The Puppy Rescue Mission.

30 Dec


I just found out about this amazing non-for-profit yesterday and had to get the word out there. The Puppy Rescue Mission is a group of people who help our soldiers get their furry friends back to the USA from the battle fields of Afghanistan. It costs about $4000 to get a dog back to the US and about $3000 to get a cat back. The soldiers pay for as much as they can and then they turn to The Puppy Rescue Mission to help them cover the rest of the expenses.

Having pets on base is strictly prohibited but these men and women go against the rules to save the lives of the street dogs they come in contact with everyday. This is why we need to help them. Not only are they over there fighting an endless war, getting hurt, being separated from their families, they are also showing compassion to some of the most abused street animals, in the world. The horror stories you can read on The Puppy Rescue Website say it all. These street animals are kicked, stoned and beat to death by the Afgan Natives. They lead the most horrible existence until they are killed or starve to death.

As we all know, Afghanistan is not America and what these troops are forced to see on and off the battlefield is heartbreaking. The fact that our soldiers even put their neck on the line for these animals, shows us all how honorable and noble the great men and women that serve our country are. The least we can do is pitch in to save a couple of furry lives and in return enrich the soldiers lives as well. How great would it be for a solider to come home to his furry friend he met in Afghanistan?

So I am almost begging you to click on the link below. I know the holiday season probably wiped a lot of people out monetarily but if you have anything to spare, please consider donating to The Puppy Rescue Mission.

Read More Below… The Puppy Rescue Mission Homepage.



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