Stopping Sarcopenia With Resistance Training.

20 Dec

Sarcopenia is the term used to define age related muscle mass loss. In fact, inactive adults over the age of 50 lose almost half a pound of muscle each year. That’s a lot, right? Seriously. Sounds like bad news but the good new is that you can prevent this by getting on the work out train now and staying on it.

Studies have shown that a lack of resistance exercise aka lifting weights, is one of the foremost reasons for muscles loss in older adults. Even though it may not stop/prevent it completely, it will slow it down significantly in comparison to those adults who choose to remain sedentary. Aging and inactivity are the two main reasons for Sarcopenia, which by the way has no specific ‘reason’ for happening. It seems to be a combination of things. For example, as we age our hormone levels decrease, which is also another reason we lose muscle and many older adults simply are not eating enough to retain the muscle on their bodies. Add to that, our protein synthesis decreases as we age. Now you see why getting a head start on avoiding Sarcopenia is a good idea?

Even before diet, resistance training is the go to for Sarcopenia. This makes sense because lifting weights builds muscle, increases hormone production, increases protein synthesis and stimulates ones appetite. So all around, problems are being solved by only doing one thing. Resistance training. The frequency and way one resistance trains is important in this situation. It is recommended that 8-10 exercises are done for all major muscle groups, think circuit training. Each exercise should be done in a rep range of 10-15 and multi joint exercises are preferred to single joint ones. Multi joint exercises are things like squats and dead lifts, they produce more anabolic hormones then a single joint exercise like a leg extension, does.

So see, it all sounds a lot scarier than it is. Now get to lifting 😉 About Multi Joint Exercises.



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