Childhood Obesity…There Is More To Worry About Besides The Weight.

17 Jan


Childhood obesity is a HUGE problem here in America. HUGE. I cannot even fathom how some of the kids I see can get so heavy by the age of 10. What are these kids eating and who is feeding it to them? Who knows. All I know is that it has got to stop, do we think that this is just going to magically disappear? It is not. Especially not when 60% of adults in this country are obese as well. It is like we are killing our kids before they even get a shot a life. Very sad.

If you think that being over weight is the only thing bothersome about childhood obesity then you need to keep on reading. The most recent research I came across on childhood obesity is SO disturbing but sadly, it all makes sense. Children who are obese are not only almost guaranteed to be obese adults but they will also be on the receiving end of the top American killers such as, heart disease, diabetes and strokes. This makes sense since we all know obesity contributes directly to all of those aliments.

Now lets forget about the whole ‘what happens in adult hood’ and lets focus on what is actually happening to these obese children’s bodies while they are still kids. Asthma is super common, as is daily pain and early on set diabetes. Along with those lovelies also come behavior problems, developmental issues, allergies, ADHA, learning disabilities, headaches, poor dental health, ear infections and problems with joints, bones and muscles. Basically an obese kid is a walking disaster who will never have the chance at a normal life, unless a lot of weight is lost and their lifestyle is changed.

Sure it is easy for me to shout from my glass castle and considering the fact that I have 0 kids, maybe some people would even go tell me to ‘shove it’. Who knows, all I DO know is that something has got to give. If you are a parent who pumps your kid full of junk food then lets them marinate in front of the computer and t.v. all day, you are killing your kid. Period.

If I can say this as well, I think it is pretty obnoxious to make your kid sick and then have us all take on the burden of it. You think a kid with ADHA is not disrupting his class and his fellow students? They sure are. The sick kid will also miss more school and not partake in other positive activities with their peers. In other words, an obese child, will never have an actual childhood or even a fighting shot at a healthy adulthood.

Parents, be the change your kids need, don’t watch your child suffer any longer.



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