27 Dec


Once you realize your gym kicks are toast you have 2 options. First, you can donate them. Second, you can recycle them. That is right, Nike and Converse have started a program called ‘ReUse-A-Shoe’. Started way back in 1990, this sneaker recycling program has taken in more than 28,000,000 pairs of sneakers to reuse.

What becomes of your recycled kicks you may ask? Several things in fact. Nike uses the recycled rubber from the soles of your old shoes to build running tracks, interlocking gym floor tiles, playground surfaces and even new Nike shoes. The cushion part is turned into cushion for outdoor basketball and tennis courts and the fabric uppers are used to make cushioning pads for indoor wood courts as well as indoor synthetic courts. So as you see, no part of the shoe is left unused.

With more than 300 shoe recycling bins in the USA, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Nike is making it as easy as they can for us all to get on the ReUse-A-Shoe train. Read more about the program and find the drop off location closest to you below… Nike ReUse-A-Shoe Homepage.



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