Pasta Martelli.

14 Feb


I am so not ashamed of my love for pasta. And no I am not talking whole wheat, spelt or even sprouted. I am talking bronze plates, cold water and Italy. That’s how I roll and that is why I am in love with Martelli’s Pasta or Pasta Martelli.

Owned and operated by the Martelli Family, only family members work in their pasta factory. Making their amazing pasta is a long process, it is slowly kneaded in cold water, using only the best Durham wheats. They then dry the pasta at low temperatures for about 50 hours. The result is a perfectly ‘rough’ pasta that allows maximum sauce stickage and a great toothy but not too al dente bite.

As for scoring some Martelli’s, I randomly found their pasta at TJ Maxx or maybe Marshalls. My food finds are always so random, I apologize. After much searching on the inter webs, I did find a place on line where you can order from. I have a link attached below. Their packaging is bright yellow so keep your eyes peeled next time you are out and about in a place that sells pasta. Or if you find yourself in Italy, you can contact the family for a tour of the factory and a couple bags of their penne. Whatever is easiest 😉

Seriously some of the best pasta, ever. Ever. Martelli’s Website. 



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