutrition and life long positive eating habits are all taught and learned at the Union Charter School.

This years meals are provided by the Simply Gourmet, they serve up kid friendly, nutritionally sounds meals. All waste will be scraped into compost bins where it will then be used  as organic fertilizer in the school’s organic garden which doubles up as a teaching garden for kids to learn. From beginning to end, this plan is just so on point.

I have no kids so I am very much out of the loop when it comes to what goes on at schools these days. I do know that our children are establishing awful eating habits way younger and also becoming obese at alarming rates. By educating them in the fashion, in school, in real life situations and by showing them why they are eating what they are eating, can and will change the world. Without a doubt. I think this program is ingenious and I only hope more schools follow in the Union Charter School’s footsteps.

Read More Below…

http://www.unitycharterschool.org/vegetarian-lunch-program All About The Unity Charter School Vegetarian Lunch Program.

http://www.simplygourmetlunches.com/ Simply Gourmet.

New Year. New You Health Fest. Janurary 11-13, 2013.

8 Dec


What better way to start the new year than a long weekend in Texas surrounded by vegan food, goodies and like minded individuals? Well if that sounds good to you than you should check out the ‘New Year. New You Health Fest.’ This is all going down January 11-13 in Marshall Texas, a small town about 2.5 hours from Dallas and .5 hour from the airport in Shreveport, Louisiana.

This festival includes EVERYTHING health and veg related. We are talking fitness boot camps, weight loss lectures, cooking demonstrations and even a chili cook off to boot. Registration is going on now and thru December 15th, tickets for all 3 days are $150. After December 25th tickets will be $200. Those are really great prices for the amount of information you will be learning/given over this weekend event.

The festival has contacted the area hotels to inform them about the event. The hotels the festival recommends staying at have all taken extra care to assure that there are vegan food options for breakfast each morning, fresh fruit, oatmeal and milk alternatives will all be on hand. Most hotels are also offering a discounted rate for those in town for the health fest so be sure you tell them who your rollin with.

If you do attend, drop me a line and let me know, I am planning on attending myself and would love to meet up đŸ™‚

Below are the links to the New Year. New You Health Fest. Homepage and Facebook page…




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