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Tasty Treats Review : Vegan Treats.

19 Feb


There is not much I can say about Vegan Treats that has not already been said. If you live here on the East Coast of the USA then you may have had the pleasure of surrounding your taste buds with their treats aka ‘some of the best vegan goodies ever made’. They should just re-name the bakery ‘Vegan Crack’ that way others will get the point. Any attempt to eat just one baked good from Vegan Treats, will be futile 😉

Founded by Danielle Konya, she set out to make her vegan treats as good, if not better than their dairy and egg laden counterparts. She has more than accomplished her goal. Crowed the winner of PBS’ ‘Feast Of Sweets’ where she competed against 50 other bakers, who all used animal products, yet she came out on top. Showing the world that not only are Vegan Treats better for the planet, they simply taste better as well.

PETA has awarded Vegan Treats it’s ‘Proggy Award’ for Best Bakery and Ms. Konya has also managed to land herself a Guest Chef spot at Google as well. Her treats can be found all over the East Coast in some of the best vegan restaurants around. From Red Bamboo to Loving Hut, everyone seems to be carrying Vegan Treats as their dessert option these days.

Personally, I have tried like 10 different things from Vegan Treats and I cannot pick a favorite. The Peanut Butter Mousse Brownie it to die for, as are all of their cheesecake options. I can safely say, they make the best cheesecake ever, vegan or not, I have never had anything like it. Everything is full of flavor, decadent and made with love.

As for stopping by Vegan Treats, here is the 4-1-1 and a link to their website below…

Vegan Treats. 1444 Linden St. Bethlehem, PA. 18018. 610-861-7660. Email: Info@VeganTreats.Com Hours: Monday: Closed. Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-9pm. Friday and Saturday: 10am-10pm. Sunday: 10-5.

http://www.vegantreats.com/ Vegan Treats Homepage.

Vegan Treats on Urbanspoon



Tasty Treats Review: Papa Ganache.

26 Jun

So my date with Papa Ganache had been a long time coming. I don’t live close to nor do I frequent the Jersey Shore so getting there was always totally out of my way. Then my parents decided to move down the shore and viola, I was to be passing right by the exit for Keyport, the town where this fabulous little vegan bakery is located. Everything they offer is vegan but they also serve up some gluten and sugar-free options. They also use organic ingredients as much as possible.

Tucked away down by the water, Papa Ganache is a vegan bakery with a heart.  Not only do they serve up some of the best vegan treats ever, they also run the Papa Ganache Project which helps at risk youths and families learn how to overcome their challenges and build upon their life skills. So not only are you support the vegan game you are also help others. When I walked in I just wanted one of everything so I tried 6 different cupcakes and some of this delicious ‘yodel’ type roll cake. Everything was better than the next, the Peanut Butter Cup, What’s Up Bunny (carrot cake) and a Mint Chocolate one were my favorites. I didn’t get around to trying the muffins or other pastries they offer but I will next time.

So if you plan on hitting the Jersey Shore this summer be sure you stop off in Keyport and grab some vegan treats for your ride. They will be moving to Main St in Matawan this summer but remain open in their Keyport location for now. Support your local vegan businesses 🙂

Papa Ganache. 25 Church St. Keyport, NJ. 07735. 732-217-1750. Open Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm. Saturday 9am-6pm. Sunday 9am-3pm. Closed Mondays.

http://www.papaganache.com/ Papa Ganache Homepage.

Papa Ganache on Urbanspoon


Tasty Treats Review: Vegan Danish Bakery.

8 Mar

‘We’re Vegan, We’re Danish and we Bake!’ Is the motto of this little gem of a shop in Thornhill, Ontario. Located about 20 minutes from downtown Toronto, what this bakery offers is unlike anything you will ever experience. Period. I had planned on writing this sooner but I have been putting it off because I honestly don’t know where to start lol. Ok. Maybe with the chocolate drizzled oatmeal cookies we ate 8 of? Or the insane chocolate chocolate chip cupcake topped with a whipped coconut icing? Gosh. That place is amazing and I am not the only one to think so. We found it on HappyCow.Com and the reviews on there were glowing so we just had to make the drive from our downtown hotel.

If you like danish then this place will be a slice of heaven for you. The danish. OMG. I mean really? It is unfairly good, so good we made it right to the front of the front door before we started to devour them. I had never had a danish that tasted like that before, it was perfection, I wish we got more but there was so much we wanted to try, we had to pick and choose. Besides danish and cupcakes and cookies there were also these delicious looking loaves of bread and lovely little truffles.

This bakery is just a small store front, there are no seats and I don’t think there is a bathroom. They also see Daiya cheeses, vegan sour cream, vegan cream cheese, soy milk, soy yogurt and some other mock meats. As well as Ami Dog and cat foods. This is really great for those of you who lead the veg life in that area, its a total one stop vegan shop in a way. For those of us who are not lucky enough to live by the Vegan Danish Bakery, if you ever find yourself visiting the Toronto area or even passing through you must stop or take a detour to stop at this place. A true gem, one of a kind 🙂

Vegan Danish Bakery. 7718 Yonge Street. Thornhill. Ontario. L4J 1W2. Canada. 905-882-1331. Closed Sunday and Monday. Tuesday-Friday 12-7. Saturday 12-6.

http://vegandanishbakery.com/ Vegan Danish Bakery Homepage.

Tasty Treats Review: Nutrilicious Natural Bakery.

26 Nov

Are you a fan of donuts? If so, Nutrilicious is right down your alley. Makers of all natural, vegan, Kosher and cholesterol free goodies, Nutrilicious’ vegan donuts are to die for. Seriously. I got lucky recently at my Whole Foods, they just started carrying these donuts there so I grabbed a ‘Yogurt Glazed’ and kept it moving. The donut was amazing, it tasted how I remember donuts tasting when I was a child. Not too fluffy or sweet, it was better than I expected.

Nutrilicious is a full-scale automated bakery located in Illinois and they pump out over 1 MILLION pieces of bakery goods each week, all vegan. This company was started by a vegan baker after they were fed up with not being able to find any vegan baked goods around. Now after 14 years they are the country’s largest family owned bakery that supplies tasty treats to the health food industry. Nutrilicious shows us that tasty treats don’t have to be bad for our health.

Keep an eye out for their products at Whole Foods Stores, local health food stores and GNC. If you cannot seem to come across them you can always order them on-line right off Nutrilicious Website.

http://nutrilicious.vfideacenter.com Nutrilicious Homepage.

Tasty Treats Review: Wildflour Vegan Bakery And Juice Bar.

15 May

Wildflour vegan bakery and juice bar is a new establishment right outside Providence, Rhode Island. It is actually located in Pawtucket which happens to be the town the movie ‘Outside Providence’ is based on 😉 Wildflour has tons of vegan treats for sale, from cupcakes to cookies and coffee, there is most definitely something for everyone there. The funny thing is that it is located right next to a Dunkin Donuts. Nothing like some ‘healthy’ competition huh? Lol.

Run by a brother and sister team, Wild Flour is the second venture into the vegan restaurant world. They are also the owners of the amazing Garden Grill which sits like 4 doors down from Wild Flour. Inspired by their mother who turned to a raw foods diet back in 1941, this duo hopes to spread healthful baked goods and positive vibes through the community in which they serve. They use as many organic ingredients as they can and never use any artificial sweeteners, use biodegradable packaging when possible and try to keep their ingredients as local as possible.

For some reason when we got to Wild Flour I really wanted a ‘Snickerdoodle’ Cookie which is odd for me cuz there is no chocolate in those cookies. So I got one and as expected it was awesome. Nice texture and very tasty, not too sugary. I am not a fan of my baked goods being overly sweet, too much sugar just seems to take a lot away from the taste of things. Of course I was super happy with the ‘Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup’ Cupcake. Chocolate and peanut butter together are like a slice of heaven in my opinion. They did a really amazing job with this cupcake, moist, not too big and a nice frosting to cake ratio.

The vibe, feeling and decor of Wild Flour are all appealing. You can sit and drink your coffee as you read a magazine, book or chat with your friends. The staff was super nice and the coffee was super strong and tasty. My only complaint was that I stuffed my face at Garden Grill and did not have enough room to try more goodies at Wild Flour 😦 If I lived anywhere near this place, I would be a regular.

Wildflour Vegan Bakery And Juice Bar

727 East Ave. Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


Hours: Sunday-Thursday 7am-9pm. Friday and Saturday 7am-10pm

Born To Be Wild.

http://www.wildflourveganbakerycafe.com/ Wild Flour Homepage.
Wildflour on Urbanspoon

Tasty Treats Review: Whole Earth Bakery And Kitchen.

14 Apr

Whole Earth Kitchen has been churning out the vegan goodies since 1978. In a city like New York where many eateries come and go, this is a big deal. On top of vegan items they also offer gluten-free goodies, oil-free goodies and wheat-free goodies. Most of their ingredients are also organic.

When we stopped by Whole Earth we were on the dessert prowl and they had a killer selection. From scones to muffins to brownies and pies, there was a whole plethora of vegan goodies to choose from. And to be honest it took us several minutes to figure out what we wanted. Since I am a corn bread junkie we decided to try a piece of that along with a brownie and a ‘snowball’-like treat. The slice of corn bread was pretty big and it was tasty, moist enough but not too moist and definitely not dry. There was a nice corn taste and it was not as heavy as many corn breads that I have tried before. Next we dug into the brownie which was also pretty big. The brownie was amazing, very moist, very chocolaty and very good. One of the better vegan brownies that I have ever tried, you cannot tell the difference between these brownies and the oily, fat and dairy laden ones. Then we finally made it to the ‘snowball’ like treat. This was a round chunk of chocolate cake covered with coconut. Since I am a sucker for all things chocolate and coconut this was heaven for me. The texture of this coconut treat was amazing, it was a bit on the mushy side, almost like a cake batter/cookie dough texture and it was covered with delicious, tasty coconut. It was like biting into a slice of heaven. Those of you who adore chocolate and coconut as I do will love this. I loved the texture so much, it really worked well with the ‘theme’ of this particular dessert and the combination of the crisp coconut pieces was perfect.

Whole Earth has a bit of everything, while we were there they had some vegan pizza slices, some vegan lasagna also a crazy selection of smoothies and fresh juices. Their smoothies seem really popular, several people came in and ordered them while we were sitting there. This place is a bit small but it’s Manhattan so to us, it is normal lol. There are a couple of tables to sit at but many of their items are perfect pick up and go items. Easy to eat while enjoying a nice walk around the city. So next time you are in Manhattan stop at Whole Earth and check it out. Choose a couple of things and see what you like best, according to their almost 100 reviews on-line, you can’t go wrong.

Keep The Earth Whole.

http://www.wholeearthbakery.com/ Homepage.

Whole Earth  Bakery And Kitchen

130 St Marks Place Between 1st and Ave A.

NY, NY 10009



Open Until 10:30pm 7 Days A Week. Free Delivery.
The Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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