So Does Coconut Oil REALLY Stop Grey Hair….

26 Nov


There is so much myth, magic and truth about coconut oil on the web and in the press these days. Some of the ‘miraculous’ claims seem too good to be true and I am sure most are. Or are they not?

Let me proceed…

Last year, almost exactly 1 year ago I decided to start using coconut oil on my hair every night as a leave in conditioner. Prior to this my hair was a brittle, breaking mess due to high mineral content in my new town’s water and not enough conditioning.

I also knew that I had 3 grey hairs, maybe 2. I do not dye my hair and at age 34 I know that (in the words of Robert Nesta Marley) ‘one day ‘da bottom gon drop out’ so I was curious to see if I could stop that number of greys right where it stood.

I have used coconut oil every single night for 1 year and these are my results…

Now a days, my hair does not break and I have not seen a split end in a year.

My hair grows 2x as fast as it did without coconut oil. My hair is growing almost 1 inch a month, no joke, I just measured my regrowth and I had 2.75 inches in 3 months.

My hair also feels really clean, even when it’s dirty it still feels cleaner over all, as does my scalp.

My hair never feels dry, is way less frizzy and it’s easy to manage.

And I can now safely say that yes, I have 2 grey hairs. No, they did not go away but I can say for 100% positive, I did not get anymore grey hairs in the past year (I will be 35 in June) and I am giving those props to a veg diet and coconut oil on the hair/scalp every night.

So how does one do this…

I simply keep a jar of coconut oil next to my bathroom sink and scoop out 2 teaspoons, mush it in my hands, glob it in my hair, massage scalp for a hot minute then comb through with wide tooth comb.

Sleep on it and then wash hair 2x in the morning to get rid of the oil residue.

Then I keep it moving.

Cheap, natural and easy.

This was simply my experience over the past year.

Stay Chizzle,



Steve Martin On Being Vegetarian…

25 Nov


“When I see bacon, I see a pig, I see a little friend, and that’s why I can’t eat it. Simple as that.”

And Steve, that’s why you are the mo-fo man.

Make These : Easiest Black Bean Tacos Ever.

24 Nov


I am obsessed with this ‘I can’t believe it’s not a real recipe’ for black bean tacos. I don’t really like beans but I adore black beans and in this recipe they make the perfect ground beef replacement.

This recipe I just kind of made up, it makes about 6 tacos which serves 2 hungry adults. I get all my supplies for this recipe from Trader Joe’s because they have organic taco shells and organic black beans at really great prices and their taco seasoning mix is spicy which I love and their salsa is chunky.

For well under $10 you can have this amazingly healthy and tasty dinner in about 15 minutes.


1 Package of taco shells

1 Jar of salsa

1 Packet of taco seasoning mix

1 Can of black beans


Open beans, drain out the liquid and dump them into a pot which will be simmering over med heat

Open salsa and drain out excess liquid, add to beans in the pot.

Open taco seasoning mix, use about .5 the package, mix into pot then adjust to your taste preference.

Simmer over medium heat for about 10-15 minutes.

Toast the taco shells for 2 minutes in an oven set to 350.

Remove taco shells, fill with the goodness and then enjoy the easiest black bean tacos ever.

Stay Chizzle,


Taco Shells


19 Nov


If you have ever vacationed in the Caribbean and ventured out of the beautiful resort areas you probably have seen the completely heart breaking sights of starving, abused and homeless animals.

I have experienced this all too often. My last trip to Mexico I found myself in the outskirts of Playa Del Carmen trying to get food for a starving dog I saw dying under a car. I ran around like a nut job and ended up in a shit hole Bodega scooping up mad cans of wet dog food as the locals looked at me like some ‘Senora Loca’.

Another time while in Monterrey I was taking an early morning walk and met a homeless, sick starving Chihuahua. We kicked it for hours, I brought him back to my hotel so I could feed him. I didn’t bring him inside just into the parking lot and I was asked to remove him at once. It was heart breaking. I cried for months over, Alto, that is what I named him.

I have seen the same awful sights in Dominican Republic and Jamaica and lots of other travelers have as well. So they decided to do something about it so together they started CANDi. A volunteer based animal rescue group founded and run by tourists, travelers and animal lovers that aims to clean up the stay dog/cat problem in these Caribbean nations.

This is something that is long overdue. It is wonderful and I could not be happier but it is long overdue. Americans fail to realize how impoverished these countries really are. All most of us see are the fancy resorts and the pretty beaches when in reality, the reality of these islands is nothing like that.

So yes, as a tourist and as a traveler I do feel that it is our job to help those animals in need.

Because turning a blind eye is not only wrong it is immoral. Because we are using their country for leisure even though the majority of their population couldn’t afford leisure if we bought it for them. Because when we benefit from something, it is our duty and honor to pay it forward.


Read and donate to CANDi here…

Stay Chizzle,



Luna Burger.

16 Nov

Like most veg heads, I am all about veggie burgers. And like most veg heads I am super picky about my veggie burgers. Enough with the whack veggie burgers. It’s 2014 and if we want the masses to know what’s really good with a plant-based diet then we need to bring the real to the masses.

That’s pretty much what Luna Burger did. They brought the real to the masses.

I have only had ‘The Classic’ but I can safely say it was the best veggie burger I had outside of a veg restaurant. It is of total restaurant quality and I am not shocked to learn that many veg restaurants are offering Luna Burgers as their veggie burger option.

It tasted amazing, it was big, it didn’t fall apart, it was easy to cook, it fit on a basic burger bun and it was vegan. Add to all that Luna Burgers are free of corn, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy and have no added oil. They are also certified vegan and verified non-gmo.

‘The Classic’ Luna Burger is made with Black beans, spelt berries, oats, onions, carrots, kale, beets, blueberries, molasses, garlic, apple cider vinegar, salt, rosemary and black pepper. All that adds up to 6 grams of fiber, 7 grams of protein, 40% of your daily vitamin A needs, 10% of your daily iron needs, 6% of your vitamin c and 4% of your calcium all in only 160 calories and 2 grams of fat.

Made by hand in Columbus, Ohio, they only use locally sourced ingredients.

They are the real.

Stay Chizzle,



Redmond Clay.

13 Nov


Redmond Clay is kind of a crazy thing. An O.G. thing to be exact.

Native American type O.G.

Full of trace minerals, Redmond Clay can be digested as a nutritional supplement or it can be used as a facial mask or even used to cure rashes and bug bits.

I am personally OBSESSED with Redmond Clay. No I do not eat it but I have used it to cure a rash that nothing else could manage to make better.

I have used it on bug bites.

And at this current moment, I am using it as a facial mask. Just 10 minutes and you have clear, glowing skin.

It comes in powder form so to turn it into a facial mask or a paste just add water.

I make a bunch at once then store it in a Ziplock bag in the fridge. Just taking it out when it I want to use some. I find it is easy to spread on the skin when it is cold and premixed.

Learn all about Redmond Clay and it’s million uses below.

Stay Chizzle,




If You Think I’m Pompus and You Think I’m Bitchy…

11 Nov

The title is totally meant to be read in tune with Rod Stewart’s ‘If You Want My Body.’

Now that we got that cleared up let’s clear up the rest.

I don’t know if I ever addressed the fact that I struggled with my weight and my health for a long time before I became a vegetarian.

But I did. For 27 years and 7 months.

So if I come across bitchy at all know that I am not. I have simply already walked a lifetime in your shoes.

I struggled with my weight, hard. I am 5’4′ and at one point I weighed 180lbs.

I ate HORRIBLE ‘food’ and battled depression which was only exasperated by my awful eating habits.

I drank A LOT, everyday. For years.

I did hard drugs, lots of them too. For years.

Long and short, I was a mess, my life was a mess and never in my life would I have made the choice to go vegetarian. And never in my life did I think going vegetarian would save it.

To sum it up, on February 16th, 2008 I had what some would call a ‘divine intervention’.

I was out to dinner and I was eating chicken mole at a very nice Mexican restaurant.

During dinner I got cold and felt a presence about 4-6 feet above my head, I was then delivered a message that was told to me from above. It was spoken down to me, not in my ear.

The message stated : ‘This is the last time you will ever eat meat.’

I did not hear a voice, only the words.


And woke up February 17th, 2008 as a vegetarian.

Since that day I have stopped battling my weight, my depression, my early on set arthritis (I played soccer and basketball hard) and my bad eating habits.

Obviously the hard drinking and hard drugs have flew the coop as well.

My thought process, the way I view the world, the way I view life and the way I view myself have all changed.

Changes I now wonder if I would have been strong enough to have had made on my own.

I don’t think I would have.

I don’t think I would have ‘seen the light’, I was blessed enough to be ‘shown’ it.

So that is my story and that is why I share.

Because being a vegetarian took me from a egotistical, over weight, depressed, alcoholic to a humble, blessed, compassionate and kind human being.

Which is probably who I really always was but my poor choices did not allow my goodness to shine.

Becoming a vegetarian saved my life and if sharing this helps save one more, my job here is done.

Stay Chizzle,


Ps. And let it be known that I am not what one would call a religious person.

But 7 is the God Number.

I was 27 years and 7 months old when I received my  ‘intervention’.



Makes you think, huh?


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