Victoria Vegan.

15 Jan


Sometimes amazing things happen in the food world. Take for instance, your favorite pasta sauce company starting a vegan line of pasta sauces. If you’re a pasta lover please tell me, does it get any better than that? Didn’t think so 🙂

Personally, I think Victoria makes the best packaged pasta sauce. I have tried them all and I constantly come back to Victoria. Sure I make my own when I feel like it and when I have the time but let’s face it, most of us are not standing around in an apron stirring the sauce for 8 hours to be sure it does not stick to the sides of the pot. Well at least I know, I’m not.

So once one corners the market of delicious ready to use pasta sauce what does one do? How does, start a vegan line to thank all of their loyal veg head customers sound? That is precisely what Victoria did, they took note to the fact that not only do they have many vegan customers but to the fact that veganism is the new black. And if you can’t beat it then you may as well join it.

With delicious offerings such as vodka and Alfredo sauces, Victoria Vegan has made sure that those who eat veg, never have to miss out on a delicious, comforting, warm bowl of pasta laden with a ‘cream’ based sauce. They have replaced the butter and cream with soy and honestly, you cannot tell the difference. Their vodka sauce mixed with some upper tier penne literally tastes like something I have eaten in one of the many creme de le creme of Italian restaurants we have here on the East Coast.

When it comes to finding Victoria Vegan, things can get tricky. I have yet to see it carried at a major aka chain supermarket, I came across my jar at a small organic, specialty store. I know you can also order it on-line, below is the link to their site, you can get all the 4-1-1 I left out, over there… Victoria’s Vegan Offerings.



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