19 Nov


If you have ever vacationed in the Caribbean and ventured out of the beautiful resort areas you probably have seen the completely heart breaking sights of starving, abused and homeless animals.

I have experienced this all too often. My last trip to Mexico I found myself in the outskirts of Playa Del Carmen trying to get food for a starving dog I saw dying under a car. I ran around like a nut job and ended up in a shit hole Bodega scooping up mad cans of wet dog food as the locals looked at me like some ‘Senora Loca’.

Another time while in Monterrey I was taking an early morning walk and met a homeless, sick starving Chihuahua. We kicked it for hours, I brought him back to my hotel so I could feed him. I didn’t bring him inside just into the parking lot and I was asked to remove him at once. It was heart breaking. I cried for months over, Alto, that is what I named him.

I have seen the same awful sights in Dominican Republic and Jamaica and lots of other travelers have as well. So they decided to do something about it so together they started CANDi. A volunteer based animal rescue group founded and run by tourists, travelers and animal lovers that aims to clean up the stay dog/cat problem in these Caribbean nations.

This is something that is long overdue. It is wonderful and I could not be happier but it is long overdue. Americans fail to realize how impoverished these countries really are. All most of us see are the fancy resorts and the pretty beaches when in reality, the reality of these islands is nothing like that.

So yes, as a tourist and as a traveler I do feel that it is our job to help those animals in need.

Because turning a blind eye is not only wrong it is immoral. Because we are using their country for leisure even though the majority of their population couldn’t afford leisure if we bought it for them. Because when we benefit from something, it is our duty and honor to pay it forward.


Read and donate to CANDi here…

Stay Chizzle,




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