Meatless In New Jersey : Unity Charter School.

16 Feb

‘The Unity Charter School Lunch Program…thinking outside the lunchbox.’

Impressive sums up the lunch program and the work that goes behind it at the Unity Charter School in Morris Plains, New Jersey. I mean this lunch program is so THOROUGH it just puts any and everything else to shame. From zero waste to sustainability, this strictly vegetarian lunch program not only fills the kids bellies up with healthy food but it also educates them as to where their food comes from. From top to bottom, the effects of what we eat all get covered in this utterly impressive lunch program.

The school encourages their students to eat lower on the food chain. They are taught the effects of factory farming, the negative effects it has on the land and on the environment. They are taught about pollution and waste and learn that if they eat lower on the food chain, they can avoid hurting the planet in those ways. Sustainability, nutrition and life long positive eating habits are all taught and learned at the Union Charter School.

This years meals are provided by the Simply Gourmet, they serve up kid friendly, nutritionally sounds meals. All waste will be scraped into compost bins where it will then be used  as organic fertilizer in the school’s organic garden which doubles up as a teaching garden for kids to learn. From beginning to end, this plan is just so on point.

I have no kids so I am very much out of the loop when it comes to what goes on at schools these days. I do know that our children are establishing awful eating habits way younger and also becoming obese at alarming rates. By educating them in the fashion, in school, in real life situations and by showing them why they are eating what they are eating, can and will change the world. Without a doubt. I think this program is ingenious and I only hope more schools follow in the Union Charter School’s footsteps.

Read More Below… All About The Unity Charter School Vegetarian Lunch Program. Simply Gourmet.


5 Responses to “Meatless In New Jersey : Unity Charter School.”

  1. urbanveganchic February 17, 2013 at 10:43 am #

    Thank you for sharing about this amazing school district. I want to share this post with others, but before I do, I have to let you know about a couple of errors in your post. Forgive me for being a stickler but you write, “I mean this lunch program is so THROUGH it just puts any and everything else to shame.” The word should be THOROUGH not through. You go “through” a door. Also, further down in the post you call the district Union. I believe it is Unity, correct?! Thanks again for highlighting this! 🙂 I want to share it!

    • Veggie Fitness February 17, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

      Thanks after reading something 7 million times and spell, grammar check not getting it, it all starts to look the same.

  2. The Soulicious Life February 18, 2013 at 4:07 pm #

    You made. my. day! Can’t wait to share this info my site.

    • Veggie Fitness February 19, 2013 at 4:42 pm #

      I had a feeling you would like this 🙂
      Your daughter is TOOOOOO CUTE!!!!


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