What The Heck Is An Antagonistic Superset?

18 Feb

Antagonistic Superset. Sounds super crazy, right? Well hate to burst your bubble because as it turns out, it is not so complex. See all of our muscles work in pairs. While one contracts, the agonist, the other relaxes, the antagonist. So to perform an Antagonistic Superset we would first do an exercise that hits the agonist, say a bicep curl for the biceps and immediately after we finish our set of them, we hit the other half of the muscle pair, the triceps, the antagonist, with say a triceps push down. Make sense? You just work them back to back.

This is how I personally work out but I full body circuit train 3-4 days a week, I do not break down my work outs by body parts. I always work out in Antagonistic Superset form though. I start with my legs, hit them from all angles, dead lifts, lunges, squats then calf raises. Then I go to my back then into my chest then into my shoulders then into my biceps then triceps and I round it all out with 3 different ab exercises. I do this all the way through 3 times. It is a fast and intense way to work out that burns lots of calories and hits every single body part. If you keep it moving, as you should, your heart rate will be elevated the whole time. Plus it also saves time, so what’s not to like 😉

Here Are A Few Examples Of How It Works…

Biceps Curl….Biceps Are The Agonist…Triceps Are The Antagonist.

Seated Cable Row…Latissimus Dorsi aka Lats Are The Agonist….Pectoralis Major aka Peks Are The Antagonist.

Dumbell Shoulder Press…Anterior Delts Are The Agonist…Latissimus Dorsi Are The Antagonist.

Leg Extension…Quadriceps Are The Agonist…Hamstrings Are The Antagonist.

Standing Calf Raise…Gastrocnemius Is The Agonist…Tibialis Anterior Is The Antagonist.



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