How Do You Know When It’s Time For New Kicks?

12 Dec

Deciphering when it is time to get new gym kicks can be a bit tricky because looks can be deceiving. Ever realize kicks you only use in the gym tend to look ‘new’ forever? Seriously, I look down at my deflated ass gym shoes from last year and get kind of sad. On the outside they look wearable and stuff but once you wear them for a cardio session and feel the hip and knee pain the next day, you then learn what it means to be deceived by looks.

Knee and hip pain are common signs that your shoes are busted and have got to go. Just think, you may not even have lower back pain, you may just be working out in some busted kicks. For real. I feel it the next day when I have gone too long with a pair of mine. It is not like a ‘I worked out hard’ pain either its a not good, not normal kind of pain. So yes, pain in the knees, hips and lower back are sign one that your gym sneaks are finished.

You can also go by mileage, if you run like that and pound on your shoes like that. The average mileage for a pair of running sneakers is 400-500 miles, then they too have got to go. If you are not pounding the pavement like that, you will be able to wear your sneakers for a bit longer than a runner does but usually never over a year.

Sometimes simply looking at your sneakers will tell you that it’s time to say bye to them. A good sneaker will look sturdy. A busted sneaker will have ‘molded’ to the shape of your foot. The top will be a bit collapsed from pulling it down with laces and the soles will show wear. When you put a well-worn sneaker next to a new one you will see what I mean.

And lastly, they will feel a bit too loose. A shoe eventually just does not do its job anymore. You may have to start pulling the laces tighter, you may feel a loss of stability. All in all these are just more signs that you have to invest in some new kicks.

Let me close this by saying, if there is one thing you should never skimp on when it comes to athletics, it is kicks. Seriously. Who cares what kind of t-shirt or fancy shorts you work out in. At the end of the day they do not matter but sneakers do, you can get hurt badly with junk on your feet, so shell out for the gym shoes and save on the gym clothes 🙂



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