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The 2012 Veggie Awards.

21 Aug

It is that time of the year where Veg News Magazine holds its annual ‘Veggie Awards’. Vegan companies, restaurants and designers from all over get their props from the people who love them. The survey takes about 5 minutes to do and once you are done you are in the running for a vegan cruise, a Vita Mix and many other rad prizes. Even if you don’t win a prize, know that you did the right thing by taking the time to vote for your favorite veg brands, in turn giving them more exposure and pushing our lifestyle further into the forefront.

The reason I am encouraging this on VeggieFitness is cuz we talk about sooooo many of these companies. Sweet and Sara. Matt and Nat. Liz Lovely. As well as restaurants like Green in Arizona as well as Candle 79 right here in NYC. So peep the scene, get your vote on and push our agenda even further 😉

Vote Here…

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/vegnewsveggieawards2012 Veggie Awards 2012 Ballot.


Restaurant Review: Wild Ginger Pan Asian Vegan.

26 Apr

Wild Ginger is one of the best Asian vegan restaurants ever. Ever. Ever. I am not just saying this because I think all vegan and vegetarian food is the bomb I am saying this because it is the truth. At Wild Ginger they specifically serve Asian vegan, nothing more, nothing less. If you like Asian food then you better get your butt to Wild Ginger, meat eaters too because let me tell you carnies, at this joint you will not be able to tell the difference between their insanely delicious mock meats and the ‘real’ stuff you are used to. In fact most of the reviews on the web are by carnies who went to Wild Ginger with a vegetarian friend and every single review is 4 or 5 stars. I would have to agree 100%.

After a trip to Moo Shoes we ate lunch at Wild Ginger which means we were able to take advantage of their AMAZING lunch special. We got SO MUCH FOOD for such a ‘cheap’ price (were talking NYC here so its all relative, right? lol). We decided to start with the Crispy Soy Protein appetizer which was essentially something in the mock chicken nugget category. It was awesome and the dipping sauce that it came with was to die for, it was some type of plum sauce, delicious. We then both opted for the lunch special which comes with a main dish, miso soup, a spring roll and a steamed pumpkin slice, which was sooo good. I wish I ordered a side of the steamed pumpkin it was so good. So for the lunch specials we went with the Mango Soy Protein With Vegetables in Plum Sauce and the Sweet Citrus Soy Protein With Kale. For $8.50 there was a lot of perfectly prepared food. Both dishes were incredibly tasty and fresh, the vegetables were bright and colorful, nothing bland or wilted about this food. Strictly a perfect vegan lunch 😉

Wild Ginger is a small little place with about 10 tables maybe, the staff is nice and the service is solid. The lunch special runs from 11:30-4:30 EVERYDAY. We actually caught it on a Sunday which was a surprise since lots of places do not offer the lunch specials on Sundays. Their hours are Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10:30pm, Friday and Saturday 11:30am-11:00 and Sunday from 12:30pm-10:30pm. The address is 380 Broome St. NY,NY 10013 and their phone number is 212 966 2669. They also recently opened a new location in Brooklyn at112 Smith St. (between Pacific and Dean) Brooklyn, NY 11201.

http://wildgingeronline.com/ Homepage.

Restaruant Review: Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant.

27 Mar
Guess where we ate.

Sunflower Is Literally Right Next Door To McDonalds. Ironic Or What?

Sunflower Vegetarian has 2 locations in Northern Virginia, one in Vienna and one in Falls Church. Vienna was the one we went to and we loved it. Apparently everyone does, they have won the ‘Best Of D.C.’ awards 3 years in a row so far. Situated in a ‘home like’ setting, Sunflower was quite, cozy and easy to find. When we arrived there was only 2 other people in there but by the time we left the place was jumpin.

As usual the fried ‘chicken’ appetizer was on the agenda, it was pretty good a mixture of soy and mushrooms in a batter and fried. Not the best I have had, not the worst. What was amazing was the hot sauce you get to dip them in, amazing, just like hot wing  sauce. We also decided to try the coconut ‘shrimp’ appetizer, this was my first time trying a mock fish. I never really minded the texture of shrimp so I figured why not. I was pretty surprised at how close the texture was, the shrimp taste was not as strong as real shrimp which was awesome. The coconut breading was killer, so good. Apparently this is a popular appetizer since I heard 3 other tables order it while we were there. A must try if you are every in the Northern Virginia/D.C./Maryland area.

I decided to try the vegan veggie burger, there was a vegetarian option but I opted for the vegan one. We also tried the salad with veggie burger on it, that was huge and thoroughly enjoyed but my vegan veggie burger was better. The vegan veggie  burger at Sunflower is HANDS DOWN the best veggie burger I have ever had. EVER. I don’t know what it was, the actual burger which was delicious and grilled or this ridiculous sauce they slathered it in. Either way, it was the bomb and I have never had one like that before. I actually usually never get veggie burgers because I am really picky about them (surprise, surprise) and don’t like going out to eat only to be let down. I am glad I went with the vegan veggie burger here and if you are ever in the area do your taste buds a favor and get one. Sloppy but worth every shirt stain. I was looking at McDonalds next door and thinking, ‘Those people do not know what they are missing right now’ 😉

Overall Sunflower rocks, great food, great service. Can’t wait to go back.

http://www.crystalsunflower.com/ Sunflower Vegetarian  Restaurant Homepage.

Sunflower Vegetarian on Urbanspoon


This Is The Vegan Fried Chicken Appetizer With The Bangin Hot Sauce.

Restaurant Review: Loving Hut.

25 Feb

Loving Hut Vegan Restaurants.

So we finally made it to Loving Hut in Ledgewood, N.J. It had been on our ‘Go To’ list for a while and we finally made the drive and it was well worth it. We decided to go on a Sunday and their website said they opened at 12 noon, we get there at 1pm and see that it does not open until 3pm. Ugh. Luckily there was a Vitamin Shoppe close by and a Petco also,two places we always seem to need stuff from so we managed to kill the time with ease.

We came back right after 3pm and they were open, we were the only ones there and the waitress was super, super nice. The restaurant is very plain and white, sterile looking. I did not mind because at least I could see that everything was clean. They have a huge, awesome fish tank full of super cool looking fish and a whole bunch of books you can borrow to read while you eat. They also have free Wi-Fi and have set the place up so it is comfortable to spend time there. We started with appetizers, the Summer Rolls and the Golden Nuggets. The Summer Rolls were super good and fresh, the peanut dipping sauce really brought it all together since the roll itself does not have any spices just rice paper, rice noodles, carrots, basil and tofu. The Golden Nuggets were their version of Chicken Nuggets. They were good, not the best I have had but far from the worst. They had a nice texture and were not oily or heavy. The sweet and spicy dipping sauce that came with them was really good.

For my main dish I choose the Golden Charm which is a flash fried soy protein that is seasoned with Lemongrass, red, jalapeno and green peppers and is served with a sweet and tangy sauce. It came in a big bowl with the most delicious rice ever, it was the same delicious rice they served at Yuan in Montreal. The portion was huge and even though I loved it I did not finish it. I thought the protein was the prefect texture and had a great flavor. Everything was fresh and healthy tasting. I loved it. My boyfriend went with the Crispy Chipotle Burger, the waitress said this was their most popular item. Now I know why. Maybe one of the best things we ever tasted. It was a flash fried battered soy protein cutlet topped with lettuce, tomato,  guac and spicy chipotle mayo. Served with a side of sweet potato fries. It was amazing, the fries were perfect too. I can see why it is so popular, it is a very easy thing for a carnie to eat and not miss the meat. Even though I was full we had to have dessert so we split a piece of their chocolate cheese cake. It was great just like the meal was. There was no tofu/soy taste to the cheese cake part of the pie, it was creamy and sweet but not overpowering. It was topped with a thick, delicious layer of chocolate. I could have not asked for anything more 🙂

Loving Hut was awesome. It is a chain and there are 120 of them world-wide from the USA to Singapore to Vietnam. Every restaurant has a different menu, some things are the same but some are not. Every Loving Hut is 100% vegan. They are expanding at a pretty rapid pace which is good news, so look for one opening near you!!!

http://lovinghut.us/ Loving Hut U.S. Site.

Loving Hut on Urbanspoon

The Delicious Summer Rolls Appetizer.

Restaurant Review: Veggie Heaven.

19 Aug

Since I LOVE to eat I figured why not start this blog with a restaurant review… for an amazing vegan restaurant at that.

Here is the basic 411 on the joint:

This restaurant is called Veggie Heaven. I live in Jersey and I am pretty sure that anyone who lives in Jersey and is Vegetarian knows about Veggie Heaven. They have 3 locations, all in Jerz. The one I most recently visited was the one in Montclair. Veggie Heaven is 100% all natural vegetarian food, and is also 100% vegan (meaning no animal by products what so ever). Veggie Heaven is also just delicious! Their mock meat is made using an ingenious blend of tofu, wheat gluten, sweet potatoes, taro roots and a bunch of other good things. They also have specific dishes that are just tofu, or just wheat gluten, but their signature blend by far tops any mock meat I have ever had 🙂

I usually eat lots of different things when I go out to eat. My boyfriend and I are total grazers and tend to try everything. Well I tend to order everything and he tends to try it all 😉 For appetizers we started with some basic Spring Rolls, they give you 2. They are small but they are good and sometimes all I want is a simple spring roll and this is precisely what I got. The dipping sauce is really good. All the sauces at Veggie Heaven are really good. I also ordered some vegetable fried rice which is a must if you like veggie fried rice. There is something so delicious about their fried rice. Maybe its the oil they use? I don’t know, but there is almost like a heavenly glaze on it. Just amazing. Very simple tasting with sprouts, peas, corn and carrots, there is not much flavor but it is very good. We then rounded out the appetizers with an order of Chicken Nuggets. You will notice upon reading the menu that everything is referred to being the actual meat, chicken or fish which is very off-putting at first cuz your like ‘wait isn’t this a vegetarian restaurant?’ The chicken nuggets are to die for. Sometimes finger food is just all I need and these chicken nuggets won. They were tiny and crispy and tasty. They gave us a small plate over flowing with these little guys. Totally worth it if you like that kind of thing. I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s (aka the frozen food generation), so nugget type things??? I’m all over it 😉

For our main course we both got different things, which happens sometimes when we are super hungry. We usually order too many appetizers and then just stare at the entrees, but that was not the case this time. I stuck with a trusted dish the ‘Sweet and Sour Chicken’ which I find to be amazing. It is more on the sweet side really, but not over bearing. The chicken pieces are served with chunks of pineapple and green pepper. The flavors of the sauce, fruit and veggies all blend together so well that I always come back to this dish at Veggie Heaven. My partner in crime got the ‘Crispy Chicken with Fresh Walnuts’. This is another one of our “go to” dishes. Its delicious. It’s not as sweet as the sweet and sour chicken but the cuts of mock meat are the same. I find the chicken with fresh walnuts to have a very pleasant taste with a nice peppery finish. All entrees are served with white or brown rice and are big enough to share. I highly recommend sharing an entree if you are going to get appetizers. If your just going to get an entrée then each get your own.

They have hot oolong tea at the table, and they serve water with lemon. The service is always friendly, fast and great and the atmosphere is casual with an Asian flare. The menu has a lot of Asian options, but you will also find lots of other random dishes as well as basics like a veggie burgers, guacamole and taro chips, and sweet potato fries. They have an extensive vegan dessert menu from tofu ice cream to vegan chocolate cake. This trip we opted to skip dessert since we stuffed our faces to the max, but I can tell you first hand that the tofu ice cream is divine. The ‘Vanilla Almond Bark’ is top-notch. The flavors are not over powering and the texture is rich and sooo smooth. Definitely worth it if you’re a tofu ice cream fan, or if you are just curious.

All in all you will never regret a trip to Veggie Heaven. The menu is HUGE and there are always daily specials. Prices are extremely fair for the quality and amount of food. They also have take out as an option. This is a great place to go if you are just starting out in the vegetarian lifestyle or trying to break someone else in. It’s even better if you’re having lunch or dinner with a non vegetarian. They will love it, and if they don’t read the placement they will never know it’s not real meat 😉

Veggie Heaven… 631 Valley Rd Montclair NJ 07042… (973) 783-1088…www.veggieheavennj.com

www.HappyCow.net for your worldwide vegetarian dining needs.

Veggie Heaven on Urbanspoon

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