R.I.P. Ravi Shankar.

13 Dec


Many may not know Ravi Shankar by name but many know Ravi by music. He taught The Beatles all about the Siatar and how to play it, he introduced them to world music they never heard before. The Beatles then went on to release 2 of the greatest albums in their collection, Sargent Peppers and Magical Mystery Tour. Some folks will argue that those are 2 albums are 2 of the best in rock and roll history.

He was also the father of the ever so talented, Nora Jones and a Grammy Award winner in his own right. His contributions in the music world go on and on. He actually influenced many of the musicians some of us may listen to today. Anyone who listens to Thievery Corporation can attest to that.

Performing since 1930, Ravi had been honored with more than 14 honorary doctorate degrees from all over the world. He also started The Ravi Shankar Foundation which you can learn more about below. This musician, composer and vegetarian was considered to be the most well know contemporary Indian artist in the world and he will truly be missed.

R.I.P Ravi Shankar.




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