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Restaurant Review: Garden Grill Cafe.

29 Aug

Located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the Garden Grill Cafe is amazing and everyone living there knows it. I have never seen a vegetarian restaurant as crowded as the Garden Grill was. Sure Red Bamboo and Vegetarians Paradise 2 are crowed in Manhattan but that is because they are as big as a bathroom (gotta love NYC real estate). Compared to those tiny places, Garden Grill is huge lol. It is a big full sized restaurant. Through out my travels many of the vegetarian restaurants have been small so to see something as big as this place and places like Green in Arizona, makes me really happy. When it comes to vegetarian dining the more the merrier is defiantly the case and this county’s smallest state sure seems to agree 🙂

Even though it was a Friday night and the place was jumpin, we were still seated pretty much right away which was awesome and unexpected. The menu is a huge, extensive slice of heaven for people who love food, there is something for everyone from pizzas to salads. It is a really hard place to decide what to eat, you have to come ready to nosh because you will need to sample the goods. Well at least that’s how I roll, I want to try it all, especially while traveling because who knows if I will ever be there again. We decided on a bunch of things we would share, some sweet potatoes with bbq sauce, which were amazing, a perfect side dish or appetizer. The Roasted Butternut Squash Quesadilla was also in the mix. This too was amazing, a no brainer for me since I adore butternut squash, black beans, avocado and salsa. Garden Grill was also the first time I ever tried vegan mac and cheese and it was good. This dish is also gluten-free so it is perfect for people with allergies to wheat and dairy. To round out the table there was the simple yet  satisfying, grilled vegetable wrap made with rice and veggies like portabella, arugula and red peppers.

The overall experience at Garden Grill Cafe was positive on every note. The food was great, the service was great and the atmosphere was great. I only wish I lived closer so I could enjoy their food more often. Don’t forget to grab coffee and dessert at their vegan bakery a few doors down, Wildflour. That place is amazing too.

Garden Grill Cafe. 727 East Ave. Pawtucket, R.I. 02860. (401) 726-2826.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm. Sunday 9am-3pm. Sunday Dinner 5pm-10pm. Garden Grill Cafe Homepage.
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Restaurant Review: Terri Organic Vegetarian.

27 Jul

Terri is the restaurant I have been waiting for since I went veg. A fast food vegan joint that serves up amazing sandwiches, shakes and assorted vegan goodies. Vegan donuts anyone? Well Terri has them. Along with a whole bunch of other stuff that may just blow your mind.

Located on 23rd Street on the crazy island of Manhattan, Terri is one of the first ‘fast food’ vegan restaurants I have ever seen. The seating is limited and there is no bathroom but if you are just looking for a quick bite or something to grab and go then Terri is for you. Their shakes, smoothies and juices are amazing. I had the ‘Butterfinger’ shake to wrap up my meal and I actually ate the vegan donut before my meal was done. Sorry but I could not wait any longer, that place was killing me. All of their goodies are on the counter in front of you it’s like you died and went to vegan treat heaven.

As for their sandwiches, I went with the ‘Buffalo Chicken’ and I think my partner in all things vegan had the ‘Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch. I can say with 100% confidence that we both LOVED the food at Terri. It was all so fresh, made quickly and served hot. There was a minimal wait and the staff was super happy, super helpful and super nice. My experience at Terri was 10 for 10 and I cannot wait to go back. Highly recommended, Terri is an ingenious idea, one is that severely lacking in the veg world. We need more ‘fast food’ places to get vegan food. End of story 😉

Terri. 64 West 23rd St. NY, NY 10010. 212-647-8810.

 Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-9pm. Terri Homepage.
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Restaurant Review: Nyack Main Essentials Vegetarian Cuisine.

29 Jun

If you have never been to the town of Nyack yet live somewhere close by, you should most def take a trip there for the day. It is a cute, old river town with a  great coffee spot, great thrift store with used books, tons of places to eat and now it is also home to a great vegetarian restaurant. Nyack Main Essentials.

Using 100% all natural, vegan ingredients, Nyack Main Essentials specializes in Caribbean Cuisine… and boy it is good! We stumbled across this place and I was gassed when I came to see it was Caribbean Cuisine. I had not had the pleasure of truly enjoying Caribbean food since before I went veg, and I knew that was about to change. Nyack Main Essentials is bright, welcoming and clean. There are plenty of tables and stools to sit and eat at and there is a full juice bar with an amazing assortment of juices and smoothies to choose from.

When it comes to the grub there is an extensive menu to choose from that they will prepare but they also have a set up of ready to be served grub a bit like cafeteria style. There are 2-3 choices of protein, I got some jerk ‘chicken’. A starch root veggie like potatoes or some rice, some plantains and greens, collard, kale or whatever they have that day. My plate was over flowing with food, they offered to let us try a bit of everything since we had never been there before. The people working there were super nice and chill. The food was amazing, the spices were perfect, the plate of food was colorful and vibrant. Everything was so fresh and well prepared, it was very impressive. I chose to drink some all natural ginger root soda with my meal which was awesome, they had a whole fridge of natural sodas and drinks you can choose from.

Nyack Main Essentials was my first taste of vegan home cooking and I am hooked. I wish there were more places like this is Jersey, we are so lacking in vegetarian restaurants in this state and this is good, home cooking. A quick, healthy alternative to fast food. So if you are in or around Nyack, New York stop by this place,  grab a bite and be impressed.

Nyack Main Essentials Vegetarian Cuisine. Open Monday-Friday 9am-9pm. Saturday 10am-9pm. Sunday 11am-6pm.

145 Main Street. Nyack, NY. 845-512-8692 Nyack Main Essentials.

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Restaurant Review: Green New American Vegetarian.

1 Jun

My trip to Arizona last month rocked. The people (Franny), The places (Grand Canyon and Sedona) and the vegetarian food options were just all AMAZING. It was like I died and went to vegetarian heaven, it seemed as if every town we were in had a vegetarian restaurant we could and did enjoy. The first one we hit up was Green New American Vegetarian which is located in Tempe, Arizona. This place was the ISH. For real. Thank you Chef Damon 😉

Since I am used to NYC sized restaurants, the first thing I noticed about Green was how BIG it was, there are so many tables to sit at and the vibe is super chill. It is the perfect place for a l-o-n-g lunch or dinner because there is no rush and the atmosphere makes you want to hang around. Now when it comes to the food, Chef Damon just knocked it out of the park. Vegan Po’ Boys anyone? Well don’t mind if I do, cuz I did and WHOA. I had never had a Po Boy before but I am glad that I tried one out. The mock chicken was great and the hot sauce was the bomb, topped with a little lettuce and vegan mayo and I was good to go. I also tried the ‘Rancharo’ salad which had some amazing tasting vegan ranch dressing on it that was to die for. I forget what else was tried at the table but I can assure you it was ALL GOOD. We planned on stopping there again before we headed back East but we simply ran out of time.

Along with Green’s menu that does not quit, is a freezer stocked full of vegan goodies for purchase. Cheeses, marshmallows, mock meats etc. I found it super cool that you could grab some grub and eat yet on the way out stock up on some vegan staples. There were also a few shelves of non perishable vegan treats like vegan ‘Doritos’, cookies and granola, you can buy at the checkout. This place rocked and I am so glad I got to go there 😉

GO (eat at) GREEN!!!

Green New American Vegetarian – Open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm. Closed Sundays.
2240 N. Scottsdale Road #8
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Tel: (480) 941-9003 Green New American Vegetarian Homepage.
Green on Urbanspoon

This Is The 'Original G Spicy Po Boy' I Had. If You Like Spicy Stuff, You Have Got To Try This.

Tasty Treats Review: Wildflour Vegan Bakery And Juice Bar.

15 May

Wildflour vegan bakery and juice bar is a new establishment right outside Providence, Rhode Island. It is actually located in Pawtucket which happens to be the town the movie ‘Outside Providence’ is based on 😉 Wildflour has tons of vegan treats for sale, from cupcakes to cookies and coffee, there is most definitely something for everyone there. The funny thing is that it is located right next to a Dunkin Donuts. Nothing like some ‘healthy’ competition huh? Lol.

Run by a brother and sister team, Wild Flour is the second venture into the vegan restaurant world. They are also the owners of the amazing Garden Grill which sits like 4 doors down from Wild Flour. Inspired by their mother who turned to a raw foods diet back in 1941, this duo hopes to spread healthful baked goods and positive vibes through the community in which they serve. They use as many organic ingredients as they can and never use any artificial sweeteners, use biodegradable packaging when possible and try to keep their ingredients as local as possible.

For some reason when we got to Wild Flour I really wanted a ‘Snickerdoodle’ Cookie which is odd for me cuz there is no chocolate in those cookies. So I got one and as expected it was awesome. Nice texture and very tasty, not too sugary. I am not a fan of my baked goods being overly sweet, too much sugar just seems to take a lot away from the taste of things. Of course I was super happy with the ‘Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup’ Cupcake. Chocolate and peanut butter together are like a slice of heaven in my opinion. They did a really amazing job with this cupcake, moist, not too big and a nice frosting to cake ratio.

The vibe, feeling and decor of Wild Flour are all appealing. You can sit and drink your coffee as you read a magazine, book or chat with your friends. The staff was super nice and the coffee was super strong and tasty. My only complaint was that I stuffed my face at Garden Grill and did not have enough room to try more goodies at Wild Flour 😦 If I lived anywhere near this place, I would be a regular.

Wildflour Vegan Bakery And Juice Bar

727 East Ave. Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


Hours: Sunday-Thursday 7am-9pm. Friday and Saturday 7am-10pm

Born To Be Wild. Wild Flour Homepage.
Wildflour on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Review: Wild Ginger Pan Asian Vegan.

26 Apr

Wild Ginger is one of the best Asian vegan restaurants ever. Ever. Ever. I am not just saying this because I think all vegan and vegetarian food is the bomb I am saying this because it is the truth. At Wild Ginger they specifically serve Asian vegan, nothing more, nothing less. If you like Asian food then you better get your butt to Wild Ginger, meat eaters too because let me tell you carnies, at this joint you will not be able to tell the difference between their insanely delicious mock meats and the ‘real’ stuff you are used to. In fact most of the reviews on the web are by carnies who went to Wild Ginger with a vegetarian friend and every single review is 4 or 5 stars. I would have to agree 100%.

After a trip to Moo Shoes we ate lunch at Wild Ginger which means we were able to take advantage of their AMAZING lunch special. We got SO MUCH FOOD for such a ‘cheap’ price (were talking NYC here so its all relative, right? lol). We decided to start with the Crispy Soy Protein appetizer which was essentially something in the mock chicken nugget category. It was awesome and the dipping sauce that it came with was to die for, it was some type of plum sauce, delicious. We then both opted for the lunch special which comes with a main dish, miso soup, a spring roll and a steamed pumpkin slice, which was sooo good. I wish I ordered a side of the steamed pumpkin it was so good. So for the lunch specials we went with the Mango Soy Protein With Vegetables in Plum Sauce and the Sweet Citrus Soy Protein With Kale. For $8.50 there was a lot of perfectly prepared food. Both dishes were incredibly tasty and fresh, the vegetables were bright and colorful, nothing bland or wilted about this food. Strictly a perfect vegan lunch 😉

Wild Ginger is a small little place with about 10 tables maybe, the staff is nice and the service is solid. The lunch special runs from 11:30-4:30 EVERYDAY. We actually caught it on a Sunday which was a surprise since lots of places do not offer the lunch specials on Sundays. Their hours are Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10:30pm, Friday and Saturday 11:30am-11:00 and Sunday from 12:30pm-10:30pm. The address is 380 Broome St. NY,NY 10013 and their phone number is 212 966 2669. They also recently opened a new location in Brooklyn at112 Smith St. (between Pacific and Dean) Brooklyn, NY 11201. Homepage.

Tasty Treats Review: Whole Earth Bakery And Kitchen.

14 Apr

Whole Earth Kitchen has been churning out the vegan goodies since 1978. In a city like New York where many eateries come and go, this is a big deal. On top of vegan items they also offer gluten-free goodies, oil-free goodies and wheat-free goodies. Most of their ingredients are also organic.

When we stopped by Whole Earth we were on the dessert prowl and they had a killer selection. From scones to muffins to brownies and pies, there was a whole plethora of vegan goodies to choose from. And to be honest it took us several minutes to figure out what we wanted. Since I am a corn bread junkie we decided to try a piece of that along with a brownie and a ‘snowball’-like treat. The slice of corn bread was pretty big and it was tasty, moist enough but not too moist and definitely not dry. There was a nice corn taste and it was not as heavy as many corn breads that I have tried before. Next we dug into the brownie which was also pretty big. The brownie was amazing, very moist, very chocolaty and very good. One of the better vegan brownies that I have ever tried, you cannot tell the difference between these brownies and the oily, fat and dairy laden ones. Then we finally made it to the ‘snowball’ like treat. This was a round chunk of chocolate cake covered with coconut. Since I am a sucker for all things chocolate and coconut this was heaven for me. The texture of this coconut treat was amazing, it was a bit on the mushy side, almost like a cake batter/cookie dough texture and it was covered with delicious, tasty coconut. It was like biting into a slice of heaven. Those of you who adore chocolate and coconut as I do will love this. I loved the texture so much, it really worked well with the ‘theme’ of this particular dessert and the combination of the crisp coconut pieces was perfect.

Whole Earth has a bit of everything, while we were there they had some vegan pizza slices, some vegan lasagna also a crazy selection of smoothies and fresh juices. Their smoothies seem really popular, several people came in and ordered them while we were sitting there. This place is a bit small but it’s Manhattan so to us, it is normal lol. There are a couple of tables to sit at but many of their items are perfect pick up and go items. Easy to eat while enjoying a nice walk around the city. So next time you are in Manhattan stop at Whole Earth and check it out. Choose a couple of things and see what you like best, according to their almost 100 reviews on-line, you can’t go wrong.

Keep The Earth Whole. Homepage.

Whole Earth  Bakery And Kitchen

130 St Marks Place Between 1st and Ave A.

NY, NY 10009



Open Until 10:30pm 7 Days A Week. Free Delivery.
The Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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