A La Maison De Provence Soaps.

23 Dec


These soaps are top notch. Big, lathery and awesome smelling. Add to that all natural and cruelty-free. A La Maison De Provence Soaps are the creme de le creme. An old school recipe that has stood the test of time, truly sets them apart from the pack. I am currently using the ‘Honey Crisp Apple’… amazing.

The process that they use actually cooks the vegetable oils into glycerine, yielding some of the most moisturizing soaps you will ever come across. Sticking with what they know, A La Maison only makes soaps. Bar soaps, liquid soaps and body wash and everything they make is biodegradable. There is nothing synthetic in their soaps, no parabans and no sodium laurel sulfate. All of the colorings are natural and everything is 100% vegetable based and not tested on animals 🙂

Available at many fine health food stores through out New York, Puerto Rico and most of the East Coast, A La Maison is also carried by Whole Foods through out the East Coast and as well as the Rocky Mountain area.

Read more below…

http://www.alamaisonsoaps.com/ A La Maison De Provence Homepage.



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