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Dear ‘Ethical Meat Eater’, Just Stop It.

12 Dec


Dear ‘Ethical’ Meat Eater,

Does it matter if the dead animal you are eating was factory farmed or free range?


What you are eating is DEAD. No matter how it was raised it was KILLED. So you could EAT IT.


Does that dead piece of bloody flesh care whether it got to graze in a friggin field or whether it was abused in a factory farm?


That animal is already dead cuz of your blood lust so if you think you are all ‘ethical’ cuz it WAS ‘free range’…


Stay Chizzle,




Steve Martin On Being Vegetarian…

25 Nov


“When I see bacon, I see a pig, I see a little friend, and that’s why I can’t eat it. Simple as that.”

And Steve, that’s why you are the mo-fo man.

Just Another Reason Why You MUST Go Veg This Thanksgiving…

19 Nov

As if the mass slaughter of turkey’s is not bad enough, the abuse they endure BEFORE they are sent to slaughter is enough to make one cringe.Every other day it seems as if we are hearing about another case of animal abuse at these factory farms, from cows to pigs, they are all treated like crap. This time the famous Butterball Turkey Farms, got caught out there, again.

According to reports, the workers at 5 Butterball plants in North Carolina engaged in shocking scenario’s of animal abuse and neglect. They kicked and stomped turkey’s, dragged them by their necks and slammed them into the ground. What an awesome way to end an already horrible life. I mean seriously, who does this crap to another living creature? People like this make me sick.

A hidden camera placed in the farm by Mercy For Animals caught this all on tape. Mercy For Animal also caught Butterball Farms on tape in 2011, which lead to several arrests. One of the workers that was caught abusing the turkey’s back in 2011, was fined and sentenced to 30 days in jail. Mercy For Animals does not play around so big ups to them for catching Butterball Farms in the act of animal abuse, for the second time.

If you do eat Turkey as a tradition, this just goes to show the awful life that dead animal you toast over has before it ends up on your plate. Giving thanks over a dead body that has been abused and neglected  and then slaughtered is a bit deranged if you ask me. Let’s use this story as one more reason to not even go there this year. Just go Veg.


Those Golden Arches Just Got A Whole New Meaning In India.

5 Sep

I don’t eat McDonald’s and I am sure most of the people who read this blog don’t either. There are many reasons not to eat McDonald’s but instead of knocking the company I am actually going to compliment them. When it comes down to it, we cannot BLAME McDonald’s for our obesity epidemic, after all they are just catering to good old supply and demand. Most recently they have been in the news getting rid of their abusive egg suppliers,  abusive beef suppliers and striving to get more ‘healthy’ options in their restaurants. They have also agreed to do away with the breeding crates pigs are left in, so all in all, we can only hate so much on those who chose to take action. There are plenty of other establishments like Dominos Pizza for instance who have straight up said ‘NO’ about getting ethical with their animals. So maybe McDonald’s is not such a horrible corporation after all, or more the more likely situation is, with all the prime real estate McDonald’s sit on, they simply cannot afford to ignore the ways of the world and society and how they are changing. They must keep up with the times and that is why they are opening their first ever, all vegetarian, all the time restaurant in India. Boo-Ya.

See in India anywhere from 25%-50% of the population considers themselves to be vegetarian. Right now the McDonald’s over there do not serve beef or pork and they have separate kitchens for the preparation of the vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. So they are already light years ahead of whats going on over here. Sure we do not have the massive vegetarian population of India but we do have a very big vegetarian population here in America and I would like to think that it is growing everyday. By showing India that they are listening to what the want, a big step is being made. A big step in a positive direction for both us veg heads and for McDonald’s as a company.

The coolest thing about tasty vegetarian food is that non vegetarians friggin LOVE IT. I mean they get obsessed, all of my non veg friends go into a frenzy when they taste something vegan other than leaves and soy milk. That is why bringing a vegetarian McDonalds to the American masses can and will change the whole game, people will go there and order the food ‘Just Cuz’, ‘Just Out Of Curiosity’ and then they will be hooked. And I would rather have a nation of people hooked on vegetarian fast food as opposed to what we have going on now. Sure it is not the diet I am trying to encourage you all to eat but some fried food every now and then will not kill you, it makes life a little better and of course it brings a sense of ‘normalcy’ to our lifestyle. Contrary to what most people believe, many of us would love to have the option of grabbing a (deathless) burger with our friends on the go. And as soon as McDonald’s takes note, they will take over this untapped market as well.


5 Apr

FRAME stands for the Fund to Replace Animals in Medical Experiments, they are a U.K. based organization who fights for our furry friends who are brutally tested on by the medical community. FRAME is dedicated to finding alternative methods to animal testing for science, education and medicine. As we all know millions of our furry friends are killed and maimed annually, this is why supporting company’s that do not test on animals is sooo important.

FRAME stands by the 3 R’s. Replacement. Reduction. Refinement. Their long term goal of ending all animal testing is only possible by research and acceptance. Companies need to be open to finding human replacements for animals and FRAME not only tells them this but comes up with the alternative methods.

Support The 3 R’s…

http://www.frame.org.uk/ FRAME Homepage.

Rescue Chocolate.

23 Mar

Rescue Chocolate is a truly terrific company. A truly ingenious idea, one that I could not wait to share with you all!!! Based in Brooklyn, NY and started in 2010, Rescue Chocolate is a chocolate company that donates 100% of all their proceeds to help animals in need. Yes 100%. The are not messing around.

Founded by a compassionate angel named Sarah Gross, Rescue Chocolate is all handmade in Brooklyn, all vegan, all kosher and their packaging is all Eco-friendly. Ms. Gross came up with this idea after meeting a homeless pit bull named Mocha who was in desperate need of a fur-ever home. Needless to say she ended up being the fur-ever home Mocha was in search of and Rescue Chocolate was born 🙂

Rescue Chocolates offer many different flavors of chocolates and each flavor ‘stands for’ different aspects of animal rescue. I love this aspect and think it is adorable. For instance, I got the ‘Foster-iffic Peppermint’ which sheds light on the importance of fostering animals so they have a chance to socialize and gain confidence while they wait for their forever home. Where as, ‘The Fix’ tells us that the most humane way to deal with feral cats is to TNR, Trap Neuter/Spay and Release them back to their habitat where they are fed and looked after. You get to learn while you eat these delicious chocolate bars.

This is the perfect gift, it is a great company to support and in return you are supporting 100’s of other animal rescue groups who work hard everyday to save the lives of innocent animals. Rescue Chocolate is the sweetest way to give, I obviously could talk about this company forever so I will just shut up and leave you with their link…

http://rescuechocolate.myshopify.com/ Rescue Chocolate Homepage.

10 More Reasons To Go Veg.

21 Mar

Since I love telling you all why you should go vegetarian with actual facts, I figured I would tell you why this time with factual opinions 😉 Here are 10 real life, feel good reasons to go veg…

10 Fun But Real Reasons To Go Veg…

1- Because There Is Something Uplifting About  It.

Seriously, it is really nice to wake up everyday knowing that your diet has not caused any suffering to animals and has had a minimal impact on the planet.

2- Because It Puts You On ‘The Level’.

For real. You will achieve a whole other level of understanding once you go veg. Something just clicks in body, mind and soul. Once you get there you will know 🙂

3- Because It Gives You Less To Worry About.

Come on. Life is crazy enough with work,, bills, stalkers and politicians. Being vegetarian gives you less to worry about, less chance of getting sick from what you eat and face it, lots of unhealthy things are simply off the list.

4- Because You Are Worth It.

You are. I don’t even know you but your reading this blog so automatically you are cool and deserve to be a vegetarian 🙂 You own it to you to live the best lifestyle you can.

5- Because You Like To Look Good.

Face it. Veg heads look better. I can now point them out in a room full of sweaty people dancing at 2am in a loft in Toronto. True story. This guy called me out, said ..’ (he) liked my hat and that I looked like Sade.’ I said ‘Thanks, your vegetarian, right?’ He said ‘Yup’ and didn’t even ask me how I knew, we had the karmic connection and plus we just ‘looked’ like vegetarians. Thin, vibrant and sparkly in the eyes.

6- Because You Like Animals.

You do. Even if you don’t know it, you do. Could you kill a cow or a pig or even a chicken? No? Well don’t feel bad cuz neither could I. This is another perfect reason to go veg.

7- Because It Tastes Better.

Honestly, I used to hate food. I fed my body with whatever garbage ‘tasted’ good and the rest was bread and butter. Now I love food and it is simply because vegetarian food is the best tasting food ever. You will have better veg chicken then you do real chicken. Trust.

8- Because You Love Planet Home.

Loving Mother Earth is only natural. So stop breaking her heart and spirit and body with your meat-eating. Save her soul, let us live a bit longer, go vegetarian.

9- Because You Want To Live A Long Health Life.

The proof is in the pudding, we live longer, lead a better quality of life and have less diseases and illnesses to look forward to. Why fear getting older? You should embrace it with a healthy attitude and a healthy lifestyle.

10- Because Being A Vegetarian Is The Coolest.

It really is. Being a vegetarian is cool, your circle of life is full of like-minded people, places and things. I only wish I was a vegetarian since birth like my nephew Wes, he is vegetarian since conception. And his brother Trent should be arriving almost any day now, he too will be vegetarian since conception. They are going to be the coolest kids ever because they will know compassion and kindness on a whole other level. And let’s face it, is there anything cuter than 2 little boys telling you they are vegetarians? I didn’t think so 🙂

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