No Lally Gaggin.

22 Feb

Andy Lally

Andy Lally is a top-notch race car driver who has manged to win the Daytona 24, 4 times and the Rolex Series, 3 times. His 4 Daytona wins are chased down with 3 second place finishes as well and he is currently the only driver who has accomplished this feat. He was also chosen as NASCAR Sprint Cup Rookie Of The Year in 2011. Andy also happens to be vegan since 2009, much to the dismay of many racing fans.

Mr. Lally always had pets when he was growing up and is very informed about his food and where it comes from. He evokes a sense of compassion that is energizing and his choice to go vegan, after being vegetarian for many years, all came down to ethics. He feels that it is truly unethical to eat animals and that if more people saw how animals were killed and packaged, fewer people would be eating meat.

Not one to wear his veganism on his sleeve, Andy keeps his opinions to himself unless he is probed. Once he is probed, he is not afraid to educate the masses. Andy is the type of vegan we need more of, humble, thankful and willing to take a little dirt for what he loves.

GO ANDY!!!! Andy’s Website.

Porsche 250 at Barber Motorsports Park, Round 2 of the 2012 Gran


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