Java Jacket.

24 Feb

java logo

The Java Jacket is the O.G. Eco-friendly coffee sleeve. This family run business takes their impact on the Earth seriously, and go figure, this idea came into fruition by accident.

In 1991 the founder of the biz dropped his hot paper cup of coffee on this lap, simply because the cup was too hot and there ya go, Java Jacket was born. Colleen and Jay then set up shop in their home, using it as Java Jacket Headquarters. They proceeded to sell their product from the trunk of their car to local coffee shops. (I told you they were O.G.) And the rest is Eco-Friendly living meets hot cup of coffee to go history.

Now over 20 years later Java Jackets are all over the place, literally. There have been over 4 billion sold to date and they are going strong. Java Jackets can be made with many different designs on them, your company logo or even just plain if that’s your style. Add to that they are recyclable, compostable and made with 100% recycled materials. Obviously 😉

On top of making Earth friendly products, they also give back to their community and support many causes such as The Nature Conservatory, The Cheetah Conservation Foundation and The Portland Global Initiative.

So there you see, a Java Jacket is way more than just a coffee sleeve… Java Jacket Homepage.


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