So Does Coconut Oil REALLY Stop Grey Hair….

26 Nov


There is so much myth, magic and truth about coconut oil on the web and in the press these days. Some of the ‘miraculous’ claims seem too good to be true and I am sure most are. Or are they not?

Let me proceed…

Last year, almost exactly 1 year ago I decided to start using coconut oil on my hair every night as a leave in conditioner. Prior to this my hair was a brittle, breaking mess due to high mineral content in my new town’s water and not enough conditioning.

I also knew that I had 3 grey hairs, maybe 2. I do not dye my hair and at age 34 I know that (in the words of Robert Nesta Marley) ‘one day ‘da bottom gon drop out’ so I was curious to see if I could stop that number of greys right where it stood.

I have used coconut oil every single night for 1 year and these are my results…

Now a days, my hair does not break and I have not seen a split end in a year.

My hair grows 2x as fast as it did without coconut oil. My hair is growing almost 1 inch a month, no joke, I just measured my regrowth and I had 2.75 inches in 3 months.

My hair also feels really clean, even when it’s dirty it still feels cleaner over all, as does my scalp.

My hair never feels dry, is way less frizzy and it’s easy to manage.

And I can now safely say that yes, I have 2 grey hairs. No, they did not go away but I can say for 100% positive, I did not get anymore grey hairs in the past year (I will be 35 in June) and I am giving those props to a veg diet and coconut oil on the hair/scalp every night.

So how does one do this…

I simply keep a jar of coconut oil next to my bathroom sink and scoop out 2 teaspoons, mush it in my hands, glob it in my hair, massage scalp for a hot minute then comb through with wide tooth comb.

Sleep on it and then wash hair 2x in the morning to get rid of the oil residue.

Then I keep it moving.

Cheap, natural and easy.

This was simply my experience over the past year.

Stay Chizzle,



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