Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto.

21 Dec


So yeah. I don’t even really know what to say about Seggiano’s Raw Basil Pesto. Pretty much the best thing ever if pesto is your jam. I mean does it get any better than raw and vegan to begin with? Didn’t think so.

This exquisite pesto is imported from Italy and made from top notch ingredients and super special (ligurian) basil. At $10 a jar, it may seem steep but trust me, it is worth every penny. I have eaten pasta two times this week because of this pesto, I cannot get enough. It is very flavorful but not overly basil. Some pesto is just too basily and it can ruin the whole dish. No fear, there is none of that here. Nor is there any cheese as there usually is in 99% of jarred pesto sauces.

Made simply with olive oil, cashew nuts, fresh ligurian basil, sea salt and pine nuts, this pesto is the perfect topper for some fresh pasta or for a pesto pizza. Works well on sandwiches an as a dip if you so desire. There is really nothing more I can say about this pesto except it is the perfect pesto.

You can find it at Whole Foods or on Amazon, I also see it is available all over the U.K. Next time you are shopping keep your eyes open for Seggiano’s Raw Basil Pesto, your carbs and taste buds will thank you 😉 Read All About Their Pesto Here… This Is Their Homepage.



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