Vegetarian Diet = Lower Risk Of Heart Disease.

5 Feb


In America, almost 3 million people die each year from heart attacks and heart disease, two things that can be prevented with diet and a healthy lifestyle. As we all know, a vegetarian diet leads to a lower risk of heart disease. Doctors always had their assumptions as to why but no one ever really had a firm reason.

Now that a study of almost 45,000 people in the UK and Scotland has finished up, researchers are pretty sure they know exactly why a vegetarian diet lessens ones chances of heart disease. They are now saying that it is the lack of saturated fat and sodium in a typical vegetarian diet.

Doctors stated that there is a direct link between saturated fat intake and cholesterol production in the body. It is not the cholesterol we intake but the amount our bodies make that leads one to have high cholesterol. Eating saturated fat sets off the cholesterol production in our body and that is where the problem begins.

When it comes to high blood pressure they state sodium is to blame. They also found a direct link between high sodium intake and high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure increases ones risk for heart disease because it cuts off the blood flow to the heart, leaving them at high risk for heart attacks and heart disease.

This study started in 1993, so it has been 20 years that the doctors and researches have had to follow these people’s dietary habits. Out of the almost 45,000 people they followed, 34% of the people followed were vegetarian. In conjunction with this study, doctors also studied the effects that red meat has on the human life span and how processed meat can lead to diabetes and heart disease. They found that red meat surly does shorten the human lifespan.

The last conclusion drawn was that the doctors who participated in this study, agreed that they would not only recommend a vegetarian diet for their patients who have already suffered a heart attack, they would also start to recommend it to those patients who are also showing the beginning signs of heart disease as well.

Read more below…–abc-news-health.html



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