Super Slow Is Not The Tempo.

7 Jan


When it comes to lifting most people have their own way of going about it. Many people blow through their reps with shotty form and weak weights while others take it super slow, paying the utmost attention to detail. So what is the deal? What tempo are we supposed to be at when we are lifting? We all know super fast with bad form is a no-no but what about super slow?

Well according to recent studies, taking it slow does not pay off as much as lifting at a ‘normal’ rep pace does. A study from the University of Oklahoma took two groups of women and had them weight train 3 days a week accordingly. One group worked out at a ‘normal’ pace and the other at a super slow pace. Not only did it take the super slow lifters take 10 more minutes to complete their work outs, they also had less strength increases than those in the group of ‘normal’ pace. That is right after the end of the study, those who lifted at a ‘normal’ pace made greater strength gains then the super slow group did.

So there you have it. There is no reason for you to crawl through your reps. Get into a good groove, a nice tempo and let the weights swing. Everyone has their own personal tempo that they feel comfortable working out at. If you feel you are totally exerting yourself, you will know it. I know many of us can truly push ourselves bit more than we currently do, pick up the tempo a bit and rest less between sets. I can assure you, the changes will come 🙂


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