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Restaurant Review: Pomegranate Cafe.

7 Apr

The Pomegranate Cafe is an adorable, mother and daughter run joint located in the Phoenix, Arizona area. This establishment offers a little bit of everything from fresh pressed juices and elixirs to delicious shakes, salads and wraps. They serve brunch, lunch and dinner and are only closed on Mondays.

My personal experience at Pomegranate Cafe was overwhelmingly positive. First off, the place is laid back, clean, open and welcoming. It is an easy place to have a quick bite or  a good place to sit and read the paper over a fresh pressed juice. The employees are all friendly and seem to be enjoying their job, this is ultimately reflected in the service they provide, which is top notch. Now when it comes to the food, Pomegranate Cafe does not disappoint. I tried several things while visiting and liked them all, a salad, a wrap and an amazing mint chocolate vegan shake to boot.

Pomegranate Cafe is a vegan restaurant but they do offer some things in vegetarian form if you ask. They offer lots of raw and gluten-free options and even if something is not gluten-free just ask and they maybe able to make it happen. And last but not least they use local, organic produce to create their amazingly healthy dishes. This place is the real deal, real food made with love 🙂

Pomegranate Cafe. 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Suite 28. Phoenix, Arizona. 85048. (480) 706-7472. Open Tuesday-Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm. Closed Mondays.

pomegranatecafe.com Pomegranate Cafe Homepage.
Pomegranate Cafe on Urbanspoon


Restaurant Review: Chocolatree Organic Oasis.

19 Dec

Chocolatree Organic Oasis is this little gem of a store/restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. Set up in what seems to have once been a private home, its quaint, cute and very welcoming. Everything they offer is vegan and when I was there I believe most of the menu was raw food. I do know that the food was awesome. Don’t be freaked out by the word ‘raw’ at this place, they do it just right and give you so many options from sandwiches to smoothies.

You can sit inside or out in their garden where they grow the food you are eating, if the weather permits. The day we were there it was a bit chilly so we sat inside. I had some amazing raw sandwich with sprouts on sprouted grain bread, it was simple and tasty just the way I like my food. Everything that was tried was enjoyed, we actually wanted to stop there again before we left but time did not permit us to do so.

Besides being a restaurant Chocolatree is also home to L.O.V.E Chocolate Company so you can pick and choose your own selection of vegan bon bons, brownies and other treats before you leave. There are also tons of snacks to buy from kale chips to crackers they have something you will love to snack on there. They also have a ‘store’ towards the back of the restaurant with vegan gifts including jewelry, wine and other nick nacks.

So if you are every in Sedona, after you get over the inital shocking beauty of it all, head over to Chocolatree Organic Oasis for a healthy and vibrant breakfast lunch, dinner or snack. It’s food and an exerience you should not miss while you are in town 🙂

Chocolatree Organic Oasis. 1595 West Highway 89A. Sedona, Arizona. 86336. 928-282-2997.

Open Daily From 9am-9pm. Every Second Wednesday They Open At 11am. Serving Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Daily.

http://www.chocolatreecafe.com/ Chocolatree Cafe Homepage.
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Restaurant Review: Green New American Vegetarian.

1 Jun

My trip to Arizona last month rocked. The people (Franny), The places (Grand Canyon and Sedona) and the vegetarian food options were just all AMAZING. It was like I died and went to vegetarian heaven, it seemed as if every town we were in had a vegetarian restaurant we could and did enjoy. The first one we hit up was Green New American Vegetarian which is located in Tempe, Arizona. This place was the ISH. For real. Thank you Chef Damon 😉

Since I am used to NYC sized restaurants, the first thing I noticed about Green was how BIG it was, there are so many tables to sit at and the vibe is super chill. It is the perfect place for a l-o-n-g lunch or dinner because there is no rush and the atmosphere makes you want to hang around. Now when it comes to the food, Chef Damon just knocked it out of the park. Vegan Po’ Boys anyone? Well don’t mind if I do, cuz I did and WHOA. I had never had a Po Boy before but I am glad that I tried one out. The mock chicken was great and the hot sauce was the bomb, topped with a little lettuce and vegan mayo and I was good to go. I also tried the ‘Rancharo’ salad which had some amazing tasting vegan ranch dressing on it that was to die for. I forget what else was tried at the table but I can assure you it was ALL GOOD. We planned on stopping there again before we headed back East but we simply ran out of time.

Along with Green’s menu that does not quit, is a freezer stocked full of vegan goodies for purchase. Cheeses, marshmallows, mock meats etc. I found it super cool that you could grab some grub and eat yet on the way out stock up on some vegan staples. There were also a few shelves of non perishable vegan treats like vegan ‘Doritos’, cookies and granola, you can buy at the checkout. This place rocked and I am so glad I got to go there 😉

GO (eat at) GREEN!!!

Green New American Vegetarian – Open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm. Closed Sundays.
2240 N. Scottsdale Road #8
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Tel: (480) 941-9003

http://www.greenvegetarian.com Green New American Vegetarian Homepage.
Green on Urbanspoon

This Is The 'Original G Spicy Po Boy' I Had. If You Like Spicy Stuff, You Have Got To Try This.

It’s All Fine And Dandies.

13 Apr
2009-06-03 - Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe Order - 0029

If You Like Marshmallows You Will Love Dandies.

I thought I would never get my hands on a bag of Dandies!!! I went to Whole Foods 4 times looking for them and they were nowhere to be found, I was just going to suck it up and order them since I have been craving marshmallows something crazy. Then during a trip to Arizona, I found them, bought them and ate them all in 48 hours. I did have some assistance but I know I could have done it just fine on my own.
Dandies are by Chicago Soydairy and basically they are vegan marshmallows. Regular marshmallows have nasty gelatin in them and now that I tasted these puppies I now learned that regular marshmallows also have no taste. These air-puffed pieces of sugary goodness are all natural, gluten-free and made on dedicated vegan equipment in a peanut/tree nut free facility. I cannot tell you how they melt because they never made it that far, we were on vacation and in the car a lot so they got devoured like that. According to the many reviews on-line, they melt just like regular marshmallows. What I can tell you is that these Dandies are awesome. They are not as big as marshmallows we have come to known, they are tighter and tastier. They have the nice sugar dusting on them and they leave a delicious taste in your mouth. They are sooooo good. I am so impressed and cannot wait to get them again and make s’mores and crispy rice treats using them.

Dandies are ”Better For The Animals. Better For You!’. We could not agree more 😉

http://www.chicagosoydairy.com/dandies_vegan_marshmallows/ Here They Are.

L.O.V.E. Cups.

2 Mar

This Is The Coconut One I Tried. Amazing.

By just skimming through this blog you will see how much I love chocolate. This next product does not stray from my love of chocolate at all. I found these raw, vegan, organic cacao cups that are made in Sedona, Arizona at Whole Foods last week and I knew right away they were going to be something special.

L.O.V.E means Live Organic Vegan Euphoria, that pretty much sums their cacao cups up. Since there are only 2-3 ingredients in these cups you get to taste actual organic cacao simply sweetened with organic agave nectar. Since they use 62-77% cacao this treat is very high in anti-oxidants, they are low on the glycemic index since there is no sugar sweetening it and they are gluten-free. They are also considered to be raw because they only use low heat processing techniques to better preserve the nutrients in the cacao. L.O.V.E. produces their products at their own facility that does not process peanuts, soy, gluten, dairy or GMO’s. Their packaging is also biodegradable and compostable.

I picked up all 3 kinds they had at Whole Foods, a straight dark cacao one, a coconut one and pecan one. So far I have eaten the coconut one and it was very good. It is like an actual chunk of cacao, nothing like any other chocolate I have had. They manage to use the perfect amount of agave for sweetness, you cannot even taste the agave and I would even venture to say these cups are not even that sweet. Just enough sweetness to cut the bitterness of cacao. To me it tasted like a very healthy way to eat chocolate and with 6 grams of fiber it actually filled me up a bit.

Highly Recommended For So Many Reasons.

http://www.chocolatesuperfoods.com/ Homepage.

Chocolate Superfoods

1595 West SR 89A

Sedona, AZ 86336


Sedona Arizona

Chocolate Super Foods Is Located In Beautiful Sedona, Arizona.


Heifer International.

23 Dec

Heifer International.

‘Tis the season to be shopping…

I am a very poor holiday shopper. I never know what to get anyone. Plus I live in the most densely populated part, of the most densely populated state, in America. It is not holiday shopping here. It is straight up war. Every man for himself, battling for the last products on the shelf. And since I never know what to get anyone I just kind of stand around, take up space and get in the way. Which is not a good look. My boyfriend and I stopped to choose a gift card in line last night and we turned around for 1 second and some guy was already cutting in front of us. Where’s the ‘Holiday Spirit’ in that 😉

I have never given a gift of hope as a gift to someone. Meaning I have never say, made a donation to a charity in lieu on my mother, brother, sister etc. This is something I hope to change in the future, a specially since this catalog arrived in the mail from Heifer International. What this organization does is pretty amazing, unique and life changing. Heifer International provides goats, chickens, cows, honeybees, llamas, sheep, buffalos and/or gardens to families in need. The whole idea behind this is to keep on giving. Let’s take a cow for example. The cow produces milk which in return helps a family eat better, they also use the milk to make yogurt and then sell the rest of the milk for profit. Since a cow can have one baby a year, the baby is then passed on to another family within their community. Then that family will get out of the cycle of hunger and poverty with their gift and will pass their cow’s baby onto another family. This program not only strengthens individual families, it helps the whole community by passing on the gifts we give.

Along with these gifts, Heifer International also teaches these families how to care for their animals, how to properly farm their lands and how to maximise their profits from the gifts that they get. It is truly amazing what five chickens can do for a family of four and then in return for the whole community. The prices of these gifts are also extremely affordable. For example, $60 can get a family tree seedlings, they are taught how to keep their plots of land healthy, how to keep the soil renewable for future generations and how to naturally fertilize their land. Bear in mind the trees they are replacing are all trees in forests that have been destroyed because of human doing. People live in those rainforests we log in South America. The forests of Cambodia are finally starting to be rebuilt after the horrible reign of the Khmer Rouge because of organizations like Heifer International.

Giving sheep to a family in Arizona can help them to become self-sufficient by producing wool, a family in Arkansas can be on the road to self-reliance with just two pigs. So next time, before you stress yourself out about another holiday gift, think about giving something like this. A gift that keeps on giving.

http://www.heifer.org/ Website.

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