GoFit Women’s Xtrainer Gloves.

6 Feb


Now here are some cruelty-free, vegan workout gloves that are strictly for the ladies. They are cut smaller, fit tighter and of course have the obligatory pink stitching on them. I personally was hesitant about trying them out but they proved me wrong. These are great little gloves for lifting, body pump classes and even for cross training. They are breathable and very, very comfortable. I dare to say, they are the most comfortable weight lifting gloves I have ever owned.

GoFit is good like this, they do make gloves with real leather gripping but they make at least 2 pairs, one for men and one for women, that are vegan. I find the synthetic leather grips to provide way more grip then the standard leather ones do and the fit of these gloves is perfect for women’s smaller hands and slimmer fingers. Personally, I do not see myself ever using another type of gloves, these mixed with some wrist straps and I am good to go.

You can buy these off Amazon, as well as right off Gofit’s website. I have attached the links to both below…

http://store.gofit.net/Women-s-XTrainer-Gloves-p/gf-wct.htm For Sale At GoFit’s Web Store.

http://www.amazon.com/GoFit-WomenS-Training-Synthetic-Leather/dp/B004MF4VIQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1360158512&sr=8-2&keywords=gofit+womens For Sale On Amazon.



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