Kids With High IQ’s = Vegetarian Adults?

29 Dec


Awesome study that came out of the UK, finds that children with a high IQ are more likely to become vegetarians as adults. In fact as the child’s IQ increases, their taste for meat decreases. The mind sure is a beautiful thing.

Overall, brighter people tend to have better, healthier eating habits. This goes right along with the fact that smarter children tend to have less chance of having heart disease when they are older. Add to that they are also less likely to smoke and to have high blood pressure. This study also showed that bright children are less likely to be overweight as adults and more likely to be involved with/partake in vigorous exercise. Yes, as a whole, smart children end up being healthy, active adults and in more cases than not, vegetarians.

This study was done with 8,200 people who had their IQ checked first at age 10 and again at age 30. They found that the children who scored high at age 10 were more likely to be a vegetarian by age 30. 4.5 % of the group ended up being vegetarian out of them 2.5 % were vegan. Now this is where it gets interesting, 33.6 % also said they were ‘vegetarian’ but still ate chicken and fish. Yeah, makes no sense to me either but note there was no difference in IQ score between the vegans/vegetarians and those who still ate fish and chicken.

After all was said and done, the study showed that the vegetarians were more likely to be educated women of a higher social class. They stressed that IQ still played a major role in that outcome. They noted  that women are simply more likely to be healthy, to have a healthy lifestyle and that they equate being vegetarian with being healthy.

There was no solid conclusion drawn at the end of this study. But researches did say that this helped them to understand how and why, smart children become healthy adults with less issues of heart disease and obesity. They stay away from meat and exercise 🙂


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